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Big Pharma, the FDA and the Propaganda that Profits from Your Diseases

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Published on: July 9, 2016

One does have to wonder how much collusion there is between the Food and Drug Administration and the food and pharmaceutical companies. After all, there is no real accountability for the FDA in anything they approve, just money to be made. However, in an extensive investigative report, journalist Ben Swann uncovers the truth regarding the propaganda the pharmaceutical companies put out, the ties to the FDA, the manipulation of physicians by Big Pharma and the profits that are amassed from deadly drugs.

In a recent series, investigative journalist Ben Swann exposed the deadly corruption of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies to make a profit through propaganda and deadly drugs.

Before, I go further, I believe that the diseases we face in our culture are the result of malnutrition, not necessarily things that are hereditary. Thus, I have begun to use the nutritional supplement Prodovite in order to keep my blood clean so that it can do what the Creator designed it to do and that is to fight disease and continue to give me life. Take a look at what just one ounce of Prodovite does to your blood in just five minutes and be sure to read the Clinical Study on this amazing product!

First, take a look at how Big Pharma rakes in profits from deadly drugs.

Ben then exposes the propaganda machine behind Big Pharma.

He goes on to expose how pharmaceutical companies manipulate physicians and corrupts the best practices.

Finally, Swann ties together the collusion between big pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, something he refers to as “The Revolving Door between the FDA and Big Pharma.”

After reviewing this information, I ask you to consider the words of the Bible.

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood…” –Leviticus 17:11

Who knows better about your body than your Creator? Which way would you prefer to deal with your health? An all-natural way with proven results such as Prodovite, or a way that basically treats symptoms, but never actually deals with the root cause of the problem; and it often does it at the expense of the patient and for the profit of corporations?

Finally, before anyone calls me anti-capitalist, I’m not. I fully support research and development and bringing a product to market that works, but in the pharmaceutical industry, I ask you, what product is out there that can state what it does without side effects and actually demonstrates the results in the manner that Prodovite does? That is the difference.

To try a 30-day supply of Prodovite and see what it can do for you, click here.

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