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CDC Confirms Ebola in Dallas

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Published on: September 30, 2014

We have been reporting on Ebola for some time now and the considerations of an outbreak in the United States. Today, Ebola on American soil is a reality. The Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that one person in a Dallas, Texas hospital has been diagnosed with the first case of Ebola in the US.

CBS reports:

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Texas Department of State Health Services, Presbyterian Hospital and Dallas County Health and Human Services all participated in an afternoon press conference. CDC Director Thomas Frieden related the information that the individual who tested positive had traveled to Liberia. The person left Liberia on September 19 and arrived in the United States on September 20 with no virus symptoms. Frieden said it was four or five days later that the patient, who is believed to be male, began developing symptoms and was ultimately admitted to Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on Sunday, September 28.

“We received in our laboratory today specimens from the individual, tested them and they tested positive for Ebola. The State of Texas also operates a laboratory that found the same results,” Frieden said. After the confirmation statement Frieden went on to stress that the testing for Ebola is very accurate, saying that it’s a PCR test of blood.

Now that the virus is confirmed Frieden said the next steps are three-fold. “First, to care for the patient… to provide the most effective care possible, as safely as possible, to keep to an absolute minimum the likelihood or possibility that anyone would become infected. And second, to maximize the chances that the patient might recover.”

But what of those that may have come in contact with this patient?

First, consider that Frieden said that someone who is not symptomatic cannot pass on the disease. This would raise the obvious question of how a person in Dallas got the disease. Would they have known the person they contracted it from was symptomatic? I would assume so unless the CDC isn’t either being honest or simply doesn’t know.

We’ve provided several reports where Ebola has been said to be non-airborne and yet, others that declared it to be airborne. Then we have the case of the Hot Zone in Virginia a few years back, in which it is clear to anyone willing to open their eyes that Ebola is most definitely an airborne virus.

Reena Flores reported on how experts find and stop Ebola. Part of the process is obviously quarantine and then finding out who they came in contact with. However, if the claims that ebola is not airborne and not infectious when the person is not symptomatic, how does one trace all those people down?

Even funeral homes have been given guidelines on how to deal with the remains of Ebola victims.

However, what can make Ebola a pandemic is air travel and as yet, airports have absolutely no method for screening for Ebola.

Considering that we are in Fall and that Winter is approaching, one must consider that this is an opportune time for Ebola to spread.

However, while many would not want to make this political, one cannot escape the fact that this comes on top of the current administration’s lack of enforcement of immigration laws and doing so knowing that many of the illegals have been crossing our borders with diseases. Our border agents are telling us that we have not seen in years. All this has been happening under the watchful eye of the Obama administration….and don’t tell me it’s incompetence at work. No one can be that stupid!

But this isn’t just Barack Obama and his administration. Congress has failed to hold this criminal to the standard of the Constitution and impeach him for treason, high crimes or misdemeanors. They have done so for political reasons. As far as I’m concerned, any and all deaths from Ebola and other diseases that have been brought to the states, along with any deaths that are the results of Islamic jihadists are on the shoulders of every member of Congress, including those that you think are “good.” Not one of them has introduced one article of impeachment against Obama, who has allowed illegals with known diseases to not only enter the US, but to stay here and travel through various states unhindered.

For what you can do to prepare yourself and your family, check out Mac Slavo’s piece on Ebola preparedness.

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