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The Black Conservative: It takes Courage to Walk Alone

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Published on: April 12, 2017

It was suggested I share my recent response to an individual in a recent Facebook thread. This friend was questioning my allegiance to the black community, my conservative values, and my party affiliation. He doesn’t seem to be able to connect the dots on the history of racism and bigotry within the Democrat party. He thinks it’s solely about white people monolithically hating black people, but in reality, it’s much deeper than that. In fact, one party’s documented racism has been the Trojan horse driving the real agenda: The silencing of the Church and the revisionist writing of history to redefine America.
I have changed this individual’s name for anonymity. My hope was/is that my response would illuminate the truth for him, and as I often say in my social media commentary, let it “Rang Out.” Why past tense? Because in my opinion, the truth is already out there. We as Christians just need to speak it to activate it!
“This response is for my friend Eric so that he can more acutely understand my position: Eric, the battle is about two political parties fighting. It has always been that way. One party’s agenda from inception was the enslavement of a people based on race for political power and economic gain and an anti-God agenda though masquerading itself as “godly.” The other party was created solely to battle that party and has been doing so more or less since its inception. Do you not know the true history? Early on, white Republicans (abolitionists) were persecuted and often times killed or driven from their land for defending blacks and true Christian values during the Civil War, emancipation, reconstruction, and certainly during Jim Crow and the resultant Civil Rights Movement.
Every piece of civil rights legislation from emancipation and reconstruction all the way up to the signing of the Civil Rights Bill in 1964 by Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) was birthed in and of the Republican Party.
Today, the battle lines are still clear, though the Republican National Committee (RNC) has been infiltrated and has some warts that need to be removed, i.e. RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) whose political worldview is more akin to Democrat ideology. But the Democrat Party (DNC) leadership, in my opinion, is rotten to the core, though there are some good people in the party at the lower ranks. Today, the DNC leadership uses identity politics (Race) to bamboozle black America into thinking it has black people’s best interest. But their fruit is anything but that. Note that every major city in America that is teetering on economic collapse or has already collapsed is run by Democrats. Show me a school district that is hovering bankruptcy or is already in receivership, and 99.9% of the time, it is run by Democrat administrators.
Exhibit A: Abortion, fully funded and sanctioned by the DNC. Former President Obama was hailed by Planned Parenthood as their “champion,” with him being the first president to speak at a Planned Parenthood event. Over 20 million black babies butchered since 1973, accomplishing what slavery, Jim Crow, and the KKK could only dream. Margaret Sanger and Hitler are, no doubt, doing a jig together in hell at the success of the heinous practice.
Exhibit B: Entitlement programs (The Great Society) signed by LBJ in 1964 have decimated the black community so that today, approximately 70% of black urban households are single-parent, typically female head of household. According to the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI) Report from Family Research Council in Southeast Washington, DC, that number is over 89%. Prior to 1965, that number was the polar opposite, with 70% of black households being two-parent, typically male head of household. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (RIP), a white democrat senator and sociologist, in his sobering “The Negro Family: The Case For National Action” (known as the Moynihan Report, 1965) was prophetic in predicting this would happen.  Yet, he was vilified by the black and white liberal press and academia of the day.
Exhibit C: Israel. As a Christian, you know all too well what the Bible says about those who do well with Israel (Genesis 12:3). Eight years of the Obama administration has put a tremendous strain on our relationship with the Holy Land. That puts America in peril from God Almighty himself.
Exhibit D: Same-sex marriage. The DNC drove this issue all the way to the Supreme Court, having stacked the deck with liberal justices legislating from the bench instead of interpreting the original intent of the law. Then President Obama and the DNC literally blanketed the White House in the rainbow colors of the homosexual flag in celebration.
Final point: I don’t align myself with people simply because they share my ethnicity. I have learned that my true brethren are those who share my values and biblical worldview. They may or may not necessarily share my “paint job,” if you get my meaning. Why? Because that is what the Bible teaches.
As a black conservative and Christian, it takes courage to sometimes walk alone. I don’t see the world solely through the prism of race. I see it through the prism of the Bible, because the Bible is the benchmark and baseline to judge all things.”

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