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Blind Leading the Blind: TD Jakes Leaves Blacks, Sodomites Groping in Dark

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Published on: August 18, 2015

“[W]e, the church, bought into the myth that this is a Christian nation.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes in interview on HuffPost Live on Aug. 3, 2015

Bishop T.D. Jakes is chief pastor and founder of megachurch The Potter’s House, in Dallas, Texas. He is a blind, cowardly man misleading many thousands of lost people.

On Monday, Aug. 3, T.D. Jakes appeared on HuffPost Live in an interview with host professor Marc Lamont Hill (a young far-left, way-out-yonder liberal whom I’ve debated many times). Hill asked Jakes a question from the online audience, “Do you [think] the LGBT community and the black church can coexist?”

It’s really a silly question, if you ask me. Good and evil cannot coexist. Evil hates good: Radical homosexuals and liberals bully Christians and force homosexual propaganda on innocent children. But good will not allow evil to spread its corruption: Christians fight against the revolting notion of same-sex “marriage” and “adoption.” Only evil people allow perversion to become the norm, as though homosexual sex is on equal par with real marriage and family.

However, the average black church is no more “Christian” than Louis Farrakhan‘s black racist Nation of Islam, or the radical atheist “Sunday Assembly.” (Has anyone heard Jakes condemn Farrakhan’s constant calls for a race war, for black men to kill white cops?) Most black churches are not about God, but are about their own blackness, socialist black liberation “theology,” hooping-and-hollering, making people feel good for being wrong, and passing the offering plate.

The average black pastor preaches racism from the pulpit and loves money and power. Many black pastors are cheating on their wives, divorcing and remarrying. I interviewed more than 400 black pastors on my radio show, and more than 90 percent voted for their godless black president Barack Obama because he was black and because he was a far-left socialist who agreed with them.

Many people thought T.D. Jakes was different from the average black preacher who is racist. T.D. Jakes has been popular even among white Christians across America. For the most part, whites attempt to be at least outwardly moral, and to unite with other races, whereas blacks are more shameless about their immorality and they are raised to love “their own” first, and to alienate themselves from white society. Jakes, however, has been married since 1981, and had the appearance of wanting to be a uniter with whites and not a divider from whites.

But the rise of President Obama has brought evil out of the woodwork, and it has come out of hiding in T.D. Jakes. Just as black former Republican darling Colin Powell betrayed the Republican Party by endorsing President Obama, and began to express racism toward white people, so T.D. Jakes betrayed God by rebuking Rev. Franklin Graham for casting doubt on Obama’s faith as a “Christian.”

Franklin Graham, when asked about Obama’s faith, said, “I don’t know” if Obama’s a Christian –”You’ll have to ask President Obama.”

Let me say that Obama is not a Christian; nothing he’s done says that he is a Christian. He’s taken every opportunity to mock, denigrate and violate the rights of Christians around the country – and he ignores Christian suffering and persecution around the world.

But T.D. Jakes sarcastically responded to Franklin Graham by telling his fellow black racist Roland Martin, “If the president’s faith is suspect, maybe all of our faiths are suspect.” Well, if Jakes is speaking for himself and for Roland, maybe he’s right! A Christian – especially a megachurch pastor – should support those who tell the truth, not call on them to apologize.

Another example of Jakes’ phoniness and racism was his prayer at the funeral of the violently angry thug Michael Brown, killed in self-defense by former officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Bishop T.D. Jakes, Martin Luther King III, Rev. Al Sharpton and a host of other phony black leaders gave a no-good black criminal a hero’s funeral, as though Mike Brown were Martin Luther King Jr.!

Upon Michael Brown’s death, T.D. Jakes wrote in the Huffington Post that “recent events have placed my sons squarely on the endangered list. … The seemingly willful killings of unarmed black men like Michael Brown, Jr. in Missouri, Trayvon Martin in Florida or Eric Garner in New York, all have their origins in the odious practice of racial profiling.” This is one of the worst lies swallowed whole by blacks today, which I debunk in the first chapter of my forthcoming book, “The Antidote.”

At best, T.D. Jakes is another brainwashed black liberal intellectual promoting racism masquerading as justice and pretending homosexuality is a civil right. He’s recently been in bed (in show business) with Oprah, another black racist who agrees with homosexuality. I believe Jakes knows he is lying and is willfully deceiving the masses for money, power, fame and position.

Pre-order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”


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