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Centennial Initiative: Obama Issue an Executive Order to Force Public Lands to be more Inclusive

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Published on: May 5, 2016

In a stellar display of utter stupidity and keeping in line with the leftist liberal ideology garbage, a “coalition” has formed to urge Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah to issue an executive order concerning that nation’s “public lands.” The coalition believes the outdoor areas of America are not “inclusive” so many in America are “uncomfortable in the woods” and “can’t go hiking.” Their solution is for Hussein Soetoro to issue a “decree” to correct the discrimination public lands have committed against some in the population.

In their “initiative policy,” the Centennial Initiative group maintains that conservation of this nation’s public lands and waters, which include national forests, parks, monuments and wildlife refuges, should focus on three principles: 1) “every child will have the opportunity to discover his or her own history and heritage; 2) federal land agencies will demonstrate engagement that is respectful and inclusive of different cultures via outreach, stewardship, and interpretation; and, 3) a responsibility to actively engage all people.”

To do this, the group “requests” the Traitor-in-Dictatorship issue an executive order which would result in more taxpayer dollars spent by government and an increase in the size of government.

But, what everything is boiling down to is the notion that there are many issues that prevent people from visiting public lands, parks and waters, including geographic proximity, economic challenges, and cultural barriers. “On the cultural front, African-Americans have felt unwelcome and even fearful in federal parklands during our nation’s history because of the horrors of lynching, Jim Crow laws, and other forms of racial segregation.” Likewise, this group claims Asian Americans have been disenfranchised. The basis for the Asian American claims is the internment of Americans of Japanese descent on public lands by the Bureau of Reclamation during World War II. It gets better.

Hispanics are cited as being segregated from “their 500 year connection to rivers and lands within the united States,” which has not been widely recognized. Naturally, this “policy” points to, in their terms, “anti-immigration sentiment” that negatively impacts Latino access to public lands.

Only in the minds of liberals can land be considered to exhibit discrimination, exclusion and segregation.

University of Kentucky geology professor Carolyn Finney stated at the press conference in Washington, DC, “You’re sitting here making up a rule and assuming that everybody is going to feel comfortable to come to the woods and go on a hike. But everyone is not going to feel comfortable, everybody hasn’t always been welcome to do that. They don’t know – maybe they’re not interested in doing that, that’s not how they like to come to the woods. There’s all these kinds of questions that, for me, only get answered by building those relationships – making spaces for those other people to be in the room.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva, (D-AZ), proponent of this executive over-reach, stated, “Unfortunately, many families don’t have access to the parks. They don’t visit the parks and some don’t feel welcome. We need to bring those lands – those parks, all our public lands, to the American public.”

All of this is the equivalent of Michelle Obama claiming museums were exclusive and not welcoming to black people.

First of all, the federal government is prohibited from owning any land except that authorized by the Constitution in Article I, Section 8. Therefore, any land holdings outside those authorized are illegally held by the federal government and should be relinquished to the individual States. However, Rep. Grijalva cares not for the Constitution nor does anyone in this group or “groups” seeking to encourage executive over-reach in violation of the Constitution.

The same thing goes for Mark Masaoka of the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council who said, “So concretely we’re talking about, the president authorizing an action committee of ombudsmen which will oversee the multiagency implementation process. One, create a senior level position in the White House at CEQUA (Council on Environmental Quality) that will help oversee implementation of this from the White House.”

In other words, expand the federal government and use taxpayer dollars to fund it. At a time when more Americans are out of work than any other, these galactically stupid individuals suggest spending more instead of cutting back.

Masaoka stated, “Other specific things we are seeking are resources. Full-funding for the Historic Preservation Fund, the National Heritage Areas programs, and some of the specific programs for American Indians, Alaskan Natives and Hawaiians.”

It’s anyone’s guess as to what University of Kentucky geology professor Carolyn Finney tried to say. Plenty of people may not “feel comfortable” going to hike in the woods because of fear of snakes, bugs, spiders, wild animals, allergies to poison oak and ivy, and the like. It has nothing to do with “exclusion.” Building relationships is not going to get people into the woods or promote an interest in hiking. In fact, some people would not enter the woods unless you carved roads so they could golf cart through since some people refuse to exert themselves. Even then, some people are just “concrete jungle” dwellers and competing with all other “concrete jungle” dwellers is about as much of the “call to nature” they can handle. Individuals with limited mobility are certainly hampered in regards to hiking or tromping through the brush. Someone forgot to tell the woods and the land they cannot violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

To all these galactically stupid, mentally impaired liberals:

Get a grip on reality. Land is an inanimate object and has not the ability to discriminate, segregate, or exclude anyone. If individuals want to go to a park, wildlife refuge, monument or waterway, they will do so if they have the means. In case you haven’t realized it, people from the East Coast can’t go to Yellowstone every weekend to see Old Faithful and commune with the grizzlies. Nor can many get to Arches National Park located in Utah from many areas around the nation. At a time when every penny Americans earn is going to pay taxes and living expenses, very little is left to leisurely travel to national parks. Let us not forget the millions of Americans who are unemployed and those living off the public dole. There is nothing that can be done about “geographic location” of many of these places. And, much of the public is prevented from entering “national forests” thanks to the government.

Quit living in the past. No black American has anything to fear in any parkland these days. No one is going to lynch anyone. Jim Crow laws are long past gone and if any “racial segregation” is present today, it is because it is what people choose. It’s called freedom of association and a God-given right. The internment of Americans of Japanese descent occurred over 70 years ago and does not constitute all Americans from Asian descent. It’s past time to get out of the “victim” mindset. There is not one American in this day and age that cannot claim “victim” status over some incident occurring from the past or present in regards to actions by government. Instead of telling those who want to be a “special snowflake” that it would produce inequality under the law, as has been seen in previous movements, someone in government always stands up to support a stance steamed in unconstitutionality, as well as promote and recommend the federal government spend money on items, organizations and programs outside its enumerated powers.

