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Bigger Government: Trump Executive Memo Creates “National Vetting Center” For Immigrants, Refugees And Travelers

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Published on: February 7, 2018

We were told that Trump wanted more extreme vetting procedures for immigrants, refugees and travelers into the united States.  Of course, that is not simply going to be done by making sure that agencies that have already been established are actually doing that.

No, no.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

We have to create a whole other federal bureaucracy to take care of this matter.

Like the move to create the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11 to do what the DC government has been charged to do since the Constitution was written, we now have the National Vetting Center to do with DC was supposed to be doing all along.

The presidential memorandum was issued on Tuesday.

Trump wrote, “Border and immigration security are essential to ensuring the safety, security, and prosperity of the United States.  The Federal Government must improve the manner in which executive departments and agencies (agencies) coordinate and use intelligence and other information to identify individuals who present a threat to national security, border security, homeland security, or public safety.”

“To achieve this goal, the United States Government must develop an integrated approach to use data held across national security components,” he continued.  “I am, therefore, directing the establishment of a National Vetting Center (Center), subject to the oversight and guidance of a National Vetting Governance Board (Board), to coordinate the management and governance of the national vetting enterprise.”

“Those who do not believe in our Constitution, or who support bigotry and hatred, will not be admitted for immigration into the country,” Trump said in August 2016 at a campaign event. “Only those who we expect to flourish in our country — and to embrace a tolerant American society — should be issued immigrant visas.”

The scheme is massive for sure, but the cost is sure to be massive too.  Seriously, could this not have been done without establishing another federal bureaucracy?

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen, whose department the NVC will fall under, issued a statement saying:

“As part of the President’s efforts to raise the global bar for security and protect Americans, we’ve put in place tougher vetting and tighter screening for all individuals seeking to enter the United States.  The National Vetting Center will support unprecedented work by DHS and the entire U.S. intelligence community to keep terrorists, violent criminals, and other dangerous individuals from reaching our shores.  This is yet another step towards knowing who is coming to the United States – that they are who they say they are and that they do not pose a threat to our nation.  Our frontline defenders need real-time information to protect our country, and the Center will ensure they are able to fuse intelligence and law enforcement data from across the government in one place to detect threats early.  As part of this effort, DHS and its partners will make certain that mechanisms are in place to ensure that the National Vetting Center is able to accomplish its mission while protecting individuals’ privacy, civil rights and civil liberties.”

The White House said that the memo was created to “coordinate the efforts of departments and agencies to better identify individuals seeking to enter the country who present a threat to national security, border security, homeland security, or public safety.”

“The Federal Government’s current vetting efforts are ad hoc, which impedes our ability to keep up with today’s threats,” the White House added.  “The NVC will better coordinate these activities in a central location, enabling officials to further leverage critical intelligence and law enforcement information to identify terrorists, criminals, and other nefarious actors trying to enter and remain within our country.”

“The NVC’s operations will adhere to America’s strong protections for individuals’ privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties,” the White House continued.  “The Administration’s top priority is the safety and security of the public, and the NVC will empower our frontline defenders to better fulfill that obligation.”

The NVC will be a coordinated effort between DHS, the Justice Department, the State Department and other intelligence agencies.

Following the attack in New York City in 2017, Trump said, “The terrible harm that this flawed system inflicts on America’s security and economy has long been clear.  I am determined to improve our immigration system to put our country and our people first.”

While I would be happy to see this “extreme vetting” that is being touted about, I have to ask, why does it always create a bigger, bloated government?  I’d be willing to be this NVC will cost more than the thing is worth.  This could have easily been accomplished by simply utilizing what was already in existence and implementing the policy.

So much for smaller government.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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