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Canada Government Sanctioned Murder By Physician Going Deeper With Latest Legislative Bill

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Published on: January 16, 2020

No one has to wonder how this writer feels about Canada’s government-sanctioned murder by physician.  Truly, Canadians have achieved a new low along with the four States in the united States of America who have partaken of the Kool-Aid leading them to think it’s okay for government to make murder legal as long as it is directed and performed by a physician.  Wonder how Canadians and some Americans would feel about a modern-day Josef Mengele being in charge of government-sanctioned murder by physician?  Before anyone gets their hair in a kink, the latest information coming from Canada regarding government sanctioned murder by physician might have you looking seriously at that as a possibility.

LifeSite News has the story.  The pertinent information driving the postulation of a modern-day Josef Mengele is bolded.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government announced Monday it has accepted a Quebec court ruling striking down the “near death” requirement for euthanasia as unconstitutional.

The Liberals are now rushing to overhaul Canada’s euthanasia law by the court’s imposed deadline of March 11, 2020 and have launched an online consultation that closes January 27.

The federal consultation asks about advance consent, something the Quebec government is also considering, says Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Advance consent would allow individuals with degenerative diseases such as dementia to issue an advance directive asking to be killed by lethal injection at a future date when they are no longer able to actively consent.

“That’s a serious problem because, of course, it then denies your ability to change your mind,” Schadenberg told LifeSiteNews.

It also “means that the person you’re killing doesn’t even have the right or the ability to confirm that they want you to inject them.”

Does anyone else see the problem with this?  It’s the government saying, “no one needs to be ‘near death’ in order for government sanctioned murder by physician to take place”.  Moreover, this unethical, immoral law allows individuals with degenerative mental diseases like dementia to consent, in advance, to a future date when they may not can consent.  If you’ve ever dealt with someone with dementia or any organic degenerative brain disease, you know they can’t remember sometimes one minute to the next.  It locks individuals into a decision made prior to the later stages of dementia when the individual might not want to participate in the atrocious practice.  But, too late;  there is no turning back since the “right” to change one’s mind regardless of good memory or not is denied.

But all this dances around the issue that no one will even acknowledge due to cognitive dissonance.  This is murder, plain and simple.  It is government sanctioned murder by physician.  Canada might as well get rid of medical malpractice and negligence laws since the law states physicians can murder patients as long as all the rules are followed.

But, wait.  It gets even better.

LifeSite News continued:

It’s essential that Canadians who oppose euthanasia answer the Liberal online survey despite its “very problematic” questions that presume support for euthanasia, Schadenberg told LifeSiteNews.

LifeSiteNews and Campaign Life Coalition, Canada’s largest pro-life, pro-family national political lobbying group, are likewise urging supporters to participate in the questionnaire.

“Silence is not golden in this case. Silence does not help us,” Schadenberg stressed. “Even if the question is awkward, it’s better to express your opposition to something than to be silent.”

Most importantly, participants can write 500-word comments after three sections, he said.

“At least it gives us an opportunity to say ‘I’m absolutely opposed to this,’” Schadenberg told LifeSiteNews. “It might be worth something. And then I have hope that there’ll be enough of a response that the government will say, ‘Hold on.’”

There’s now a questionnaire to answer problematic questions assuming support for government-sanctioned murder by physician.  Seriously?  What kind of moron would support government-sanctioned murder by physician?  Oh yeah, the lady that called into the David Webb show to champion “putting people to sleep” under strict government regulation.  This is what society in Canada and some places in the united States have come to – one has to voice opposition to government-sanctioned murder by physician or government assumes citizens support it.

Even if an overwhelming number of Canadian subjects oppose government-sanctioned murder by physician, don’t think King Trudeau, the IN-justice system of Canada, or brainwashed, government Kool-Aid sipping sycophants are going to change anything.

It doesn’t stop there either as LifeSite News reported:

The Liberal online consultation also asks about the 10-day minimum wait between requesting and receiving a medically assisted death, but the question is unclear and neglects to mention that the law allows a doctor or nurse practitioner to waive this period, Schadenberg said.

The consultation asks if the law should require both the medical practitioner and patient to agree that other reasonable treatment options have been tried without success; that psychological or psychiatric assessments be done to determine capacity to consent; and that in addition to the current mandatory two medical assessments, a consultation with an expert in a person’s medical condition be done.

Schadenberg has published released a guide to answering the current online consultation, which can be found here.

