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Bundy Ranch Trial Exposes Just How Corrupt The Prosecution Is

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Published on: October 29, 2017

The twists and turns in the ongoing Bundy Ranch trials continue in Nevada, and the corruption never ceases to be uncovered.

On Tuesday of this week, we reported on how Special Agent Daniel P. Love, who has a host of truly criminal issues that need to be addressed, seemed to implicate the Obama Justice Department in the Bundy Ranch standoff of 2014.

In an update to that story, Redoubt News adds:

Love dropped a bombshell implicating former US Attorney Daniel Bogden in the decisions to release the cattle, bringing an end to the protest of the BLM cattle impoundment in 2014. However, the implications were that Bogden may have been planning to entrap the defendants into this prosecution.

Tuesday brought testimony from Kent Kleman , investigator for the Bureau of Land Management. Kleman was in charge of the investigation of the shredded documents.

During Kleman‘s testimony, it was revealed that Acting US Attorney, Steven Myhre, not only asked Kleman to investigate this issue, but set the parameters and directed the course of the investigation. This puts a large “Conflict of Interest” stamp on Myhre’s forehead.

Myhre made repeated attempts to shut down this testimony, calling it ‘privileged’, yet it continued with more details.

It would seem that when the original motion was filed by the defense in October 2016, Myhre called Kleman at that time to determine what happened. Kleman then spoke with Myhre at least weekly for the next year, discussing all aspects of the investigation.

During the investigation, Kleman admitted that he did NOT talk to all the principals involved in the event. This investigator testified that he was told of a “hurried shredding event” yet never bothered to ask WHY they were doing the shredding, though he was told that Command Staff were assisting. In light of this knowledge, it is amazing that Kleman never bothered to ask WHO directed them to shred the documents.

In Redoubt News’ opinion, prosecutor Steven Myhre continues to sink deeper in the swamp and attempted to shut down the testimony of Kleman as he “played with semantics in his attempts to protect the witness and distract from the facts.”

The current evidentiary hearing will continue on Friday, November 3 with additional witnesses while the hearing on the motion to dismiss the entire case will continue AFTER the jury is selected October 30 through November 1.

Additionally, we reported on Thursday that Judge Gloria Navarro basically gave the government everything it wants while shutting down any real means of law-abiding men from defending themselves.

Myhre has been one that has attempted to get the court to side with him to shut them up against their ability to defend themselves and Judge Navarro has been one to side with him in many instances in full violation of the US Constitution, which grants them no right to do such things.

My concern is that not only is Steven Myhre neck deep in the swamp, but so is Judge Navarro.  What do you think?

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