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Cheap Talkers

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Published on: January 31, 2015

This past week, Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the GOP’s Iowa three-ring circus. Two months after the last election and two years before the next one, Politics Inc. seeks to keep Americans distracted and overwhelmed by the D.C. whirl and din.

But its tactic won’t work. Congress’ 10% approval rating and the dying mainstream media are signs that productive America has decided to simply tune out politicians and the mainstream media.

I’m a decade older than Ted Cruz and far to the right of him, as regards the Constitution. I agree with what he told the Iowa crowd, that “(i)n a Republican primary, every candidate is going to (claim to be) the most conservative guy who ever lived, (but) You know what? Talk is cheap.”

It sure is.

Last Monday at the Alamo, I publicly challenged Senator Cruz to come home to San Antonio before February 19 to sign a statement that he will co-sponsor the 20 reform laws that AmericaAgain! plans to force through Congress.

We The People intend to force these laws through, offering the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ as the alternative if they refuse to stop violating the Constitution.

Restoring Rule of Law

These are long overdue reforms, such as restoring lawful U.S. money as stipulated in our Constitution.

Such as ending the military-banking-oil empire that liberals and conservatives agree has transmogrified America into a plundering monster that flies in the face of our founders.

Such as limiting Congress to two terms and cutting off their opulent benefits, immediately and retroactively.

Our first reform will bring Congress home to work from their district offices and finally enact the plan that Congress voted for in 1789, which was to have been our First Amendment. It stipulates that no U.S. representative shall represent more than 50,000 citizens.

It makes perfect sense, for these people obviously cannot be trusted. Witness the power they arbitrarily granted themselves in the Reapportionment Act of 1929. Why did my grandparents’ generation allow it?

Constitutionally and technologically, there is nothing standing in the way of We The People bringing Congress home to work in a teleconferencing environment, each member having only one office and maximum of three staff.

By making U.S. House districts much smaller as the founders agreed in 1789, we turn on its ear the divide-and-conquer scam run by billionaires, industry, and lobbyists who presently own Congress.

The average congressman today stands as a princeling over 700,000 citizens, referring to us – his or her employers – as ‘my constituents’. Consuming $11 million annually on each member’s operations and staff, the hubris and opulence of Congress is staggering.

Consider the sheer waste; some of them have as many as eight offices yet can only be in one place at a time. Thus, the vast majority of staffers live as mice while the cat’s away. But ironically, that’s exactly what our servants in Congress do to us, their sovereigns.

Congress’ IRS operation skims America’s payroll accounts for $5.9 billion a year to pay for their lifestyles, but we are nowhere near our servants’ workplace all year long. They look down their royal noses and invite us to make an appointment to kiss the royal ring in D.C., if their staff can squeeze us in.

This Medieval-style lunacy hangs around the necks of productive Americans like an albatross. We’re not going to take it anymore.

With this single reform law we save $2.5 billion annually, yet increase our representation in the U.S. House to 4,686 members; one per 50,000 citizens. They will work near us so that we can properly superintend them. Small districts will mean the end of multimillion-dollar campaigns, too.

Another of our reform laws will repeal the 17th Amendment, passed in 1913 when so much lawless mischief was foisted on us by D.C. organized crime. That amendment gutted the founding fathers’ design for the Senate, which was to represent the sovereign States while the U.S. House represented the sovereign citizens. It’s preposterous to think any senator can represent millions of sovereigns whom (s)he cannot possibly ever meet. A senator will represent his or her state legislature, when we repeal that preposterous amendment. And they will have only one office, located near their statehouse.

Our Turn to Divide and Conquer

The protestors outside the convention hall yesterday showed more true American spirit than any of the speakers inside. The protestors see through the fascist veil pulled over our eyes by the FED cartel, the bankers, the military industry, oil industry, pharmaceuticals, tech industry and dozens more.

Talk is cheap, Senator Cruz says. Indeed; and since his wife is a career banker at Goldman-Sachs, we’ll wait to see if his walk matches his talk. I’ve never met the fellow and I certainly have nothing personal against the senator. But I love my country, and America is in a death-struggle…us versus them. We The People are now awake, and in no mood to take prisoners.

So now We The People offer political cover to those in Congress who will leave D.C. organized crime. Rolling out our Good Guys campaign across the republic, AmericaAgain! began with events in five cities from New York City to San Diego last week.

