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Calling All Cops & Sheriffs, Deputies, & All People Responsible to Enforce the Law!

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Published on: May 11, 2020

Remember old cop shows on television? Whenever a terrible threat came, the dispatcher would radio, “calling all cars” and the police would race to the rescue and defend the people and save the day. That is what we need now. The COVID-19 economic destruction caused by the government is hurting a lot of people.

I am going to use the term Law Enforcement as there are many who are responsible for enforcing the law. To begin, we need to look at the ultimate law, the Constitution.

In my previous article: Make America Honest Again! I explained:

The government needs to answer for causing such huge levels of joblessness. The Constitution Amendment 5 states: “No person shall be…deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.” The constitution is supposed to be the rules that government is supposed to follow. It has become very obvious that the government is following no rules, and is doing what it wants with nothing restraining it.  

The COVID-19 economy destruction will only turn around, if people can start making their own decisions. They need to know that their government will not go berserk over the next thing that frightens them. How can anyone invest in anything, when they do not know if their own government will destroy it? It clearly states: “No person shall be…deprived of life, liberty, or property”, and yet businesses have been deprived of their customers, and they have been deprived of their right to open their doors and conduct business.

Cleary people have been “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Some may say anyone can go and get their “due process of law” just go do so. That is a mistake, we need to get serious and think this through. People have been hurt. People are continuing to be hurt. Law Enforcement has a duty to protect the people from harm. Without being ordered to do so by a court.

Think about it. If a governor told a woman that he had the authority to rape her, and began to do so, and if Law Enforcement was present, would they need to get a court order to prevent the governor from violating her, and depriving her of the use of her body that rightly belongs to her? Of course not, Law Enforcement would protect her immediately, and put the governor in jail.

If Law Enforcement was not present, would the woman, be expected by the courts, and Law Enforcement to allow the governor to abuse his power and rape her? Would the woman, be expected by the courts and Law Enforcement to take her own money, hire a lawyer, and seek “due process of law”? I would hope not, but these days it is getting hard to know. Nowhere does it say there is an exception to the Constitution. People cannot run their businesses and people are starting to go hungry. A governor who takes away a person’s job or business through his actions is attacking that person and threatening their life. Even if the governor does not do it himself, how is it different than hiring a hit-man to commit a murder? Law enforcement would not need to ask a judge for permission to stop a governor from hiring a hit-man to commit murder, and Law Enforcement should not allow the governor to pretend to have the authority to force people to starve.

Our right to live is not granted by the Constitution, it is acknowledged by the Constitution. There is a difference. The whole point of the Nuremburg Trials was to show the world, that government cannot make it legal to murder people. That includes starving people to death. Our right to not be killed by our government comes from God, not the Constitution.

The Declaration of Independence states:

“WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”     

The word unalienable is defined by Webster’s 1828 as: “a. Not alienated; not transferred; not estranged.” Alienate is defined as: “To transfer title, property or right to another” That shows that prior to the Constitution it was known that the right to a person’s life could not be transferred to another.

Yes, there was slavery at that time, but slavery was wrong. I hope we all can agree slavery is wrong. In my previous article It is not the Supreme Court it is the Obscene Court of the United States I stated:

“Let’s Judge the court and you my readers can be the jury. I will use a case that hopefully, we will all agree the court horribly messed up on. Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857). Scott was before the court for his constitutional rights to not be Sanford’s slave and to be treated as a human instead of property. The court basically ruled that black people were not human and that nonhumans cannot have constitutional rights.

This quote sums up the courts opinion: “…..We think they [people of African ancestry are … not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word “citizens” in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to the citizens of the United States. …”

So here is a question, did the court really believe black people were not humans or did they lie because slavery was making so many people so much money? What do you think? The problem with judges is that they ignore what they do not like. You can have a thousand people that say something is so and if a judge ignores those people there is no evidence and therefore no proof. I believe the court paid close attention to the money and ignored the obvious proof that black people were humans just like anyone else. The court did what they wanted, not what was right. 

Considering that judges are lawyers that are politically connected enough to be appointed as a judge, it is not surprising that they would be driven by their greed for, and not by what is the right thing to do. The problem is this ruling is hurting the county today even though slavery legally ended in the United States years ago. The reality is people are human regardless of what the court decides. It is wrong for the court to think they have the power to call someone non-human and to then take their rights away. These seeds were planted by this court which grew into future atrocities that were committed by other members of the court.”

Law Enforcement, please tell me that you will agree with me that black people have always been human. Please do not tell me Law Enforcement believes what they are told to believe, and if a judge tells you someone is not human, that you will deprive them of their rights. The reason that black people where violated is that evil people did not enforce the law. Evil people separated black people, from the black people’s “unalienable Rights.” Slavery has always been wrong. Slavery always will be wrong, regardless of what the United States Government allows or does not allow.

That brings us back to now and the COVID-19 economic destruction. Destroying people’s businesses is wrong. No government has a right to force people to starve to death. No government has a right to force people to shut down their businesses, or not go to their jobs, so they have to beg others for their food. People have a right to provide for themselves. If a government official says otherwise they are evil. If a government official says otherwise they are separating the person from their “unalienable Rights.” The government official is violating the law. If you have no respect for God’s law at least obey the Constitution you swore an oath to protect.

Law Enforcement needs to get serious and decide what to do. I am not starving. Thanks to God, I have food. I have no right to tell hurting people to hold on and just hope someone someday ends this evil, and stops separating the people from their “unalienable Rights.” Law Enforcement ask yourself, what are you going to do when that starving person starts to believe it is a self defense to reunite themselves with their “unalienable Rights.” What are you going to do? Obey a governor because he has got the power? If that evil governor orders you to shoot the person for being hungry are you going to do it? Have you ever been hungry? Are you willing to kill people for being hungry? Do you know what starving is like?

When I was in the military and went to survival school, I knew what hunger was like. At least the government was teaching me to find my own food. You have no idea what the thought of starvation will do to a people. Right now farmers are killing their animals because the packing plants will not take the animals. If you do not think that will cause a problem, think again.

The problem with our governor is he really does not understand that besides the people needing a paycheck, the work those people do, actually needs to be done. It does not matter if you have money if there is no food to buy with the money. Our governor is frightening people to the point that they are afraid to do their jobs, their jobs that desperately need to be done.

What are you going to do Law Enforcement, are you going to protect power, or are you going to protect the people? It was not that long ago when Law Enforcement was turning dogs on black people and beating the black people for wanting their civil rights. Those evil people pretending to be Law Enforcement dishonored Law Enforcement. Those evil people pretending to be Law Enforcement deserve no respect and only contempt.

I hope we can be proud of you, but you are going to need to protect the people first. Obeying orders is for Nazis. Obeying the Constitution is for Law Enforcement.

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