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Chicago: 27-Year-Old Doctor Dead 3 Months After Experimental COVID Injection Raising Long-term Safety Concerns

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Published on: April 12, 2021

This is one of the chief questions that has been raised in former President Donald Trump’s political move to advance Operation Warp Speed and push out an untested, unsafe and ineffective injection to the public to save political face concerning the propaganda that was pushed by the mainstream media concerning COVID-19.  All previous testing on animals for coronavirus vaccines ended with the animals becoming sick and dying and today, we are told, with absolutely zero evidence, that these injections are safe and effective.  Nothing could be further from the truth and to make matters worse, everyone taking the injections are the experiment.  Now, a 27-year-old Chicago doctor is dead inside of 3 months following his experimental jab.

The COVID Blog reports:

Dr. Joshimar Henry was a resident doctor in the PGY1 program (pharmacy) at Humboldt Park Health in Chicago, according to his Facebook page. He was among the first Chicago residents to get the first dose of Pfizer’s experimental mRNA shot on December 15, 2020. The surreal, creepy video of the event features a presenter calling the shot recipients “the lucky ones,” followed by rounds of applause after each shot.

Dr. Henry received his second shot on January 6.

He said in a Facebook post that he understands people’s hesitancy. But he made his decision after “some research.”

Details are scant from that point. But judging from his Facebook timeline, life was fine. He was a big-time soccer fan and involved with social justice issues. In fact he posted a video clip from Chicago Southside Pick-Up Soccer on April 2. He was dead on April 3.

Reaction and aftermath

Dr. Henry was originally from the east Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. He earned his medical degree from Spartan Health Sciences University in Saint Lucia. His father was Joachim Henry, a Saint Lucia politician. Heather Morales, also a doctor, was his wife.

All of the foregoing is important because healthy, young, happy men don’t just drop dead. Maybe 1 in 50,000 sudden cardiac deaths per year are people under age 35, according to the Mayo Clinic. Strokes, another sudden cause of death, are extremely rare for people under 40, let alone 30.

CREDIT: American Heart Association

Mortality rates positively correlate with body mass. You’re essentially immune from COVID-19 death and hospitalization if you’re under age 40 and a healthy weight. The CDC even admitted that nearly 80% of all COVID-19 hospitalizations were overweight and obese people.

Dr. Henry was not obese or overweight. The young man was trucking along fine, living what appears to be a good life. The one indisputable fact is that he received two experimental mRNA shots three months prior to his death. GoFundMe page is collecting funds in his memory.

While I am sorry to hear of Dr. Henry’s untimely death and do offer condolences to his wife, the fact that medical professionals are treating an untested, unproven, unknown and unsafe mRNA injection so lightly when the warnings of deaths and adverse effects are so readily available lends me to not pity them as much as others.

The best way to stop COVID-19 is not with a mask nor a shot, but by turning off your televisions, shutting down talking heads that promote it, stop reading articles that advance it, and stop tuning into radio that issues the propaganda.

As far as I can tell, there are zero benefits to any of the experimental COVID injections, but one thing is for sure, there are a number of cons (no pun intended) to getting them, namely death and adverse effects.

As Health Impact News adds:

We are now entering into the 3rd and 4th month for some people who are fully “vaccinated” against COVID-19, and so far there are no recorded benefits to the shots, only reports of deaths, injuries, and reports of fully vaccinated people still contracting COVID.

This past weekend Anthony Fauci stated publicly that fully vaccinated individuals still cannot eat and drink with others indoors, because “cases are still high.”

And today, the Epoch Times is reporting that a new study out of Israel found that a South African variant of the COVID-19 virus affects people vaccinated with the Pfizer shot more than unvaccinated people.

This goes along with what we have previously reported that fully vaccinated people are contracting COVID-19 now in what the corporate media is calling “breakthrough cases.”

Last week, in Michigan alone, 246 “fully vaccinated” individuals caught COVID-19, and three of them died.

So where are the benefits to these COVID-19 experimental injections?

It appears there are none, only risks of injury and death, and Dr. Henry’s death a full 3 months following the injections could spell doom for many fully vaccinated Americans, something that dissenting doctors and scientists have been saying all along could happen.

A wise person would heed the warnings about these injections and simply resist taking them for any reason at all.

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