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Charging Black Officers in Black Man’s Death is Racist

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Published on: January 28, 2023

No matter what happens, it’s racist.

The first rule of America is that everything is racist. If you’re confused about this rule, you’re racist. If the sun rises in the morning, it’s racist. If it doesn’t rise in the morning, it’s also racist. If the earth turns out to be flat, it’s racist.

If a black man dies in police custody and nothing happens to the officers, it’s racist. If a black man dies in a confrontation with black police officers and they’re put on trial, it’s racist.

In response to the Memphis arrests and murder charges (which seem to be disproportionate) in the death of Tyre Nichols, Philadelphia’s finest racist onionskin offers these deep thoughts from a columnist.

Five Memphis, Tenn., police officers were fired 10 days after civil rights activists say they brutalized a young Black motorist named Tyre Nichols earlier this month when he tried to run away from a car stop…

The swift firings were met with rumblings from academics who said that the pendulum was finally swinging toward justice — that the decisive discipline in this case would soon become the model for handling such things. For a moment, I was hopeful that the academics were right, but then I saw pictures of the officers in question. All five of them are black, and when it comes to the calculus of punishment, blackness matters.

The blackness of these officers helped me make sense of the conspicuous silence of the police unions who so readily defend the indefensible in other brutality cases. Their blackness also allowed me to better understand why politicians in Memphis condemned the officers for a beating that Nichols’ family attorneys Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci described as “violent” and “savage” after reviewing video evidence.

If the five officers hadn’t been arrested and put on trial, it would be racist. Now that they are, it’s also racist.

One significant factor in the Tyre Nichols case is that he doesn’t seem to have had a prior criminal record. He also seems to have been on the underweight side and there were quite a few officers. That’s pretty different than the Michael Brown case. That said, charging the officers with murder seems like the kind of racial overreaction fed by BLM riots and runaway white guilt. Since quite a few of the officers on police forces are actually members of minority groups, the leftist anti-police hysteria was bound to affect them.

Memphis’ police chief is a black woman. The current president of the Memphis Police Association, Lt. Essica Cage, is also a black woman. She issued the official union statement, “The citizens of Memphis, and more importantly, the family of Mr. Nichols deserve to know the complete account of the events leading up to his death and what may have contributed to it.”

Is she a racist?

The obsessive need to see racism everywhere is conspiratorial thinking. And, like all conspiratorial thinking, the Philly Inquirer columnist explains a discrepancy in his racialized worldview, the seemingly impossible prosecution of police officers under the shadow of systemic racism, by once again resorting to racism.

Except that it was politicians caving to BLM that led to police prosecutions. Some, like the Baltimore failed Freddie Gray lynching targeted minority law enforcement personnel, most however came after white officers. The Derek Chauvin trial was little more than a kangaroo court in which anyone testifying on his behalf, including expert witnesses, faced immediate consequences in something straight out of the USSR.

This was never about race, it was about crime. But making it about race is a convenient distraction and a way for the Left to mobilize for the next wave of political and cultural violence against America.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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