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Boehner Doesn’t Have Votes for Re-Election – Resolution Initiated to Oust Him

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Published on: August 4, 2015

There are times that saying “I told you so” produces a great sense of satisfaction, especially when directed towards anyone in government. Last week, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) initiated a measure that would remove John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker of the House. Boehner intended to bring up the measure as a way to embarrass Meadows; however, it was John Boehner who was embarrassed when it was discovered there were not enough votes to re-elect him Speaker. To stem the tide of his own embarrassment, Boehner abandoned his plan.

After the 2014 mid-term elections, Americans vocalized their displeasure with Boehner’s leadership of the House to their representatives. Boehner’s reputation as Obama’s “house” boy, Obama’s “witch” boy, Spineless, a “sell-out,” and Squishy earned the ire of Americans across the nation. Establishment Republicans re-elected Boehner as Speaker and Boehner never had to change one iota of his modus operandi. To the entire House of Representatives, “I told you so.”

The House “Whip Team” (almost sounds like some deviant enterprise) attempted to “whip it good” in getting votes to support Boehner. Their efforts failed. Maybe they should have worn their ”
Devo” hats or in this case “dunce” hats.

According to Breitbart, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) tried to garner votes as did Rep. Steve Shivers (R-OH) and Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC). Thinking the votes would be in favor of Boehner, they discovered the opposite and calling for a vote would mean facing the unknown. They scrubbed the vote until after the recess.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), one of the cosponsors of Meadows measure, confirmed that three members were “whipped” — two who voted against Boehner and one who voted in favor of Boehner on Jan. 6th. An unidentified House GOP member confirmed Shivers, Scalise and McHenry as part of the whipping process, which the member described as a “barometer reading.”

Rep. Meadows indicated he could not confirm whether a “whipping” process occurred, as no one contacted him; but, he did state that colleagues and conservative members were heard as having been contacted.

“You hear all kinds of rumors in Washington, DC, but I can tell you I was not one of the members that they called to whip,” Meadows said. “I can tell you that I did hear from a number of people who had apparently gotten calls — the nature of that was from what I understand was that they should bring up that resolution before we left, then ultimately decided not to do that.

“I wasn’t privy to those conversations and all I have to go on is what’s being reported. I have not seen that reported but I have heard some of that in terms of the chatter. I do know much of the frustration was more with ‘is this the right time? Is this the right tactic?’

“Most of the debate was not that the things in the resolution were inaccurate. You have yet to hear anybody come out and say that the things in that resolution were not factual.”

Speaking with Breitbart, Meadows indicated he outlined several different points declaring why Republicans are dissatisfied with leadership. One centers on deadlines forcing members to take uninformed or “difficult” votes without adequate information and the legislative calendar manipulated in that way. Another declares the House “lurches” from crisis to crisis with a “few people” controlling not only the legislative calendar but legislation “that comes up has to originate with just a few ideas that originate with just a select few within the conference.” He claims this violates how the founders established representative government intimating that not all members have a voice, which denies their constituents true representation.

Massie, who sponsored Meadows’ resolution along with Rep. Ted Soho (R-FL), stated there were “434 members who tend to work for the Speaker instead of the Speaker working for the representatives,” devolving the House into a “top-down organization” with power used in ways “that’s not conducive to a representative democracy.” Rep. Massie hits the nail on the head with the function of the House; however, Massie incorrectly identified our nation as a democracy. The United States of America is a republic, as declared in our Constitution.

According to Breitbart, “the strategy from Meadows and his allies goes something like this: They offered the resolution right before the August recess and knew that there is enough dissatisfaction with Boehner that should he try to bring it to the floor immediately – to shut it down as fast as it came up – he’d walk away without his speakership.”

There are 25 members who voted for a Republican alternative at the beginning of this Congress, and now there are plenty more who are disaffected with the tactics of Boehner and his allies in leadership. More members, those who want to replace Boehner suspect, will, over the course of the month of August, come out publicly against Boehner at town hall event and in interviews with media. Unless Democrats bail Boehner out in September or October, if and when such a vote for the speakership would occur, by that point there would be enough members opposed to Boehner’s re-election for him to lose his position.

When the August recess is over, if Meadows wants to — or any other member wants to — they could offer the motion to vacate the chair and remove Boehner as Speaker of the House as a privileged resolution, which means it gets a floor vote in full without the consent of Boehner’s leadership team. That means the Speaker is extraordinarily vulnerable, and his conservative opposition could make a move whenever, wherever they want to — and when they have the votes to remove him from office.

A conservative movement leader told Breitbart, “It caught everybody by surprise. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. That’s the thing. Even though it caught everyone by surprise, it’s a good idea. There are enough members to vote against him.”

