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Canadian Muslim Engages in Double Honor Killing: Stabs 2 Sisters to Death

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Published on: December 19, 2016

Sadly, when Muslims follow their beloved leader Muhammad and perpetrate the very doctrines that they have been taught, the media wants to provide cover for them saying that it has nothing to do with Islam. This is what happened in Canada when a Muslim man stabbed his two sisters to death on Friday. The police didn’t tie the crime to Islam. Rather, they labeled the alleged murderer as insane.

Haley Ritchie of Metro reports:

Ottawa Police Major Crimes unit has charged Musab A-Noor, 29, in the killing of his two sisters on Friday night.

Police were called to the 3200 block of McCarthy Road around 9 p.m. on Friday night in the city’s south end.

Inside the town home police found 32-year-old Asma A-Noor and 29-year-old Nasiba A-Noor dead from stab wounds.

A-Noor has been charged with first degree murder in the death of Asma and second degree murder in the death of Nasiba. Police have not yet determined a motive.

“I am in shock and disbelief,” wrote Ghazala Choudhary, principal of Tarbiyah Learning Centre where Nasiba taught, in a Facebook message. “She was a calm, patient and kind individual. I will cherish seeing her sweet smile and exchanging salaams with her every morning. Watching her teach was always so peaceful and I will never forget her compassion towards her students.”

“We need a lot more people like these two girls in this world and this is just so tragic to see them leave in this way,” said Imam Sikander Hashmi.

I Heart Radio Canada added, “More than 1,500 people gathered at the Jami Omar Mosque on Old Richmond Road Sunday to pay their respects to the women. Mourners remembered the two as kind, intelligent women who were frequently seen at the mosque and enjoyed learning about the Quran. The youngest sister, Nasiba, taught the Quran at the alternative islamic school next door to the mosque.”

“It’s painful. Two sisters in one family. It’s just something nobody was prepared to handle and we all feel for the family,” said one mourner.

Nasiba clearly loved Western culture as evidenced on her Instagram account. The myriad of pictures was a testimony to how she described herself in what she likes, “photography. coffee. books. spirituality. flowers. positive vibes. hiking. naturebound.”

She also taught the koran, though I’m guessing that key parts were probably left out. Both sisters were heavily involed in the Somali community in Ottawa.

This leaves us with Asma. Her brother is charged in first degree murder against her. Yet, all of the media’s stories have focused on Nasiba. I searched several articles and didn’t find any real details on what Asma was engaged in that would have led to her brother premeditating her murder.

However, Pamela Geller, a prolific writer and contributor, saw through the police department and media’s taqiyya and declared, “‘Mental illness’ sanctions Muslim men to execute women who are judged to be in violation of Islamic law. In every case of jihad and sharia violence, we are admonished and warned not to ‘rush to judgment,’ but law enforcement and media elites immediately rush to call it insanity.”

“The Ottawa Police pronounced the perpetrator insane at a press conference even as they lay criminal charges of murder?” she added. “Talk about undermining your own case. If the suspect is mentally ill, then he is not culpable, and criminal charges should not have been laid.”

“Once again, the old ‘mentally ill’ card is played right out of the gate as a Muslim slaughters two female members of his family,” Geller concluded. “What did they do that made him ‘mentally ill’? Did they expose their hair? Have non-Muslim boyfriends? Dishonour the family?”

I’m guessing that is exactly what this is all about.  Are we about to discover that a true Islamist, who holds to the Koran and its teachings, is now declared to be “mentally ill.” Imagine that.

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