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Chicago Pastor Tries Everything to Stop the Killing – Everything but the Right Thing

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Published on: July 19, 2015

It may come off as insensitive.  It may seem crass.  But I think that at this stage, we need to be blunt.  There are way too many lives at stake.  Men, women and children are dying at an increasing rate.  Shootings in Chicago have reached an unreal proportion, and one priest is seeking to bring it to an end.

Fox reports

Father Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina on Chicago’s South Side, is trying something new; pressuring the municipalities where he says the illegal guns originate.

He and several co-plaintiffs are now suing the Villages of Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood. Each town is home to a gun store that Pfleger claims is lax with oversight for gun purchases.

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Now this might seem a little strange, but there is some logic to what Father Pfleger is doing.  He is not just seeking to hit people in the pocket.  He does not want to profit from this situation.  He seems to seriously want to change things in his city.  But is suing a town or community going to effect the killing?  Some do not think it will.

Fox continues:

The lawsuit argues that a disproportionate number of crime guns originate from the targeted villages.

However, the heart of the issue is gang violence. And the ATF says gang guns don’t necessarily come from the gun shops in Riverdale, Lyons and Lincolnwood.

“The largest percentage of crime guns used by gang members are coming from Indiana,” Special Agent Thomas Ahern said.

It is doubtful that this lawsuit will get anywhere in court.  The reason is that there is little if any correlation between the killing and the sale of guns in these communities.

Fox continues:

The Village of Lyons – the only one of the municipalities that responded to a request from Fox News for comment – said in response to the suit that Chicago officials, with whom Pfleger works closely, are trying to pass the blame to outside communities for shortcomings dealing with crime.

Pfleger has no real reason to think that the gun dealers in these areas are selling guns to the black market.  There seems to be no evidence of the sale of guns to the black market.  But the priest and his co-plaintiffs have discovered a motive:  Race.

Fox reports:

The suit also makes a civil rights argument along racial lines.

It reads: “The victims of these crimes in which the guns from these stores are used are overwhelmingly African American.

“… The continued use of lax methods in licensing their dealers has a racially disparate and terrible effect on the communities in which plaintiffs and the members of the plaintiff organization live and has the effect of discriminating against plaintiffs because of race.”

So, the logic flows this way.  Illegal guns are sold by people in Indiana to black gang-bangers in Chicago.  They use these guns to kill other black gang-bangers in Chicago.  In the process, they kill black bystanders.  And, therefore, this is the fault of the cities listed in this law-suit.  What?

Father Pfleger says that he is seeking to stop the killing.

He told Fox, “I deal with the carnage. I deal with the caskets. I deal with grieving families. I’m dealing with the young people being shot and killed. So, I’m not just trying anything, I’ll try everything.”

I will give Pflegere a little credit.  I trust that he is genuine when he says he wants the killing to stop.  But, if he is trying everything, why not start with the truth.  The truth is that these killings occur because of the philosophical lunacy of the Left.  It is not someone else’s fault.  Chicago is a communist city with communist leadership.

Crime bosses parading as Union leaders run socialist city leaders such as Rahm Emanuel. They set up ghettos and enslave the poor population with their entitlements.  Bad education and little economic opportunities have given most the idea that the only hope out of this misery is through drugs, theft, and murder.

If you want to sue some city or town, how about starting at home.  Take responsibility for your own porch before you start trying to straighten the chairs on someone else’s.


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