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Bombshell: Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Directed Police to Target Area Where Freddie Gray was Arrested

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Published on: June 10, 2015

The utter incompetence of Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is on display once again. Not only has it come to light that her office asked police to target that area where Freddie Gray was arrested with “enhanced” drug enforcement efforts, but she also filed a gag order to keep witnesses, attorneys and police from speaking publicly about the Freddie Gray case. Now, it has several people asking whether or not she should step down and resign.

Recall that after announcing the charges against six Baltimore police officers, the documents listing the charges contained the wrong addresses for two of the officers, Alicia White and Brian Rice. The documents also listed two individuals with the same first and last names with two officers, which resulted in reporters aggressively seeking them out due to the wrong identities having been provided.

According to the Baltimore Sun:

“State’s Attorney Mosby asked me to look into community concerns regarding drug dealing in the area of North Ave and Mount St,” Joshua Rosenblatt, division chief of Mosby’s Crime Strategies Unit, wrote in a March 17 email to a Western District police commander.

The email was disclosed for the first time Tuesday in a motion filed in Baltimore Circuit Court by defense attorneys for the six officers being prosecuted in Gray’s arrest and death. The attorneys said Mosby’s involvement in the police initiative means that she should be removed from the case.

“Mrs. Mosby herself is now an integral part of the story and as such is a central witness,” the defense attorneys argued. “This is a case where the witness and the prosecutor are one and the same.”

In order to close the mouths of those speaking publicly about the Gray case and exposing the prosecutor’s involvement, Mosby sought to file a gag order. However, she filed it in the wrong court.

Again, according to the Baltimore Sun on Monday:

Judge Charles J. Peters ruled the motion lacked standing in an actual proceeding, as it was filed by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s office in Circuit Court on May 14. At that time, the officers’ cases were still in District Court. They weren’t transferred to Circuit Court until May 21, when the officers were indicted.

When asked for comment about her apparent incompetence and procedures, Mosby’s spokeswoman Rochelle Ritchie said, “Consistent with our prosecutorial obligations, we will litigate this case in the courtroom and not in the media.”

That’s telling since it was Mosby who went before the media and presented all the charges against the officers involved before an angry mob. She didn’t have a problem doing that and then coming along and telling the media that a full and thorough investigation had been conducted after taking over the position.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke blasted Mosby at the time saying, “It’s a miscarriage of justice,” he answered after being asked his thoughts on Marilyn Mosby’s press conference. “This neophyte prosecutor stood up there and made a political statement, Neil, and I say that because she’s chanting or voicing some of the chants from this angry mob. Her job is to tune that out.”

“She said, I hear the voices,” he continued. “She’s not supposed to hear anything as she reviews this case that is not consistent with the rule of law and our system of justice.”

Clarke went on to call Mosby’s charges against six Baltimore police officers “George Zimmerman and the Duke Lacrosse case all over again.”

Page Croyder, who spent nearly 21 years with the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office before retiring from that agency in January, 2008, said that Mosby’s “charging six police officers reflected ‘inexperience, recklessness, political ambition or all of the above.'” 

“She has perhaps the most experienced homicide prosecutor in the state of Maryland as chief of her homicide unit, but did not ask him to investigate,” wrote Croyder. “She had access to the completed police report only one day before filing charges. And she failed to make use of the Grand Jury to gather, probe and test the evidence before a group of average citizens.”

It sounds to me like the sane people of Baltimore should begin some sort of recall process of this woman before this gets more out of hand than it already has.

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