We publicly challenged Senator Cruz to come home before February 19 to sign the public statement acknowledging that Congress has been violating America’s highest law, and that he will co-sponsor our 20 reform laws. We will publicize his response, or expose his cheap talk without action.

AmericaAgain! Good Guys events will be held every month this year on the last Saturday of the month, until we have called out all 535 members of Congress to publicly repudiate D.C. corruption and co-sponsor our reform laws.

We The People have had our fill of politics and media fraud. The die-hard donkey and elephant base might listen to more politicians’ words, but most Americans will not. The never-ending warfare state that Sean Hannity and Hugh Hewitt push on their listeners every day, is growing threadbare.

Christ is Truth and the Constitution is law. The war industry is an execrable, un-American lie, as millions of courageous veterans will attest. We The People are determined now to beat our domestic enemy, the eternal warfare state and the eternal election cycle.

Most Americans – the productive among us – agree that Washington D.C. is a disgrace to the founders. Puppets of the FED cartel, Big Oil and Big War are black marks on our history. But if Germans could repudiate Nazism, we can repudiate our past and present inhumanity.

Party machines and mainstream media will not distract us until November 2016 when the perverted, pasty-faced Clintons rise from the grave for a WWF match against the GOP machine’s chosen puppet.

AmericaAgain! is We The People from the Occupy Wall Street ‘left’ to the TEA Party ‘right’, to the Ron Paul Revolution Libertarian wing, standing in historic transition from politics to popular sovereignty, against D.C. organized crime. We may disagree vehemently on social issues, but we agree on the Constitution. We agree on wanting Washington D.C. out of our emails and phone calls, out of our payroll checks and insurance policies, and out of our lives.

The OWS and TEA Party movements both have excellent points, but hating one another and talking past one another has only helped DC organized crime. Our parents’ and grandparents’ stupidity is now five generations old; we’re tired of canceling one another out. The lawyers and politicians always win.

We now end our futile street-mob actions; that is no way to exercise responsible popular sovereignty. That is all a citizen can do in England, France, China, or Russia, perhaps; but We The People of these United States of America have the constitutional power and duty to do much more. And we intend to.

Talk is Cheap, Talkers are Rich

The fraudulent media thrives on bloodshed and endless crises. By ‘fraudulent media’ I include Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Jones, Hewitt, Savage, Prager, Medved, Levin and their entire snake-oil industry, gorging itself on America’s anger and fear rather than leading practical action. Except for Mike Church on Sirius/XM Radio, the shameless talkers know that real solutions will only end their advertising gravy trains. The majority of America’s local radio stations now subsist entirely on this circus show.

But even if they wanted to, entertainers cannot restore America. That is the duty of We The People. Though they crow from the top of the barn, no politician will ever make the sun rise again in America. Only God can do that, and until We The People repent and take up our duty, darkness will only increase.

Another Gutenberg Moment

Party politics is a dinosaur; the Internet is changing the game for every population on earth, but only in America do we have the Constitution and national character to capitalize on the exciting future.

Productive Americans are weary, discouraged, and without hope. They sense that D.C. organized crime will never let us rest, that Marxism is winning, and that we are not America anymore.

In one sense they are right; we fell for the original lie from the Garden of Eden. That happened in Lincoln’s era, when we left our first love. We’ve paid the price in national blindness ever since. Now it’s time to repent and get to work. Millions of Americans are doing that, who pledge no allegiance to a political party.

Senator Cruz is a stem-winder speaker who can host a conservative talk show if he wanted to. He is the intellectual version of old Huckabee or the senate version of Congressman Trey Gowdy; great speech makers, these brothers.

But you know what? Talk is cheap. We The People are now awake – and we’re playing offense.

We have a short-term tactical plan and a long-term strategic mechanism to take our republic back and keep it. In 2015, AmericaAgain! is coming to recruit all 535 members of Congress as Good Guys, or to expose them on the pages of history. We’re finished with talkers, after five generations wandering in the desert of electoral politics and 30 years of talk radio jabber.

As in Medieval Europe after the invention of the printing press, a tectonic shift has been taking place in the world since the Information Age dawned. Member of Congress, you may not fear The People today, but I’ll wager that very soon – sitting in a prison, perhaps – you shall.

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