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#CanISee Campaign Asks to View School Curriculum – They Aren’t Taking “No” for an Answer

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Published on: August 16, 2014

Currently there is a campaign called #CanISee being promoted by a few organizations including
Can I see the curriculum, the teacher instructions, videos, books, etc.? So, below is a list I developed, based on what I know is happening in my school district which, by the way, is touted as one of the best in the state. Parents can use this as a guideline when they go ask their child’s school the question “Can I see…?”

My school district, just like school districts all across America, is teaching these critical subjects based on the Common Core national standards. The math has been proven to put our children two years behind where they need to be to enter schools of higher education such as Georgia Tech. The Common Core English Language Arts is described by experts as having “empty skill sets” and requires discarding the classics of literature and replacing with “informational text.”


Reading instruction is primarily whole language rather than intensive phonics. Whole language depends on memorizing the picture of the word rather than helping a child learn how “decipher the code” with phonics.   As a result, many students enter middle school (6th grade) reading on a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade reading level as they are passed along without achieving the necessary reading skills for success.

Because many students would not do assigned reading homework, a policy was set that teachers could not require any reading outside the classroom. This includes reading of history, social studies, etc.

Library books in our schools are filled with sexually explicit language, anti-American, anti-Christian, and anti-family themes.   Library books in the high school library are written on an elementary school level.

Cursive writing instruction has been discarded as no longer necessary because “students do most of their writing on the computer anyway.”   Without the ability to read cursive, our children will not be able to read the original documents of our founding fathers including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and most importantly The Bill of Rights.  If we don’t know our rights, we don’t have any.


A review of the high school American history textbook revealed the revisionist history that folks have been complaining about for years. This book was described by a retired history teacher as the most anti-American book she had ever read. The revisionist history was not just in misinformation but a lack of information that led to an incorrect understanding of an event.   Even before Common Core came along, the Georgia Performance Standards required teaching that our nation is a democracy rather than a constitutional republic.

There is little study on the U.S. Constitution. What Constitution study there is in the American history textbook contains factual errors.   I asked several high school graduates to tell me what Article I, Section 8 enumerates. I got “deer in the headlights” from every one. Several were two to three years into their college studies.

The 7th grade social studies book contains a 12-page chapter on Islam with only positive messages.  I am told by parents who were on the adoption committee at that time that this was the least offensive textbook when choosing from the options approved by the state. Some textbooks had up to 72 pages of pro-Islam teaching. This chapter includes teaching the 5-pillars of Islam.  There is no mention in the book of Muslim terrorism or sharia laws that violate human rights especially for women, children, and homosexuals.  No similar chapter is taught on Christianity or the Ten Commandments.  What little mention Christianity is given is usually in a negative light.

Teaching unverifiable sciences in the textbooks, classroom videos, and with online learning on man-made global warming. Students as young as second grade are put in front of computer monitors learn the false science and are taught that their parents are “bad” because they drive fossil fuel vehicles. Our children are taught that evolution is scientific fact rather than theory.  Teaching Creationism has been completely discarded.

Teaching that homosexuality is “perfectly normal.”  Recently two parents reported that their eighth grade student (one has autism) was shown graphic images of homosexual sex acts in their middle school classroom.  These parents had no prior notice that their child would be exposed to this in the classroom so they certainly didn’t give their permission.  

What other sex-ed, health-ed, anti-bullying-ed courses are teaching our Christian children that there is no right or wrong in sexual behaviors?  In recent articles I wrote about the Positive Behavorial Intervention and Support program (PBIS), a federal program being implemented nationwide that includes anti-bullying instruction for teachers and students.  The anti-bullying legislation coming from the federal government makes it “hate speech” if a student expresses an opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Personal and confidential data which is personally identifiable is collected and input into the Longitudinal Data System that was part of the terms of agreement that the state tied our schools to when the Race to the Top grant application was filed.  This data is stored on a national server run by Google.

Our students participate in “nosey” surveys and assessments to collect this data as all federally funded programs mandate the schools do. Including the Positive Behavorial Intervention and Support program (PBIS). Parents are not informed when their student takes part in these surveys and assessments.

For decades, our schools have conducted safety drills to help our children and teachers prepare for what to do in in case of emergencies such as an oncoming tornado or fire. These are drills to protect our children from danger.   But, last spring, my local middle school participated in a terror/shooter drill during school for hours and STUDENTS played the part of dead and injured victims. Funded by President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security these drills are training for the local police department. Unlike drills to protect our children from harm, these drills prepare police officers for response AFTER our children have been killed or injured following a mass school shooting event.  These drills include loading the children into school buses and driving them to “undisclosed locations. Undisclosed even to parents. The first issue that comes to mind is why are we sending children to facilities where our local police and school administrators believe the likelihood of a shooting event is so high that the local police feel it important to train for response?  Secondly… parents, even if you don’t feel your children’s school is at risk for a Sandy Hook type incident, do you want your children trained to obey a stranger dressed in a uniform who orders them to get into a vehicle or bus without parental permission or knowledge?   

Parents… For your children’s sake, trust but verify.

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