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Bill Gates’ Hand In COVID-19

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Published on: August 8, 2020

It has been established that Bill Gates has a record of demanding that all people on this planet get vaccinated.  He has invested millions into vaccine companies and has a poor record of success.  He believes that the biggest health threat to the world is “vaccine hesitancy.”  

There is no doubt that Gates lives to vaccinate, his number-one goal being to jab every single person on the planet with his many vaccines. Gates actually stated about a year-and-a-half ago that “vaccine hesitancy” is a top “global health threat” that must be dealt with if the world is going to “progress” in the direction he wants.

Other recipients of moneys from Gates include Adam Schiff’s Intelligence Committee Chair PAC (political action committee), to which Gates has maxed out his legal contributions. Schiff, as you may recall, called on Facebook, Google, and Amazon back in early 2019 to censor all “vaccine misinformation” from their platforms.

“Vaccines are both effective and safe,” Schiff wrote in a letter to these tech giants. “There is no evidence to suggest that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling disease.”

These obvious Gates-inspired talking points were accompanied by Schiff pushing a bill one year prior that would have increased the kangaroo “Vaccine Court” budget by another $11,200,000. This fund has already paid out some $4 billion to families of children who suffered disability and/or death due to vaccination, but it requires even more to handle a growing vaccine injury backlog.

Recognizing that both the WHO and the CDC are largely funded by Gates, these two prominent pro-vaccine entities are anything but trustworthy when it comes to advising the public about best practices in health. And yet these same two entities are steering the narrative on Facebook, Pinterest, and other Big Tech platforms that are now actively censoring “misinformation or hoaxes” about vaccines. 1 

One can not find much information about the negative effects of vaccines and the actual contents of vaccines because Gates has seen to it that this information is shut up.  He is the largest funder for FactChecker.  

FactChecker, NPR, and PBS have all been bought off by Bill Gates

You have probably run into the so-called “FactChecker” program, which is now used by both Facebook and Google to weed out “disinformation” about vaccines. Well, this, too, is made possible by Gates, who is currently FactChecker’s largest funder.

Investigative journalist Jeremy Hammond has warned that relying on this so-called FactChecker to guide understanding about the safety and effectiveness of childhood vaccination is akin to asking Gates directly about whether or not to vaccinate.

“Facebook is guilty of misinforming its users about vaccine safety,” Hammond writes. “They have no problem with lies about vaccine safety and effectiveness, as long as it’s intended to persuade parents to vaccinate their children.”

On May 4, 2017, as one example, Facebook’s FactChecker declared false a statement made by Del Bigtree about vaccines containing aluminum and mercury, “which are neurotoxins, and vaccines cause encephalopathy,” Bigtree wrote. Even though this is factually correct information, as revealed on vaccine package inserts, the Gates-funded FactChecker decided it was “false” and immediately censored it. 2

I have attempted to post several articles on FaceBook concerning negative information about vaccines and FaceBook pops up a window that says my URL ‘violates community standards’ so it won’t post the link.  Then, there have been times that what it does let me post gets blocked because FactChecker says the info is false.  FactChecker has become as reliable as Snopes.  Worthless as teats on a bore hog.

Gates is more involved in things than most people know.  He’s up to his eyebrows in the world’s food supply and not the healthy supply.  His concentration is in the GMO sector. Watch the video about his involvement here. 3

I have NOT been a proponent of vaccines for decades.  I have found that most people who suffer from one disease or another have been vaccinated against it.  Kids are required to get vaccines to attend public schools in some states.  The kids that get the flu are usually the ones that got a vaccine for it.  I did a nine-part series and a six-part series on vaccines that are archived on Newswithviews and there have been more problems with the vaccines than with the disease they were designed to stop.  

In the 1970s we had the great scare of the Swine Flu.  The government’s response was a disaster. 

Back in the ’70s, the United States rolled out a vaccine for “swine flu” that was administered to some 45 million people over the course of 10 weeks.

This vaccination effort was halted, however, after it was discovered that no cases of swine flu were even detected outside of the military base where it was said to have originated. Meanwhile, one in 100,000 vaccinated individuals ended up suffering from side effects that included Guillain-Barré syndrome, while another 53 died.

Because of the horrors caused by this vaccination campaign, Guillain-Barré is supposedly monitored every single flu season to ensure that influenza vaccine safety meet certain safety thresholds. 4 

This is not a good showing for vaccines.  

Colorado just passed a bill to require all citizens to get any vaccine the government decides you need.  Our governor has not signed it yet and I do not think it will make it through the courts.  It has eliminated the religious exemption.  It is amazing how much crap Democrats try to shove down our throats when they get power and they are not even bashful about it anymore.

This is the world we are heading for.  Government control of where you live, everything you do, everywhere you go, how you get there.  This is not the America I grew up in nor is it the America our Founders gave us.  It is not the America that became the greatest nation in the world.  If we allow Gates to follow through with what he feels is the best thing for the world, that is exactly where we will be.  To put Americans in a situation like this is, in my book, treason.  Our culture needs to be protected with everything we have.  If we don’t protect it, we will never see this America again.  “The side effect of treason is lead poisoning or rope burn, but not usually both,” joked one Big League Politics commenter in reference to Bill Gates.

John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus,” wrote another. “Bill Gates is paving the way for the antichrist.”

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