As far as Hispanics being “segregated from their 500 year connection to rivers and lands within the united States,” you, Rep. Grijalva, need to go back and look at history. These “disconnected” Hispanics need to go back and talk to Mexico and Spain for creating that issue since they relinquished the lands to the united States in the first place. The question that must be asked is who did Mexico and Spain “conquer” to get those lands? Who did they “disconnect?”

Did you forget, Rep. Grijalva, Texas fought Mexico for their independence and won before the territory entered the union? Have Hispanics forgotten than Mexico invaded Texas after its admission to the union resulting in the war in which the entire nation of Mexico was conquered by the united States; but, the land was given back to the people of that nation? The land this nation obtained from other nations, Spain, France, etc., was done by purchase from those nations. Before the united States came into existence, nations conquered other nations to gain resources – land, labor, minerals, gold and silver. It was an accepted practice, especially 500 years ago. Go talk to those governments about the 500 year disconnect and segregation. Let us know how far you get.

Quit fanning the flames of the fire of racism refueled by the Traitor-in-Dictatorship. It shows how like bread dough all of you truly are – mushy, brainless, without solid form and molded into whatever shape Obama wants. The lot of you are useful idiots.

Plenty of Americans would love to visit all the national parks in America, but cannot afford to do so. Maybe you should consider moving Yellowstone around the nation so all may visit. That makes as much sense as the land being discriminatory, encouraging segregation and being unwelcoming to minorities, which is in essence what is being said. However, many intelligent Americans will see this for what it is – another way to fleece the American public, grow government, incite division among the people, gut the Constitution even further, and marginalize white Americans. Since there is Obamacare and Obamaphones, there might as well be Obama tents, Obama vacations and Obama nature. After all, it’s not your money you are spending.

While this is about the money, it is also about recognizing more and more “groups” in this nation as having “special” status or “preferred” status when it comes to the law. When Hispanics stand on the sidewalk and protest holding the Mexican flag or any other flag from a country in Central or South America, these individuals are not victims and it garners no sympathy whatsoever. In fact, those individuals love Mexico and their countries of origin so much they need to march their little backsides right back over the border to go home. They are not American nor will they ever be American. These individuals would be termed “insurgents” or insurrectionists in days gone by – trying to mold this nation’s government into something similar to their country of origin instead of abiding by the Constitution and the constitutional laws this country has passed.

Yes, there is anti-immigration sentiment in this nation – it’s more aptly known as “anti-illegal” immigration sentiment. These illegal alien invaders have zero right to march in here and demand things be changed to suit their purpose and agenda. They have violated the law and receive a “get out of jail free card,” a wide open door to social programs funded by tax-payer dollars, and have the audacity to complain and try to garner “victim” status. Puhleeze! They can go back where they came from and take the donkey they rode to get here. If they would like to enter this nation, do it according to US immigration law, genuinely desire to assimilate and become a citizen of this nation, and show some respect for our laws and founding principles by abiding by our laws and embracing freedom. Until such time as that is done, these illegal alien invaders can kiss my grits. No sympathy will be doled out for lawbreakers who intend on engaging in insurrection aided by members of Congress such as you, Rep. Grijalva.

For all you galactically stupid liberals, Rep. Grijalva and Mark Masaoka, if people want to go to the national parks, wildlife refuges, monuments, and waterways, they will go. If they don’t want to go, they won’t. It’s a choice for the individual and the individual families of this nation. No one, nothing and certainly not the land is preventing them from doing so. Maybe they don’t like camping or roughing it without the creature comforts of facilities. Personally, you wouldn’t catch me tent camping and such. I got over using the bathroom in the woods when I was ten.

Perhaps, some of these people don’t like communing with nature and nature’s wild kingdom. Not everyone thinks getting a true “bear hug” or being confronted by a moose is an enjoyable commune with nature. Some individuals cringe at the thought of “walking in the woods” or “hiking on the trails.” Maybe they like watching nature from the security of an air-conditioned vehicle or from a deck on the back of a log cabin inn. That is, if they can afford to make the trip. Lack of discretionary income is more than likely the reason, along with personal choice.

If there is some unknown phobia to national parks, wildlife refuges, monuments and waterways, it has absolutely nothing to do with discrimination, being “exclusive,” or feeling unwelcome. It certainly is not due to any uniform a park service employee wears. If Americans are not visiting these places, it is due to choice and/or economic reasons. If individuals from other nations that reside in the united States are not visiting these places either while claiming “victim” status because “national parks, wildlife refuges, monuments and waterways are discriminatory,” these people are using this issue as a cover to gain “special snowflake” status or they are several sandwiches shy of a picnic. But, if you galactically stupid want to continue to ride the horse you’re on, ride it right on up to the White House and speak to the Traitor-in-Dictatorship about it. It was he, after all, who closed many of these places to “exclude” those who wanted to visit them in an action of petty retaliation during a government sequester/shut down, which was anything but a shut down. He felt it was appropriate to “exclude” individuals from these places when it suited the government; especially when it was veterans of the World Wars and their families who traveled extensive distances to see those monuments. Rep. Grijalva, you should remember this as you probably supported his lost pacifier, diaper full tantrum.

The suggestion that I have for you, Rep. Grijalva, and you Mr. Masaoka, is to take off your diapers, put on your big boy pants, and try to act like men instead of Twinkies without filling or raw bread dough. Professor Finney, you need to stick to teaching geology since your head is apparently full of “crystals,” not rocks and leave invented social issues alone. All of you need to go back and read the Constitution. Willful ignorance is one thing, but, blatantly calling for violations and supporting such is lawlessness.

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