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Bowe Bergdahl Makes His Way Home

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Published on: February 3, 2015

The Bergdahl swap will no doubt go down in history as one of America’s darkest hours. We traded so much more than men. We traded our integrity as a nation. We put the entire globe at greater risk by emboldening our enemy. How can we afford to place any further confidence in this administration when they have let us down so desperately?

And now, adding insult to injury, we learn that at least one of the swapped Taliban commanders has made contact with terrorist networks in Qatar.

God help us.

Bowe Bergdahl is a coward who turned his back on his nation and watched brothers die attempting his rescue.

A poignant image surfaced last year that depicted his exchange and homecoming with complete precision. In it, a soldier’s boots are seen crossing the Atlantic, using American flag-draped coffins for footing. Caption: Bergdahl makes his way home.


But more troubling than Bowe Bergdahl’s cowardice is the administration that gave him the opportunity to disgrace us. This administration bent over and negotiated with savages. The “Taliban five” were terrorists. We knew it. The administration knew it.

Good men risked their lives to capture them. I’m sure some offered their last full measure hunting these creatures. And we set them free…for a traitor.

I remember a conversation I had with my son many years ago, “Mom, I’d take my own life before I’d ever allow myself to be taken captive.” His statement, though difficult to hear, was rooted in clarity. He understood the nature of the monsters he fought. The images of Fallujah 2004 were seared in his mind: American contractors beaten, burned, hacked at, drug through the streets, then hung from a bridge above a frenzied, blood-thirsty mob. No way would he allow his family to be subjected to that type of never-ending terror…if he could help it.

He also understood that if his captors did not kill him, they would certainly use him as a pawn to undo America. He’d have no part in that. He’d rather die on his feet than return to his native land on his knees. This is the heart of a warrior. This is the mind of a man who knows his enemy.

Our president does not have the fortitude or the moral character necessary to deal with the national security threats we face in today’s world. After six years as our Commander-in-Chief, overseeing the longest war in America’s history, he still can’t bring himself to even name the enemy. Last week’s comments by a White House spokesman, “the Taliban is not a terrorist organization,” baffled Americans. Watching them scurry for a more comfortable rephrasing of their obvious thought pattern has been almost amusing.

The Taliban harbored Osama bin Laden. The Taliban killed my son. Our soldiers have spent the last thirteen years watching the Taliban pillage, rape, torture, and terrorize innocents throughout Afghanistan. And now, this president relegates them to “armed insurgents” for the sole purpose of propping up his dirty, backroom deal for Bowe Bergdahl? How dare he!

When dealing with terrorists, Jordan got it right. “Kill our pilot and we’ll execute all your prisoners.” This is courage. This is tenacity. This makes me want to stand on my chair and scream, “YES!”

Terror can’t be negotiated with. It can’t be persuaded. It must be demolished—decimated with actions of equal or greater force.

This enemy has always known they cannot destroy America with guns and tanks. They understand clearly that our major point of weakness is a lack of will to do what must be done when things get ugly. We’re civilized…careful…cautious. And I’m proud of that. But the sickness of political correctness and wobbling loyalties has clouded our clarity. When the very core of western civilization is at risk of being defeated, we must renounce political correctness and do what must be done.

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