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What Can Americans Learn About a Fearless Spirit from Donald Trump?

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Published on: March 8, 2016

“Dilbert” comic creator and insightful commentator Scott Adams shared a moving letter to “President Trump” from “just a simple man” named Troy, a black man who grew up without his father. Fear controlled Troy’s decisions and held him back in life, but courage enables Trump’s winning strategy. Troy described so clearly not only the strength of Donald Trump’s spirit, but the fear and weakness that rules over men and America today.

God called me to rebuild men, specifically black men. I have helped blacks and all people the past 26 years through my nonprofit, BOND – counseling, mentoring, leading open forums, showing people how to pray and return to the Father by forgiving and loving their earthly father and fellowman.

Many Americans, including Christians, have become so weak, emotional and feminized that they do not recognize real love, nor real men. Reaction to Donald Trump highlights differences between those who can see and those who cannot. The lines have not split cleanly between “liberal” and “conservative,” nor between “Christian” and “worldly.” Many conservatives and Christians love Trump – as do the more down-to-earth Democrats and “independents” who never liked stiff Republicans. Many nice “by-the-letter” Christians and intellectual constitutional conservatives fear and judge Trump – as do liberals and the godless who hate the truth and hate older white men boldly standing for Americans.

Trump is not the first man to divide so starkly and uniquely. Two-thousand years ago, Jesus sharply divided Pharisees, teachers of the law, and the people – many hated and slandered him; many loved and appreciated him; some wanted to kill him. Today, conservative heroes who know history, know the Constitution, similarly despise Trump – some of them friends of mine. They write off his supporters as blind fools angrily following a hate-monger and a “Hitler” – Trump supporters cannot be “real” evangelical Christians or “real” conservatives.

Never mind that you won’t find another real man but Donald Trump running for president. You would be hard-pressed to find a more genuine man (and conservative Christian) than one of his most ardent supporters: me. Those who know me, who appreciate the insight God has given me, know that this is true.

Conservatives have maintained their pet issues for years; everyone knows it, and evil has played them – and America – for fools and won. Liberals, women, blacks and homosexuals who listen to Satan have grown more emboldened and oppositional against men, whites and Christians who lack the courage, clarity and street smarts to beat back the children of the lie and win. Because of this, the country is more divided than ever, and only growing more corrupt. Many Christians lose their children to the world in schools, and their own souls to helpless anger.

Trump recognizes the damage done to our union, the irrational rage and lies of Black Lives Matter, the evil of abortion, the homosexual agenda and the attack on Christians – but he’s more concerned about Christians’ heads being cut off by ISIS, and the horrible division tearing apart our country. Trump wants Christians to unite, Republicans to unite, and Americans to unite.

In addition to rebuilding men, my main purpose is to unite the races with truth instead of dividing them with lies. No candidate but Trump’s shows the courage, honesty and tough love that angry agitators needed from their fathers. Notably, Trump’s children love their father. Trump shows care and concern for victims of real hate and violence.

Trump may not see life exactly as you do at this point. But you can learn from him. He is humble enough to talk, listen and learn from those who disagree. Are you? And if protesters are looking for trouble, he deals toughly and swiftly with them.

While Ted Cruz has proven canned, and Marco Rubio a fraud, Donald Trump has shown the spirit, cunning and good-natured fire necessary to overcome enemies foreign and domestic – dealing with his first line of assailants, the lying and liberal media, establishment RINOs, wicked Black Lives Matter and Occupiers.

Just as Obama in his hatred and deceit has transformed American culture for evil, so Trump in telling the truth and not backing down has already awakened people for good – simply by being himself, setting a strong example and shining a light on deceptive politicians and movements. Troy Morton is just one man of many inspired by Donald Trump.

A black man named Christian who called himself an atheist frequently calls my radio show. Seeing my YouTube videos, at first he rejected the truth I spoke about black trifling and anger. But he realized I was 100 percent right. I sent him my first book, “From Rage to Responsibility.” He forgave his father and started a thriving business. Without knowing it, he has grown closer to God. If God used me to speak to Christian to help him past his anger, God can use Trump to help men like Troy move past their fear. And if God gave a chance to an angry black “atheist” like Christian, God can choose a bold, “worldly” Christian named Donald Trump for president.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Article reposted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson.

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