Canada legalized euthanasia in June 2016 at the direction of the Supreme Court, which in February 2015 struck down the Criminal Code prohibition against euthanasia as unconstitutional.

The fact that someone has to write out a guide to answering the online consultation is telling in and of itself.  But, the Supreme Court of Canada decided it was unconstitutional to prohibit government-sanctioned murder by physician.  So, if an individual has the “right” to determine when they die by suicide, where does that individual claim a “right” to force someone else to participate?   Why is this not even being discussed?   These individuals wanting to end their own life, but are too cowardly to do it alone, are using government to force physicians and nurses to use their skill that no one else has a “right” to receive to engage in murder.

What about the rights of the physician and nurse not to participate?  Well, they don’t have any.   A person’s decision to commit suicide and their perceived “right” or choice to do so do not trump anyone else’s “right” to not participate in murder.

But, here’s the kicker.  The problematic areas are emphasized.

Bill C-14 currently allows euthanasia for individuals 18 years of age or older who are capable of giving informed consent, make a voluntary request that does not result from external pressure, and have a grievous and irremediable medical condition.

The law defines a “grievous and irremediable medical condition” as a “serious and incurable illness, disease or disability” that results in the person being in “an advanced state of irreversible decline in capability” and enduring “physical or psychological suffering that is intolerable to the person and cannot be relieved in a manner that they consider acceptable.”

Bill C-14 also required that a person’s natural death be “reasonably foreseeable,” but Quebec Superior Court judge Christine Baudouin struck down that provision September 11, 2019, as well as the Quebec law’s “end of life” requirement.

Baudouin gave the federal and the Quebec governments six months to amend their legislation.

The Liberals reported in the online consultation that 6,700 Canadians have been killed by euthanasia or assisted suicide since Canada legalized the practice.

They also promised a “fuller” review of the euthanasia law this summer, as C-14 mandated that the government look into allowing euthanasia for children, or “mature minors,” for mental illness alone and allowing advance consent.

Courts have no force behind the decisions made.  Trudeau could have told the court to pound sand;  but, he didn’t.  It’s because this murdering of the population is UN Agenda 21/2030 approved.  Does anyone else see the problem with the wording of this immoral, fake law?

How does the murderous practitioner determine a “request” is voluntary and not a result of any external pressure?  Oh yeah, they ask;  and, certainly, everyone is going to be honest.  It isn’t difficult to see the problem with the rest of the criteria, if one is being honest with one’s self.  The most egregious portion of the bill being considered is the government-sanctioned murder by physician for children or “mature minors” for mental illness with advance consent.  Seriously?  This harkens back to the days of Nazi Germany when Hitler had the mentally ill of all ages murdered.  And, how does one determine mental illness since the psychiatric profession doesn’t consider homosexuality, transgenderism or other sexual deviance as a mental illness any longer?

Anyone in Canada who supports this is as bad as Hitler and Josef Mengele.  Yes, this writer went there and will defend that statement to the ground.  When these tyrants use politically acceptable terminology like “euthanasia”, “medically assisted suicide”, “medical aid in dying”, and/or “putting people to sleep” to describe the actual act of government-sanctioned murder by physician, these people know it’s wrong and use fancy, fluffy descriptions to make an abomination more palatable.

A friend who is Canadian had to be schooled on all of this.  At first, she supported this abominable pseudo-law until she had to defend how this is different than murder.  She came back that the government authorized it so it’s legal.  Her tune changed when she was reminded that government is not authorized to sanction murder by any means.  FYI, self-defense is not murder.  And, she had to be reminded that there is no “assistance” in suicide;  there is no “right” of another to force someone to use their skills.  It is always done at the threat of force by government.  Anytime government is involved, it is always a matter of force through penalties, fines, sanctions or the barrel of a gun.

Some time back a prediction was made that if murdering babies in the womb continued to stand in violation of the law – Courts cannot make law, the progressive murder of individuals would continue to include newborns, the elderly, and others government deemed appropriate to murder.  This is what is being seen in this government-sanctioned murder by physician false legislation.

Anyone who supports this start calling it what it is and stop using the fancy, fluffy, “make you feel better” government terminology.  It’s long overdue to stand up for life – life at any point from conception forward.  Unfortunately, there is no hope for Canada.  However, this abomination of government-sanctioned murder by physician can be quashed here in the united States.  Represent, people!

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