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Cheap Shots, Russian Hackers, and Fake News

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Published on: December 1, 2016

At the risk of waxing redundant, I would like to suggest that all of my fellow citizens who put time, effort and sundry mental and emotional energies into preventing a Hillary Clinton presidency take note of some of the recent top news stories in the context of November’s general election. This is in part because these factors drive home the character of the political left; they also illustrate the footing upon which the American left has found themselves (or believe they have found themselves) since the election. The latter can be used as a tactical advantage, so to speak, for our side moving forward.

In my Nov. 16 column, I covered the mental indolence and emotional dysfunction attendant to the left’s reaction to the election of Donald Trump to the office of president. In my column of Nov. 23, I warned that we ought not be surprised at anything our political adversaries do strategically (such as their strategy is) in reaction to that outcome between now and January.

In one instance, I suggested that the rash of cop killings we’d seen in the weeks following the election might be in direct response to the election, whether these were the work of disgruntled lone wolves or the subtle handiwork of shadowy organizers (perhaps even community organizers) seeking to flex their muscle even as they were being escorted from the ring, beaten and bloodied.

How interesting it is, then, that on the heels of my cautionary words, we are now being advised that there was a “massive surge” in the number of illegal border crossings in the months leading up to the November election, with 46,195 illegal aliens apprehended along the our border with Mexico in October alone, rivaling June 2014 – the period when 57,862 were apprehended during the infamous Unaccompanied Alien Children tsunami. As WND readers know, the latter was handily orchestrated by the Obama administration, although they and the press characterized it as spontaneous. Please note that the October 2016 figure represents apprehended illegal border crossers only; we obviously have no data on those who successfully got through, or who among them might present a clear and present danger to our national security.

Then, we have the feeble but very high-profile efforts on the part of Hillary Clinton supporters who contend that Trump’s election was not legitimate. The suggestion that the election was compromised to favor Trump by Russian hackers operating out of the basement of the Kremlin is a patently embarrassing one, but it obviously has not been discredited by the establishment press. Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential nominee, who is in all likelihood acting as a surrogate for the Clinton campaign as to avoid making them appear sore losers, is spearheading the effort to force election recounts in Wisconsin and other states. While it is unlikely that Stein and her compatriots actually believe their labors will result in a different outcome, engendering widespread ambivalence and resentment would probably be sufficient for them given the manner in which the left operates.

The new “fake news” boogeyman is another creation of these embattled losers. In capitalizing on an obscure blog and running with the theme, the left is hoping to encourage mainstream news consumers that it is only left-anointed, ideologically kindred news sources that can be trusted to inform them of “The Truth.” Widely discrediting the alternative media sources, blogs and social media outlets from which increasing numbers of Americans are now getting their news could, in theory, accomplish this.

A desperate ploy to be sure, but consider with whom we’re dealing and the fact that they are quite off balance right now.

Lastly, reaction to the passing of Cuba’s communist dictator Fidel Castro has been a great litmus test for those who are wholly in the tank for socialism. In my view, anyone who believes that this man was anything other than a thug and serial murderer should be on a watch list of dangerous American subversives. Characterizing Castro as a “great revolutionary leader” not only reveals such individuals as, well, dangerous subversives, but is a slap in the face to all who have sacrificed, fought and died in the struggle against communism. The left has been lionizing and propagandizing Castro for decades, so it stands to reason that they would wish to use his death to enhance their brand in the face of the populist backlash against socialism in America and other Western nations.

If we are going to continue dialing back the progress the left has made over the last hundred years, we have far more work to do than electing a president who has the potential to be transformational (even if his bona fides do not pass conservatives’ muster). If those Americans who voted for Trump wish to be effective in regaining that which they have lost and in preserving their liberties and mundane comforts in the long term, then they must be made viscerally aware that this is one in the same with stultifying the momentum of the political left once and for all.

Article reposted with permission from Erik Rush

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