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Boehner Rethinks Retribution Against Dissenting Republican Committe Members

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Published on: January 8, 2015

John “sore winner” Boehner admitted in a news conference on Wednesday that he punished Reps Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent for opposing his re-election bid for Speaker of the House. Hours after Webster and Nugent voted against Boehner in favor of someone else, both men lost their seats on the House Rules Committee.

Boehner stated, “Because of some of the activities on the floor, two of our members weren’t put back on the committee immediately.”

In September 2014, Boehner had stated there would be no punishing of “dissenters.” That same sentiment was echoed last week by Boehner’s spokesperson, Michael Steele.

It appears that Boehner may have had a change of heart.

According to via Politico:

Contrary to initial reports that he would punish Republicans who didn’t back his re-election, House Speaker John Boehner is sending signals that he plans to be magnanimous in victory, according to Politico.

Boehner has told committee chairmen, such as Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Oversight and Government Reform, that they can make their own decisions about who heads subcommittees under their jurisdiction.

There are indications Rep. Richard Nugent of Florida may get to serve again on the Rules Committee. Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina and Rep. Scott Garner of New Jersey may wind up chairing subcommittees. All three Republicans voted not to re-elect the speaker.

How special that Prince “Boner” threw the committee chairmen a bone.

Politico indicated in their report that, along with Nugent being reappointed to the Rules Committee, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Rep. Scott Garner (R-NJ) may obtain chair positions on other subcommittees.

In a statement this morning, Boehner indicated he had not had a chance to speak to any of the individuals or other members.

“But this morning, I told the members the same thing I’m saying here. We’re going to have a family conversation, which we had this morning, about bringing our team together,” Boehner stated according to Politico.

Many in Boehner’s leadership team, such as Rep. Devin Nunes from California are wanting blood. Nunes believes “discipline” should be dished out to those who refer to Boehner as “Republican-In-Name-Only.”

Nunes commented, “We need to get to the bottom of the guys who voted against [procedural motions], and we need to understand why they voted against that, and then we need to know why people voted against the speaker yesterday. Name calling – saying ‘RINO’ and ‘establishment’ – that’s name calling. We need to understand why they voted the way they did.”

Let me save you some time Representative Nunes. The individuals who voted against Boehner voted based on the wants of their constituents, which, in case you didn’t know, is what representatives are supposed to do. And, for your information, “RINO” and “establishment” is not name-calling but an adjective description of how some Republicans behave. Stop sounding like a liberal Democrat, RINO, or establishment Republican. Yes, Mr. Nunes, “establishment” and “RINO” will still be used by this author to describe all of you wolves in sheep clothing as “closet Democrats” or “corporate cronies.” As they say, “if the shoe fits….; and with Boehner, you, and others, that shoe definitely fits.

It should come as no surprise that Boehner installed Nunes, his buddy, as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Like a good little follower, Nunes plans to draft a Republican resolution that forbids individuals who vote against the speaker from holding leadership positions on subcommittees.

While Chaffetz has indicated he may allow Meadows to hold a chairman position, Chaffetz indicated to all his subcommittee chairs that he expected them to be “team players.”

It’s quite hypocritical that, despite voting against Boehner, Nugent turned around and labeled Boehner a “true conservative.” Apparently, Nugent has been operating on “auto-run” with his eyes closed as Boehner has exhibited every trait opposite to a “true conservative.” Maybe Nugent doesn’t know what a “true conservative” really is and has some skewed definition of conservative. Maybe Nugent has been drinking too much “political DC” water. The most likely explanation is Nugent is now back-peddling in order to keep his coveted subcommittee seat.

The establishment Republicans and RINOs are attempting to silence members who voted in good conscience indicating the will of their constituents. There should be no retribution for any representative who is truly representing the will of the people in the manner in which they vote, regardless of some “procedure” behind closed doors that occurred in November. Nunes, Boehner’s buddy, has taken up Boehner’s fight by drafting a resolution applicable to Republicans that would prevent anyone who voted against the Speaker from holding a subcommittee chair position. This is plain out sour grapes and actions unbecoming of a representative of the people and more the style of Obama.

Remember when Valerie Jarrett was purported to proclaim, “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. For those who supported us, there will be rewards, for the ones who opposed us, they will get what they deserve. There will be hell to pay….”

Looking at the actions of Obama, it is very likely possible Jarrett made that comment even though it cannot be verified.

What can be verified is establishment and RINO Republicans are prepared to reward those who supported Boehner and punish those who have opposed him, just like Obama has done.

The Nunes resolution is reminiscent of a communist tactic to silence dissenters and opposition. If this doesn’t work for them, what would they do next – emulate the communists and bump off their opposition? It’s not only something the communists embrace as many previous presidents have a long list of mysterious deaths attached to themselves – Democrats and Republicans alike.

It is a reflection of the pitiful state of government in America when representatives of the people seek to silence other representatives of the people through sanctioning them for their freedom to vote according to the will of their constituents. It is even sadder when those who vote their constituents wishes then back-peddle in order to maintain or occupy a subcommittee chair position. The House of Representatives has ceased being the half of the legislature that responds to the people. It has now transformed into the “House of Retribution and Betrayal.” Maybe the more apt description would be the “House of Ill Repute.”

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