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Bring Back ‘Election Day’, Save America

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Published on: November 10, 2022

We won’t have free and fair elections until we bring back Election Day.

“We should make Election Day a national holiday,” Bernie Sanders demanded. The same message was amplified throughout the echo chambers of the media and social media.

How about we just bring back Election Day?

We don’t have Election Day anymore. We have Election Week and Election Month.

Over 42 million early votes were cast this election. That’s not as bad as the catastrophic 2020 election of over 100 million votes where the deciding electorate seemed to be ballot harvesters, but it takes us back to 2018. And that was bad enough because it’s becoming the new normal.

In 2014, there were 21 million early votes. We’re at double that.

In presidential elections, they want to make 69% of the country voting by mail or early voting, the way it happened in 2020, into the floor. And then go up from there.

And that means we don’t have elections anymore.

What happens when you have Election Month? The dead vote and the dead get elected.

Rep. Tony DeLuca died in October at the age of 85. The longest serving representative was reelected anyway.

“We are proud to see the voters continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously,” Pennsylvania House Democrats said.

How the hell does something like that happen?

Early voting begins 4-6 weeks in Pennsylvania. That was enough time for Tony to die even as he was cruising his way to a re-election.

70% of the over 1.4 million voters requesting mail ballots came from Democrats. The majority of those flooded in from Allegheny County and Philadelphia.

When the system is so broken that a dead man can win because voters are literally voting for the walking dead, it needs change. And, speaking of the voting dead, congratulations to Senator-Elect Jon Fetterman who benefited from voters not realizing that he’s a zombie.

That’s what the new regime where half the country engages in early voting means.

In the weeks before the midterms, Joe Biden rasped about a “threat to democracy”. The only threat here is that no one trusts an election system which has no safeguards and no standards. Even the most backward countries use some form of voter ID and are more likely to have results on Election Day than we do. There are tribes who vote with beads who are better at this than our election officials with million dollar budgets and entirely convenient breakdowns.

In some of the most hotly contested presidential elections of an age where computers filled a room, everyone knew the outcome by the end of the day. Now, we put everything in the ‘cloud’ and we’re warned that the results won’t be known for days or weeks, but that shouldn’t worry us.

It should worry us.

You don’t restore confidence in a system by telling everyone to shut up and slurring them as ‘Election Deniers’ which is a terrible thing to be unless you’re Hillary Clinton, Al Gore or Stacey Abrams. You do it by making it work. Democrats reimagined elections for partisan advantage by capturing Secretary of State races and then changing them into an ongoing process.

It’s no surprise that Democrat votes are far more likely to come in ‘early’ and ‘late’.

Elections work when everyone votes by the same rules. But we now vote in two different systems. And those systems are on a collision course. When one group of people vote by standing in line on Election Day, as was always the case, and another vote with the help of a ballot harvester who has a quota to fill, they’re not voting in the same system.

And they’re not going to respect each other’s results. Why should they?

Democrats describe voting on Election Day as “voter suppression”. Republicans call ballot harvesting election fraud. This is what systemic incapability creating distrust looks like.

For that matter, why should anyone trust the outcome in Arizona when Katie Hobbs functions as both secretary of state, overseeing elections, and running for governor at the same time?

“Elected secretaries of state in Arizona have overseen elections where they’re on the ballot since statehood. This has never been an issue until now,” Hobbs told CNN . “I’m not going to recuse myself from the job that the voters elected me to do.”

Whether not Hobbs has done anything wrong, legally or ethically, this is not how you behave when you want people to trust the system. It’s how you act to create distrust.

Democrats claim that they want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to vote. But what they’ve actually done is make it as difficult as possible for anyone to trust the system.

After battling voter ID and insisting on taking any ballots, no matter how dubious, they’ve transformed Election Day into an ongoing event in which their activists have as much time before and after the election as they need to find the votes that will allow them to claim victory.

Even if some of this isn’t illegal, it’s rigging and gaming the system for a particular outcome.

Elections are supposed to empower the people to choose the government. The Democrats have made elections into a complicated system that allows them to find votes without regard to voter turnout. The system they’ve created represents a power shift from the people to the parties in which the people who show up to vote are swamped by the garbage votes mined by activists.

Instead of the people choosing elected officials, the officials choose the voters. Election Month and ballot harvesting complete the process that began with gerrymandering. They make votes into just another commodity that can be harvested regardless of public sentiment.

Elections like these don’t turn on polls or what the public wants, but whether the resources of the leftist political machine can outweigh the voters with their voter harvesting campaigns.

There’s nothing particularly fair or even free about such a system.

Election Day belongs to those who care, who choose to participate in the process and to make their voices heard. Tens of millions of those people showed up. They battled long lines, mysterious polling place breakdowns and the usual poll worker shenanigans. And some of them prevailed. Others were drowned out by garbage votes for a dead man and the walking dead.

We won’t have free and fair elections worth respecting until we bring back Election Day.

And if that ever happens, maybe Election Day will be a day worth celebrating as the return of the voting franchise to the people and away from the billionaires and leftists who stole it from us.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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