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California: Taxpayers Paid Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member To Mentor MS-13 Gang Members

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Published on: August 21, 2019

Community intervention is a vital part of every pro-crime program.

That includes Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent grand pro-crime plan that would avoid those mean nasty jails and instead rely on gang intervention programs that according to her and MS-13 are proven to absolutely work.

Here’s how well they’ve been working in California.

As a “peace ambassador” for a Los Angeles nonprofit funded with public money, it was Wilfredo Vides’ job to steer young people clear of gangs. For those who’d joined one, his role was to convince them to leave, as he had.

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Or as he said he had.

Vides was one of 22 individuals arrested last month in a federal takedown of MS-13’s Fulton clique, a cell of the transnational gang that claims swaths of the San Fernando Valley as its turf and is accused of murdering and dismembering its enemies in the mountains above Los Angeles. Vides was far from the reformed gang member he claimed to be, authorities say.

He acted as the Fulton clique’s “facilitator, advisor, supporter, and protector,” prosecutors allege, hiding gang members from the police, coordinating drug deals with an MS-13 clique in Maryland, and “intimidating those he perceived to be cooperating with law enforcement.”

At the time of his arrest, Vides was employed as a gang intervention counselor by Communities in Schools of the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles, a well-established nonprofit that has received millions of dollars in city, county and federal contracts since its founding in 1994.

Oh yes, community intervention programs work. As far as gangs are concerned. Because its members are getting paid to “mentor” and “recruit”.

And you’re paying them.

Among his duties for the organization, Vides mentored a Panorama High School student who is accused of taking part in an MS-13 killing and later stabbing a student at his high school in the back and stomach. Vides hid his mentee from the police after the stabbing, prosecutors allege.

Can you guess how this beautiful relationship got started?

Rodriguez said he met Vides in June 2018 when Vides came to his North Hills office seeking help with his immigration status. Vides has been living in the country illegally, according to a summary of his case filed in federal court.

California’s approach is working brilliantly, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, federal, state and city money was going to an organization employing an illegal alien gang member to help other gang members go straight or stab students in the stomach.

This makes so much more sense than building a wall, deporting illegal aliens and locking up criminals.

But under President Elizabeth Warren, this will be our national policy.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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