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Biden: The Economy Isn’t Bad, You Just Can’t See How Good It Is

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Published on: June 10, 2022

Old Joe Biden has been a liar his entire public life, from his plagiarism in law school and on the presidential campaign trail to his lies about the accident that killed his first wife and the innumerable lies he has told while pretending to be president. It is no exaggeration to say that Joe Biden is one of the most untrustworthy men on the planet. On Friday he reinforced that reputation with a major speech on the May jobs report, in which he had the breathtaking audacity to say that the smoking ruin of an economy over which he is presiding, and which his far-Left policies created, is actually doing great. Maybe if we tilt our heads and squint, we’ll be able to see it.

Speaking on his home turf in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Biden touted “today’s excellent jobs report and unemployment remaining at a near-historic low of 3.6 percent.” He admitted, however, that “even with today’s good news, a lot of Americans remain anxious,” and “high prices, particularly around gasoline and food, are a real problem for people.” However, because of his ace leadership, all is really well: “Because of the enormous progress we’ve made on the economy, the Americans can tackle inflation from a position of strength. Still a problem, but we can tackle it from a position of strength.”

Biden claimed, with a straight face, that “today, thanks to the economic plan and the vaccination plan that my administration put into action, America has achieved the most robust recovery in modern history just two years removed from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.” You thought Old Joe was heading us into another Great Depression, but he’s here to tell you that he has just led us out of one, and he wouldn’t lie to us, now, would he?

The putative economic wizard added disingenuously that “the job market is the strongest it’s been since just after World War Two. We’ve got more evidence of that today. We learned that in May the economy added another 390,000 new jobs, bringing the total since I took office to 8.7 million new jobs — an all-time record.” He did not acknowledge, and has never acknowledged, that these new jobs his policies have supposedly created are for the most part people returning to work after the COVID hysteria, and nothing to do with his policies at all.

Biden’s lying didn’t stop there. “Since I took office,” he claimed, “families are carrying less debt; their average savings are up. A recent survey from the Federal Reserve found that more Americans feel financially comfortable than at any time since the survey began in 2013.” Really? More Americans feel financially comfortable with gas prices through the roof, food prices not far behind, baby formula nearly impossible to find and more food shortages coming, and dire warnings that much, much worse is coming soon?

Directly contrary to Biden’s soothing lies, CNBC reported on May 18 that “Americans are more stressed about money than they’ve ever been, according to the American Psychological Association’s latest Stress In America Survey.” That stress is because of Old Joe’s inflationary policies: “‘Eighty-seven percent of Americans said that inflation and the rising costs of everyday goods is what’s driving their stress,’ said Vaile Wright, senior director of health care innovation at the American Psychological Association.”

But Old Joe is oblivious to all this, or hopes that we are. In his world, the U.S. is an unmatched economic powerhouse: “In fact, America is stronger economic — in a stronger economic position today than just about any other country in the world. Independent experts have projected that the U.S. economy could grow faster than China’s economy this year.  That hasn’t happened since 1976, nearly one half century ago.” And it’s all because of his wise, capable, steady leadership: “The point is this: We’ve laid an economic foundation that’s historically strong.  And now, we’re moving forward to a new moment where we can build on that foundation, build a future of stable, steady growth so we can bring down inflation without sacrificing all the historic gains we’ve made.  And that’s what we’re beginning to see in today’s jobs report.”

So why is everyone feeling anxious, as even Biden admitted? Well, Biden said, it’s all because of the “Putin price hike.” Of course! The Democrats have been blaming the Russians for nearly everything, real and imagined, since 2016. Why stop now? Clearer heads than Old Joe’s would counsel caution in that, not wanting to get us embroiled in a world war. But clearly Joe has no worries. Our booming economy will overwhelm those Russkis in no time! If only we could all live inside Joe’s head, where everything is swell. But there is so very, very little space there.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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