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Campus Protests: The Communist’s Nostalgic Astroturf

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Published on: November 19, 2015

While Barack Hussein Obama’s mercenary army (otherwise known as ISIS or Islamic State) was busy committing atrocities in the region, we were ironically taught was the Cradle of Civilization, insinuating jihadis amongst Middle Eastern refugees bound for Europe and carrying out a massacre in Paris, other surrogates were busy mobilizing those on university campuses toward increasing domestic instability.

Subversive leftist organizations have long maintained a presence on university campuses. Craven, intellectually dishonest interpretations of the First Amendment and the complicity of university faculty and staff have precluded these elements from being neutralized. Couple these with the intention of the Obama administration to accelerate America’s decline, and we have the 2015 Black Liberation Movement, university campus-style.

On Nov. 14, Paul Sperry, in the New York Post, penned an excellent exposé on how the radical group Organizing for Action (OFA, formerly Obama for America) “has trained more than 10,000 leftist organizers who, in turn, are training more than 2 million youths” in the tactics of the late communist icon Saul Alinsky. These “community organizers” have been holding “organizing summits” on college campuses in recent months.

Organizing for Action, the Black Lives Matter group and the George Soros-funded Democracy Alliance have all been overtly involved in the recent spate of race-related demonstrations on university campuses, which exploited two fake racial incidents at the University of Missouri as the “catalysts” for their protests.

According to the Post, students at Columbia University have complained that student activists (who are fast becoming known as “crybullies”) have initiated campaigns of intimidation against those who refuse to participate in their protest activities.

At the Dartmouth University library over the past weekend, Black Lives Matter operatives rioted and attacked white students.

One girl was pinned up to the wall as a group of BLM thugs shouted racial epitaphs in her face, terrorizing her in the process. The group of thugs marched through the library shouting insults such as, “F*^k you, you filthy white f*^ks!,” “F*^k you and your comfort!” and “F*^k you, you racist s#^t!” One hundred of the thugs made their way through the library in what they laughingly called a protest. Considering the cost of going to Dartmouth, it is unlikely that many of them are kept down by “Whitey.”

– Conservative Firing Line, Nov. 16, 2015

It is certainly no accident that activities reminiscent of the 1960s campus protests are occurring at a time in which those who either romanticized those protests or participated in them (or both) now hold political power in America. The intellectually retarded, brainwashed offspring of that generation even look like throwbacks to the hirsute student activists of the 1960s (who were also heavily influenced by Marxists). I’m sure that orchestrating this fiasco struck a perverse nostalgic chord in some of those involved.

The counterfeit nature of this Astroturf movement for racial parity on college campuses aside, the capricious and infantile character of the activists and their demands reflect not only the capricious and infantile character of the worldview that has been instilled in them, but clearly indicates how pernicious their attitudes are.

Hundreds of Columbia students gathered at the South Lawn Thursday, and some speakers heckled bystanders who did not participate.

“Look at those guys playing Frisbee – that is the definition of privilege,” said one speaker.

Another student wearing a T-shirt with the words “Kill White Supremacy” called Columbia a “white supremacist institution.”

She led the crowd in a progression of chants including “I love black people,” “I love all black people” and “I love queer black people,” before adding “I love black criminals” and “I love black people who steal.”

– The New York Post, Nov. 15, 2015

If one didn’t know how deadly serious they are, one might mistake this for comedy.

Impracticable demands for free tuition, fits of apoplexy over “racially insensitive” Halloween costumes and charges that the game of Frisbee is illustrative of white privilege – these are the aspirations and observations of black ignoramuses who were suckled on victimhood and instructed by communist “professors” such as Angela Davis, Bill Ayers and Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones).

As demonstrated by some blacks of prominence, these are people who, even after attaining considerable personal success, will continue to provoke racial tension and antisocialism.

Considering how other racially charged cases over the last couple of years have played out, it is probable that the student activists will ultimately be motivated into initiating widespread campus riots that will lead to an escalation of the police state modality in which our nation increasingly operates.

If the foregoing examples of narcissistic indulgence aren’t enough: Over the last few days, certain Black Lives Matter activists grabbed headlines with their outrage over the terror attacks in Paris on Friday, Nov. 13. They were incensed not because nearly 130 fellow human beings had been killed by terrorists, but because the incident had stolen their thunder. In order to establish some sort of moral equivalency, they began referencing fabricated slights against black students as “terrorism.”

These people cannot be considered citizens exercising their rights of free speech or free assembly. Their hirsuteness notwithstanding, these are groomed enemy operatives who know exactly what they’re doing, even if they are intellectually challenged in the extreme.

We may not be able to stop America’s enemies from exploiting these incognizant students as useful idiots or even cannon fodder, but we can impede their momentum through refusing to acknowledge that they have a legitimate complaint in the first place – which is what the left always relies upon when they pull out the race card.


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