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Chicken Little Al Gore Renews Climate Change Lie

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Published on: September 30, 2015

Air so hot it melts airport runways. Floodwaters rise up to crumble roads and bridges. Methane gas billows up from the earth blowing terrifying holes in Siberia. These scenarios sound straight out of the Book of Revelation or the movie “2012.” But, they are not. These scenarios were part of a three hour presentation by Al Gore in Miami as he works diligently to amass an army of organizers to spread his “global warming/climate change” propaganda.

According to the former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who has trained more than 5,000 people to combat this ruse in the last 18 months, our modern world is literally collapsing around us making it imperative for everyone to change their ways. Gore’s Academy award winning documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” gets an update at each session with the “latest news footage and startling videos” showing the effects of the fossil fuel industry that threatens the earth’s survival.

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Gore told the 1,000 attendees from 80 countries at the three-day event, “The world that we have built was built for different conditions.” He harped on killer heat waves, extreme droughts, lamestream media that doesn’t connect extreme weather with global warming, and “crazy short-term thinking” politicians who deny climate change. Gore stated that scientists have told the world it had to change and pointed to the water in the streets of Miami, where the event took place, as a sign that Mother Nature agrees. Coincidentally, the super moon, or Blood moon, occurred on the same day at the time of high tide causing the flooding of Miami’s streets. But, facts mean little to the climate change cult leader Gore.

According to Newsmax:

The Climate Leadership Reality Corps training aims to teach people to give similar but shorter presentations in their own communities, each lasting around 20 minutes, so that they can educate others and encourage conservation and renewable energies.

Attendees in Miami were charged no fee to participate, but once their applications were approved, they were required to pay for their own food, lodging and travel.

Gore led a panel discussion on day two of the event with leading scientists, including an expert from NASA, the Muslim outreach agency (National Association for Sharia Administration). NASA’s Eric Rignot warned the attendees that 20 to 30 feet or six to nine meters of “sea level rise is considered inevitable, although it’s unclear when this will happen.” When pressed by Gore for a more specific timeframe, Rignot stated to expect 6.5 feet sea rise by the end of the century. One has to wonder if this is similar to the prediction that polar ice caps would disappear in 2013.

The rise cited by Rignot would threaten coast seaside cities across the world prompting Gore to urge his “followers” to maintain a “positive focus” as he mentioned progress in the solar and wind energy industries.

“Despair is paralyzing,” he said. “We can’t deliver that message.”

Renewable energy supporter and employee of NexAmp Solar in Boston, Julie Arnold, lapped up Gore’s bile as if it was lobster bisque. She expressed being “moved” by his talk and states she had seen his documentary eight years ago, but did not realize the “seriousness” of the situation. Her plan, being in the environmental and renewable energy business, is to deliver a “Gore short” to middle school and high school age children in order to provide motivation for kids to change their life. Translation: we are going to indoctrinate children into believing our lies and accept enslavement and subjugation.

Another renewable energy supporter, Dann Diez, travelled all the way from the Philippines to attend Gore’s false religion conference. Diez, who founded an organization “to provide renewable energy to indigenous people, plans to use his new knowledge to encourage “his peers to waste less and reduce their carbon emissions.”

Here’s a suggestion Dann — eat less beans and talk less.

In order to buy this “snake oil” of a climate change/global warming concoction, there are several falsehoods that one must embrace. These are not all inclusive, but a few that contribute to this “cult-crazed” ideology.

  • The world is the same today as it was before humans came along, meaning humans, with our increasing technology and fossil fuels, are the singular cause of “climate change/global warming;”
  • The sun and moon play zero roles in Earth’s climate;
  • There is no such thing as precession;
  • Carbon dioxide is bad for the environment;
  • Climate change theory scientists provide accurate data that confirms climate change;
  • Computer models predicting devastation because of climate change theory are accurate, factual, account for all variables and satisfy the scientific method; and,
  • Renewable energy is reliable and can meet the energy needs of the billions of people worldwide.

Using the search engine on the Freedom Outpost site, type in the term “global warming” or “climate change” and it will yield pages of articles by numerous writers at the site and editors debunking the hype of “global warming” now dubbed “climate change.” Pick any article off any page or several articles to read about the agenda embraced by Gore, Obama, Pope Francis and the global elite. Their agenda seeks to curb population, eradicate property rights, herd everyone into mega cities, redistribute wealth through carbon footprint taxes, gain more control over the lives of individuals, implement a one-world government, and eradicate individual liberties and unalienable rights in favor of “government endowed privileges.”

Climate change is a ruse, a man-made falsehood to promote an agenda. However, it is one threat among many that seeks to eliminate God-given individual unalienable rights from the people and place the giver of rights into the hands of government. With all the backlash against Agenda 21, the UN devises ever more “plans” such as Agenda 2030, which is the “climate change” farce solution Agenda 21 on steroids, to push nations into “their” tyrannical, despotic plan to initiate one government under the guise of “sustaining” the earth. Leaders and former leaders, like Al Gore, lead the charge as they consume enormous amounts of fossil fuels globe-trotting in their private jets to promote their agenda, heat and cool their environmentally unfriendly houses, and ride around in their gas guzzling luxury automobiles. It’s hypocrisy at its finest. For if they truly believed the “bat quano” they are peddling, these individuals would boast heavily about their personal efforts to combat this “problem.”

People like Gore, Obama and Pope Francis, the narcissists they are, would sing their own accolades until the buttons popped on their chest about “their” example to the world on decreasing the use of fossil fuels. But, we see the exact opposite actions from those pushing the falsehoods.

Obama and Moochie fly around in separate planes going on vacation to wherever they desire at taxpayer expense. The Pope flies to various countries in an aircraft chartered from Alitalia and returns via aircraft supplied by the hosting nation, privately of course. At a conference earlier this year in Switzerland, attended by Gore and his climate change cult cronies, the Swiss air force had to open an air base to accommodate the influx of private jets. The previous year saw 200 helicopters bring in conference goers.

Despite this display of hypocrisy lending further proof to the falsehood of climate change, the sheeple will lap up everything these charlatans spout. It’s as painful as watching a dog eat its own vomit or a cat cough up a hairball. Scientists at the UN admit their falsification of computer models. Scientists admit fudging temperature data to promote the falsehood of climate change. And, scientists have proven the “climate change” advocate scientists data as false, flawed and fictionalized. Yet, the gullible public and environmental nuts refuse to look at the factual data and call for the imprisonment of climate change deniers.

Well, they might get their “climate change,” but it won’t come because of the actions of man.

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