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California Democrat Takes To Twitter To Berate, Belittle & Malign White Americans

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Published on: July 22, 2019

Americans should just love it when anti-constitutionalist Democrats erupt in a rage/whine fest on social media.  Why?  It shows just how out of touch these individuals are with American citizens and the issues facing this republic.

The latest rage/whine “fester” is none other than David Atkins, a regional director for the California Democratic Party and a Bernie Sanders supporter.  In a nine-tweet thread on Twitter, Atkins declared that Rural White Americans were “ungrateful”, more specifically “not grateful enough”, for being “heavily subsidized, drowning in federal largesse, blessed with political affirmative action and overrepresentation”, having all the bills being paid by cities and blue states, but who continue to whine and yell constantly.  In subsequent tweets last Thursday, Atkins railed against Fox News viewers writing, “People who watch the constant grating whine-fest that is Fox News have a lot of gall telling anyone to love it or leave it.  The Fox News cult hates the values of the vast majority of Americans who aren’t rural white evangelicals and want nothing to do with them.”  But, Atkins is all about “reaching out” to ungrateful rural white Americans to show them who is exactly exploiting them – “plutocrats and not people of color”.

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It sounds as if Atkins is engaging in plenty of projection here.  Instead of stopping thereafter drawing criticism from “leftist” anti-constitutionalists and “Rural White American” conservatives, Atkins doubled down on his Twitter rage/whine-fest belittling white Americans.

“And at a certain point, continuing to treat them like they’re just too ignorant to see what the plutocrats are doing, or continuing to blame the Dem Party for failing to engage with *just* the right message to unlock them? That’s also a form of paternalistic condescension”, Atkins wrote.

“At a certain point, you have to hold people accountable, statistically speaking, for the voting choices they make.  You have to take them at their word, and when they tell you who they are, believe them,” he tweeted.

Atkins continued to berate conservative Americans, reiterating the heavy government subsidies to rural white America provided by cities and blue States and rural white America is suffering under “the thumb of corporate fat cats getting all the tax cuts” while calling this portion of the voting base “racists” who support and vote for racists.

Is Atkins paying attention or has he gone the way of “Mad Max”ine Waters?  It’s time Mr. Atkins received some education to remove his ignorance that he projects onto rural white Americans.

Mr. Atkins, have you been paying attention?  Democratic-run cities and blue States have bankrupted or are so far in the red they couldn’t buy a boot to pee in, much less a window to throw it out, meaning these entities are not subsidizing anyone, much less rural America.  Let me remind you, Mr. Atkins, evangelical, Christian rural America believes in individuals keeping the fruits of their labors, not government engaging in legalized theft to redistribute money to “needy” federal government-dependent individuals and States, which the government created in the War of Northern Aggression and cemented in 1913 by removing State influence in the legislature.  Moreover, just as an FYI, the Republican Party is no different than the Democratic Party – each has its own road to achieve the same end results.  It is Christian, evangelical, conservative Constitutionalists who advocate for the return to the limited power and reach of the federal government contained in the Constitution.

It appears that you have not watched Fox News in quite some time because those “talking heads” and “silicone Barbies” present plenty of anti-constitutional, “leftist” agenda content.  Those who watch Fox News are not a “cult” nor are all of its viewers “rural white evangelicals”.  As far as the values of the vast majority of Americans goes, exactly to what are you referring?  Unless you have been living under a rock, the majority of Americans do not support a “socialist”, homosexual, sodomite, LGBTQrsuvwxyz, Islamic, overbearing, spying, all-powerful federal government.  And, constitutionalists, Christians, evangelicals, conservatives and those subscribing to the values and principles of our founders do not support affirmative action in any form.  The group of people that you malign and belittle are not shunning those who hold values that are polar opposites from our founding;  but, this group of people does not believe the various special interest minority groups hold the right to force others to capitulate to their values that are immoral, deviant, subversive, and detrimental to our society.  It appears you have not been paying attention when constitutionalists, Christians, conservatives, and others have criticized affirmative action as being “belittling” to black Americans because it conveys the message that blacks cannot compete in the job market any other way.

It is Democratic Party policies, Mr. Atkins, that have been detrimental to black and the black community.  You ignore the high rate of black on black homicide in this republic and the disproportionate murder of black babies in the womb in a murder-for-hire scenario based on the percentage of the population.  This is all leftist, Democratic, anti-constitutionalists’ platforms.

While you lament that it is rural white America that constantly yells and whines, it appears you have missed the numerous outbursts of “leftist” Democrat anti-constitutionalists giving rise to groups like Black Lives Matter, Antifa and various gun confiscation groups amassing in the streets assaulting others and destroying private and public property.  Maybe you missed the various news reports on “Drag Queen” storybook hour, the various sodomite parades that include messages regarding indoctrinating children into the LGBTQrsuvwxyz deviance, the unwarranted persecution of Christian businesses by the government, the rapidly expanding police surveillance state, and the massive illegal alien invasion problem that hurts all Americans.

And, as far as being bigoted and entitled, methinks you doth protest too much.  Those who support taking the fruits of the labor of others to give to those who produce nothing are entitled.  And, those who support affirmative action operate on the belief that blacks are inferior in every aspect, needing help to attain employment instead of relying on their own merits and content of character – a bigoted attitude.  This is the stance of the Democratic Party, which you support, and its followers, not rural white America consisting of evangelicals, Christians and constitutional advocating individuals.

Wake up, Mr. Atkins!  Rural Americans have been advocating for government to stop catering to big corporate conglomerates, such as Monsanto, that have destroyed the small business owner and farmers.  Democrats, as well as Republicans, in government suck from the corporate teat and mostly legislate on their behalf.  It’s worth mentioning as well that federal legislators end up becoming millionaires while in public service on a meager salary.  We rural Christian constitutionalists know how that happens;  do you?

This could go on, but you should get the point by now.  If you don’t, how ignorant and stupid is that?

You should explain the comment, “you have to hold people accountable, statistically speaking, for the voting choices they make.”  Are you referring to those in both chambers of Congress, the public or who?  You see, Mr. Atkins, Democrats and Republicans holding office in both chambers of Congress are working against Americans and America.  Those who cannot see that are stuck in the two-party paradigm and exercise willful ignorance and stupidity.  There is not one Christian or evangelical that can support the Democrat Party because of the Party’s platform of pro-murder, wealth redistribution, inequality, and denial of God.  None of the Party platform is biblical.  Any Christian or evangelical who does should repent before God and change their sinfulness.

There is no color in Christ, nor envy, covetousness, inequality, or tolerance of the violation of God’s Word and commandments.  And, since Republicans are doing no better than Democrats, Christian, evangelical, conservative constitutionalists cannot support that Party either.  Because of the usurpation of the voting process by the two parties and the States, the American people are given the illusion of choice when in fact, Americans are choosing the lesser of the two evils, meaning we are still choosing evil.

Remember this, Mr. Atkins, the next time you take to Twitter to malign and berate a significant portion of the US population while being blind to the actual condition in America.  Many of them are awake, while you remain asleep.  But, thank you for proving the points many of us have been saying all along.

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