“You look at the progression–look at a little over two years ago, how many members voted against him two years ago or 30 months ago? Then you look at how many voted against John Boehner six months ago. How many people voted against the rule [on Obamatrade], right? And you look at the punitive way they’ve tried to deal with these members including guys like Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) or Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) who voted for Boehner six months ago.

“They have alienated an enormous number of members and they have only increased that number. That number is now greater than the number who voted against the rule and that’s the danger John Boehner is in.”

The conservative movement leader added that Americans “who want new Republican leadership can pressure their congressmen and congresswomen to issue public statements pledging to vote against Boehner if and when a vote comes up.”

This unnamed leader indicated that if enough grassroots conservatives voiced frustration with the “failed status quo and failed leadership of John Boehner” to their representatives in town hall meeting after town hall meeting, it would make it difficult for Boehner to retain the Speaker’s gavel upon the members’ return. A second element to this entire scenario exists that could swing the door for Meadows.

“… let’s say when they get back, Meadows may not call it up right away because there a series of major legislative issues that will be coming to the fore including the budget, including the potential for the Ex-Im Bank, including immigration reform — which John Boehner desperately wants to make a deal with Barack Obama on.

“So there could be a pivotal moment that John Boehner creates at which point Mark Meadows calls the vote. I believe this sitting out there strengthens the conservative movement because it keeps John Boehner honest.”

Keeping John Boehner honest is a misnomer as Boehner first needs to be an honest man, which he is not. However, the timing of this gives conservative Americans a “gift” so to speak. Since representatives serve for only two years, all 435 members of the House of Representatives will vie for your vote America as they are up for reelection in 2016. Republicans on the campaign trail in the midterms for re-election and those newly elected schmoozed Americans to garner votes by making promises to address issues and rectify legislation problematic for conservative Americans. Unfortunately, they reneged on those promises, which should come home to roost this election cycle. The timing of Meadows’ resolution is interesting to say the least.

Interesting as well, thirty-five Senators are up for reelection come 2016. This means an almost complete “change of the guard” could occur if Americans oust current Congressional traitors, criminals, and those who engage in undermining our Constitution replacing them with honorable men and women who will honor their oath. That is, if we last that long and can weed out the liberal “bat-guano crazy” charlatans — Republican and Democrat alike.

Establishment Democrats, Communist/Socialist/Marxist Democrats, Illegal alien-representing instead of citizen representing Democrats, Liberal Democrats and Muslim Democrats in the House side with Obama repeatedly. There is no surprise there. However, voting Republican won’t fix the problem either as America witnessed in the 2014 mid-term elections. This cycle, conservative Americans need to vote wisely recognizing that candidates with an “R” behind their name may betray their constituents and as always “Beware of Democrats.”

Conservative groups like Freedom Works and Citizens United, as well as others, back Meadows’ resolution meaning that House members may feel the “heat,” which won’t be about the weather, through the month of August. According to Freedom Works’ Adam Brandon, only about 30 members of the House have done exactly what they declared they would do. Citizens United’s David Bossie stated in a July op-ed “grassroots conservatives” put Boehner in power. However, no positive conservative agenda for America emerged as promised in the last few election cycles. He declared Boehner’s leadership a “failure” with a track record of broken promises, which leads conservatives to move for new leadership.

America knows that Washington, District of Corruption is broken. Even after electing a majority House and Senate, the status quo remained. Is leadership the problem in both chambers? Looking at how both Boehner and McConnell function as “Obama’s boys” and establishment GOP hangs on their coat-tails, leadership is lacking or non-existent meaning leadership needs to be changed or leadership needs to change how they operate. Being the latter probably will not happen with Squishy or Brown-nose, the option becomes to change leadership. If a strong leader emerges in the House, our nation may stand a chance to stem the tide. It’s doubtful that America can get “two spines” into leadership positions; but, one is better than none.

Still, House members like Meadows, Massie and Soho should recognize that confidence with Republicans is low or almost non-existent after the party betrayed those who voted for a Senate majority to match the Republican House majority. How many times have Republicans lifted the hopes of voters only to capitulate in the end and it wasn’t just leadership either? Americans witness all too frequently the “bark.” It’s time for the bite and an end to the dog and pony shows. The price of the tickets is exorbitant.

The Republican members of the House knew Americans were sick of Boehner and the Senate knew McConnell would follow his “love” Obama. These politicians deserve a good dose of “I told you so” with a healthy spoon of castor oil shoved down their throat. Maybe that would be enough to rid the excrement clouding their brain. You can bet your sweet bippy these “slick trick” snakes know exactly what they are doing. Don’t be surprised if another round of “pre-election bull manure” gets shoveled to the “constituent” heat. At this point, Americans should be able to recognize the “smell.”

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