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California Governor Gavin Newsom’s $1 Billion Chinese Mask Deal – I Thought This Was A “Chinese” Virus!

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Published on: June 20, 2020

Pushing the agenda and making some money in the process while spending the money of the people he is supposed to serve, California Governor Gavin Newsom seems to be in the hot seat after a nearly $1 billion deal to buy unnecessary, and in some cases harmful, masks under the guise of the coronavirus hoax.  It’s interesting, why would we be buying anything from China after people are calling this seemingly non-threatening virus, which cannot be transferred from one person to another and never has been proven to do so, a “Chinese” virus?

The LA Times reports:

Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s decision to spend almost $1 billion in taxpayer funds to buy protective masks drew national attention as an aggressive move by California to solve one of the most nagging problems of the coronavirus crisis.

But almost two weeks after he announced the deal during a cable TV interview, very few details have been disclosed. The governor’s advisors have so far declined requests for information about the agreement with BYD, the Chinese electric car manufacturer hired to produce the masks, though the state has already wired the company the first installment of $495 million.

Newsom, who has been praised for his efforts to slow the spread of the disease, bristled on Saturday at suggestions that his administration has been too slow to explain a deal that will cost California taxpayers 30% more than his January budget would spend on infectious disease prevention for an entire fiscal year.

“I’m for outcome here,” Newsom shot back when asked by a reporter about withholding the contract’s details. “Some are consumed by process, personality, intrigue. Who’s up, who’s down. We are for actually solving a major, major problem — not only for the state but potentially a template for the country.”

MSN adds:

But a bipartisan chorus of concerns has emerged in the Legislature. Lawmakers have grown increasingly frustrated that the governor’s advisers have asked only for expedited approval to spend money without briefing them on what has been agreed to.

“I must emphasize, that’s a big deal,” GOP state Sen. Jim Nielsen of Gerber said of the agreement during a legislative oversight hearing Thursday. “And what is in the contract that ensures the deliverability — timely — is going to be really, really important. At the least, we cannot be just throwing out a false hope to people.”

BYD, a Shenzhen-based company whose initials stand for “Build Your Dreams,” has staked its reputation on building electric vehicles. It has a U.S. subsidiary based in Los Angeles, with a vehicle manufacturing facility in Lancaster. The company currently employs about 1,000 people in California, a company spokesman said.

Exactly how BYD has converted some of its manufacturing efforts in China to begin producing protective masks is unclear. On March 13, it touted the creation of “the world’s largest mass-produced face masks plant” in a news release posted on the company’s website. The company announced that it would make 5 million masks a day — far surpassing the 100 million masks a month promised by 3M, the company best known for producing N95 masks, used to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A spokesman for BYD referred all questions about negotiations over the purchase of masks to Newsom’s office.

Newsom and other top officials have described the gambit as straightforward: Leverage the state government’s purchasing power, backed up by a multibillion-dollar cash surplus, to buy 200 million masks a month. The masks would then be distributed to health care and emergency workers across California, a supply chain that would continue through the end of June.

Administration officials have said that each monthly shipment from BYD will contain 150 million N95 masks and 50 million surgical masks.

And absolutely none of those masks can stop particles as small as a virus (exsosome).

Dr. Andrew Kaufman pointed this out recently in my interview with him.

The Virus Lies & What They Are Leading Towards With Dr. Andrew Kaufman

The fact of the matter is that $1 billion would buy a whole lot of masks, but they don’t work and are completely unnecessary.

Yet, California is trying to criminalize people and make them sick by mandating masks.

OC Register reports:

SACRAMENTO — California will require people to wear masks in most indoor settings and outdoors when distancing isn’t possible under a statewide order issued Thursday, June 18.

“Science shows that face coverings and masks work,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a statement announcing the order. “They are critical to keeping those who are around you safe, keeping businesses open and restarting our economy.”

That is simply an unproven statement advanced by liars like Dr. Anthony Fauci and the flip-flopping World Health Organization.

At least one California sheriff has said he won’t enforce the governor’s order.

“Due to the minor nature of the offense, the potential for negative outcomes during enforcement encounters, and anticipating the various ways in which the order may be violated, it would be inappropriate for deputies to criminally enforce the Governor’s mandate,” Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones’ statement read.

NEWS RELEASE: The following is the official statement of Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones regarding Gov. Newsom’s…

Posted by Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, June 19, 2020

At least the people of Sacramento County can be thankful their sheriff is exercising some common sense on the mask order, even though he continues to promote the same agenda by pushing “safe practices” like wearing masks.

This Fourth of July, there will be a rally in San Diego where people will be encouraged to recall Governor Newsom.  I suggest anyone in California attend and get that ball rolling.

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