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The CFR has Paved the Way to the US becoming a Non-Country

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Published on: December 28, 2015

Some Americans are extremely concerned about the veritable invasion of illegal aliens through the U.S. Southern border. A recent opinion survey showed that more than 90 percent of Americans see the current influx of illegal immigration as a key problem.[1] One of the reason why Donald Trump dramatically increased his popularity among potential voters is because he is the only one of the candidates for the U.S. presidency that has raised the issue of illegal immigration. 

Nevertheless, a close analysis of the current invasion of illegal aliens shows that it has nothing to do with immigration. Actually, what we are experiencing is not an immigration problem. Like the growing unemployment, a rising public debt, deindustrialization, jobs outsourcing and a disappearing middle class, illegal immigration is not a problem, but just a symptom of a deeper problem. It is the result of the implementation by illicit means of the North American Union as a first step to the creation of the American Union. According to the globalist conspirators’ plan, the American Union, together with the European Union and the Asian Union would conform the global communo-fascist totalitarian government they have in mind: the New Gay World Order.

Like most disastrous policies affecting this country, the North American Union was fully a plan concocted by the globalist conspirators at the CFR. According to the globalists’ plan, the North American Union, an economic and political union of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, was the first step for the creation of the American Union, extending from Alaska to the Patagonia, with a single CFR-controlled government and a common currency: the Amero.

The final step of the plan was to have the world divided into three main political-economic areas: the American, the European and the Asian Unions, and perhaps leaving out of the system two countries, Russia and China to have them engaged in perpetual wars to have a pretext for keeping the people scared under the danger of an external threat — not too different from the totalitarian world nightmare described by George Orwell in his novel 1984.

An early step for the creation of the American Union was the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)[2] According to some supporters, a cardinal step in the implementation of NAFTA was the elimination of borders between the U.S., Canada and Mexico.[3] 

While serving as a policy adviser to the presidential campaign of Vicente Fox during the 2000 general election in Mexico, Jorge Castañeda,[4] influenced by CFR stooge Robert Pastor’s ideas on deepening integration of NAFTA, encouraged Fox to include policies on integration as part of his campaign.[5] Before and after the election Fox made appearances on several U.S. news programs advocating greater integration including a plan to open up the U.S.-Mexico border within ten years.[6] Some in the United States, such as CFR member Robert L. Bartley, saw this proposal for open borders as a call for or inevitable step towards a “North American Union” and received it with a mixture of praise and criticism,[7] with critics like Pat Buchanan suggesting it would mean an end to U.S. sovereignty.[8] 

In his book Revolution of Hope, Mexican President and CFR stooge Vicente Fox mentioned his efforts to create a North American Union as soon as possible.[9] He also mentioned a plan he proposed to U.S. President George W. Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien that he said would move the North American continent toward an European Union-like economic union. 

Big Mistake. As expected, Fox’s open proposal of adopting a CFR secret plan was quickly rejected by President Bush. Fox later alleged Bush wanted him to “stop raising hackles” by talking about a North American Union.[10] Fox apparently ignored the general rule that secret machinations are supposed to be kept secret.

Later, amid a push for greater integration and concerns about the impact of heightened security on trade relations following the alleged terrorist attacks on September 11 2001, an effort was organized in 2003 by the Council on Foreign Relations and the CFR-controlled Canadian Council of Chief Executive and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales with the creation of the Independent Task Force on North America. Several weeks before a meeting of North American leaders on March 23, 2005 the Task Force issued a press release and a statement from the Task Force’s chairmen calling for deeper integration of NAFTA to form a North American Economic and Security Community by 2010.[11] 

Two months later at the March 2005 meeting of North American leaders the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (a fancy, disinformational name for the North American Union) was created. The treasonous leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States described it as a “dialogue to provide greater cooperation on security and economic issues.”[12] Nowhere was mentioned that the script for the dialogue had been written at the CFR.

In 2005, despite all the secrecy surrounding these high-level meetings and negotiations, some critics maintained that a ‘North American Union” was not only being planned, but was being secretly and illegally implemented by the governments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. These critics cited as proof the formation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and claimed it was an attempt to dramatically alter the economic and political status quo between the countries outside of the scrutiny of the respective national legislatures, a critique heightened by the subsequent publication of the Independent Task Force on North America report which praised the SPP initiative and called for greater economic integration by 2010. As expected, those fears were soon labeled “conspiracy theories.”[13] 

Nevertheless, despite all efforts by the CFR-controlled mainstream media to paint the North American Union critics as conspiracy theorists, the claim that the true aim of NAFTA was to expand it into a North American Union analogous to the European Union (EU), with open borders and a common currency among other features became an issue. By the fall of 2006, conservative commentators Phyllis Schlafly, Jerome Corsi and Howard Phillips started a website dedicated to fight what they saw as the coming of a North American “Socialist mega-state.”[14]

The fight against the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership became so extended that the CFR conspirators had to put a disclaimer on the Initiative’s site clarifying the SPP was not a legal agreement, that the initiative “does not seek to rewrite or renegotiate NAFTA”, and that the partnership itself “creates no NAFTA-plus legal status.” Nevertheless, despite the disclaimer, a number of academics and government officials at the time viewed the SPP as what it really was, a move toward a North American Union.[15] 

The straw that broke the camel’s back happened in 2002 when then Texas Governor Rick Perry, perhaps in an attempt to gain points with the CFR conspirators, let the cat out of the bag by proposing the creation of a Trans-Texas Corridor, a highway as wide as several football fields that would cut across Texas to link Mexico, the United States and Canada. According to Ron Paul, “The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union—complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the Union.”[16] 

The public’s reaction against the idea was so loud and angry that the CFR globalist conspirators changed their tune and practically stopped mentioning the North American Union. Nonetheless, the recent tsunami of Mexicans illegally entering the US shows that the project was not forgotten: they just changed the ways to implement it behind the backs of the American people.

One of the main characteristics of the North American Union was the elimination of borders between the participating countries. This is the true reason why the CFR-controlled puppets in the U.S. government have looked the other way and allowed the recent invasion of illegal aliens. Faced with the fact that they could not eliminate the borders de jure, the CFR conspirators have eliminated them de facto.

A country is a sovereign nation, with its own government and laws, occupying a particular territory limited by borders defended by its military. If we accept this definition, we need to conclude that the U.S. is rapidly becoming a non-country. U.S. sovereignty has been eroded to the point that it barely exists. Our government is fully under the control of a small cabal of globalist conspirators whose ultimate goal is destroying it and creating a communo-fascist, totalitarian world government under their control. The U.S. military, very efficient in defending the globalist’s interests abroad, has failed to defend our borders that, for all practical purposes, do not exist anymore.

Have we lost our country? Unfortunately, it seems we have.

My only hope is that, from the ashes of the present non-country, very soon American patriots will create a new country similar to the one our Founding Fathers had in mind when they created America.


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