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Buying Girl Scout Cookies Supports Planned Parenthood

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Published on: March 4, 2016

My having been a Brownie and Jr. Girl Scout in my childhood, plus a Brownie, Jr. Girl Scout and Cadet leader when our daughters were the age for that, plus having one of our daughters who was a Brownie and Jr. Girl Scout leader, our family has been very much involved in the past with this organization. So we, like many others, are very, very concerned about the direction the national leaders have taken this previously great organization for girls.

Here is just one of our major concerns:

It’s Girl Scout cookie time and people wanting to help these dear young girls selling them, as well as enjoying delicious cookies, buy them. However, buying these cookies funds abortion through Planned Parenthood which the Girl Scout organization supports! It doesn’t take long to find this info on the Internet by just typing in “Girl Scouts support Planned Parenthood” to read how extensive this is, yet how deceptive national decision makers are in denying this.

Excellent research on this topic has been done by a number of organizations and needs to be read. That being the case, here are some excerpts from given websites which confirms what has happened to the Girl Scouts:

The 2016 Girl Scout issues facing pro-lifers are threefold:

The national organization—GSUSA—maintains memberships, alongside abortion providers, in pro-abortion organizations; and confirms that its local councils and troops may collaborate with Planned Parenthood. Additionally, GSUSA honors Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Barbara Lee, all ardent advocates of abortion who even support partial birth abortion.

The international organization—World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS)—which is funded by GSUSA, demands “non-judgmental sexual and reproductive-health information and services to all,” in its campaign The World We Want For Girls 2015.

At the local level, every Girl Scout council promotes pro-abortion organizations and women to girls in your community via the official Girl Scout curriculum.

Our girls deserve better. And that’s why we’re choosing not to fund the Girl Scout organization through 2016 cookie sales.”

Click on the link above to find more info and how you can help educate others.   Be sure to view the 6 minute video on this website, “Can we trust the Girl Scout organization?” in which Anna Maria Chavez, current CEO. GSUSA denies the Planned Parenthood connection.  The video documents why the answer to that question is, “NO”! (See info below from video of former CEO Kathy Cloninger who stated in 2004 they support PP.)

Also included on the website is a flyer re: Girl Scout Cookies that needs to be copied and distributed not only to those who sell the cookies but those who buy them.

There are those in Girl Scouts who deny this in spite of documentation in the video series found here. GSUSA former CEO Kathy Cloninger, stated on national TV in Feb., 2004 her proud claim that Girl Scouts partners with Planned Parenthood in that video.

In 2004, the CEO of Girl Scouts USA, Kathy Cloninger stated on national television that, “We partner with many organizations. We have relationships with our church communities, with YWCAs, and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country, to bring information-based sex education programs to girls.”  Despite this statement by the Girl Scouts CEO, which has never been retracted, GSUSA is now denying the national organization’s connections to Planned Parenthood. Additionally, GSUSA claims they do not take stand on matters of birth control or or abortion, yet they continue to promote pro-abortion champions and resources to their members.  All we are asking is that GSUSA be honest about this connection that CEO, Kathy Cloninger, has already confirmed on national television.

Note below an excerpt from Lifesitenews website that GS decision makers deny every having been associated with PP in spite of CEO Kathy Cloninger’s recorded TV comments.

“February 28, 2014 ( – In response to a video released by Girl Scouts USA CEO Anna Maria Chávez denying that the organization has any ties to Planned Parenthood, a group of pro-life ex-Girl Scout moms has accused Chavez of being “misleading and deceitful.”

In her video Chavez had attempted to pacify the growing pro-life CookieCott protest movement that is derailing the annual cookie-selling season, saying, “we do not now, nor have we ever had a relationship with Planned Parenthood.” 

The moms with MyGirlScoutCouncil retort that this “blatantly false” and say that at the council level of the Girl Scout organization, “there is a long history of local councils working with Planned Parenthood.  Documented examples go back as far as 1972 and through 2013.”

In 2004, the moms point out, “Girl Scouts USA CEO Kathy Cloninger stated on the Today Show that Girl Scouts have relationships with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country.”  

In their video MyGirlScoutCouncil provides a link to supporting documentation, much of it from the Girl Scouts own materials, which lists a score of documented examples showing the Girl Scouts’ involvement with Planned Parenthood. ..

A GSUSA document shows that it funds WAGGGS with $1.5 million annually. 

In her video Chavez had said that “reproductive issues are deeply private matters best left to families” and said that she “finds it deeply unsettling that anyone would use the Girl Scout brand to have very adult conversations.” 

The moms say that the “hypocrisy of such a statement is unsettling considering the adult conversation topics that the Girl Scout organization exposes girls to,” arguing that the Girl Scouts regularly exposes girls to resources advocating for “reproductive and sexual rights” through curriculum and online content

One program recommended for girl scouts, “The Eloquent Women: 13 famous human rights speeches by women,” includes selections including a speech by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and “several speeches centered on sexuality  that are inappropriate resources for girls, one of which recommends the use of profanities as an effective public speaking tool,” says MyGirlScoutsCouncil.

Having stated all this info please, please consider copying the Girl Scout Cookie flyer mentioned above and distribute it. Plus, if you know of some girls who are looking for something to replace the Girl Scouts, direct them to the website of American Heritage Girls which “is the premier national character development organization for girls ages 5-18 that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement.”

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