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California: Cops Watch Robbery Unfold In Front Of Them – Do Nothing As Criminal Gets In Car & Drives Away

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Published on: November 25, 2021

San Francisco, CA — In San Francisco, as TFTP has reported, a string of flash robberies and burglaries has plagued the city for months. As we reported earlier this month, even the police themselves were caught taking part in the robberies. As recently released surveillance footage illustrates, with cops like the ones in San Francisco, it’s no wonder crime is running rampant throughout the city.

Police are now attempting damage control after several of their officers were seen on surveillance footage parked outside of Bay Area Safe Alternative dispensary and did nothing as three unarmed men broke into the building and looted it.

As the video shows, the officers clearly knew they were watching a robbery as they shined their light into the building, exposing the burglars inside. In fact, they were called out there by a neighbor who reported the alarm going off.

Instead of attempting to stop the crime in progress, cops simply sat there and watched as the burglars loaded up their vehicle.

It looked as if the officers were actually running cover for the burglars rather than acting as police. In a near-comical fashion, the burglars calmly got into their car, conducted a three-point turn and drove away. None of the officers followed.

The owner of the store, Tariq Mizyed Alazraie said he’s been broken into five times in recent months and every time he calls, police respond but do nothing. He said this video, in particular, has him angry as it appeared as if the cops were running cover for the burglars.

“This one it really made me angry,” he said, according to the San Francisco Times. “It was only one car, it was three people, they had no weapons. But for the observer if you watched what took place, you would think the police were in on it. It was just weird, it would make you angry when you watch it.”

The times interviewed experts about what unfolded in the video, and according to their article, the experts are “baffled.”

Police who responded to the burglary “certainly had sufficient numbers and sufficient resources to intercept the burglars, and they’re not doing it,” former Boston police Lt. Tom Nolan said Wednesday. He found the officers’ conduct perplexing and offered a technical term to describe it — “nonfeasance, or failing to take action when you’re legally required to do so.”

Nolan also wondered if a supervisor was directing the response, since the specter of “all of them conspiring … to just pull back seems less likely than them taking direction from some supervisor.”

Alazraie has since filed a complaint with the Department of Police Accountability, an independent agency that investigates police misconduct and turns in their findings to the Police Commission. The DPA said the investigation is underway.

The Chronicle reports that nearly half of all the complaints, 40%, against the San Francisco police department since June have been for “neglect of duty” — meaning cops are essentially refusing to do what they are getting paid to do.

This incident highlights the problem with police in America holding a monopoly on security. The have no incentive to do their jobs correctly or with honor as they get paid either way and you have no choice because there is not an alternative.

Why risk having to show bravery or do what your paid to do when there is a very slim chance you’ll be fired or face any repercussions at all? Why worry about pleasing the taxpayers as they are forced to pay your salary regardless of how well you do your job? Why even do your job, knowing the citizens have no choice but to pay you anyway?

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist


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