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Chief Justice Moore Issues Memo to Probate Judges – Don’t Issue Sodomite “Marriage” Certificates

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Published on: February 6, 2015

As reported last week, Alabama Chief Supreme Justice Roy Moore has called on Alabama Governor Robert Bentley to defy ruling by U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade. Judge Granade ruled that the state’s Sanctity of Marriage Mandate was unconstitutional. This would mean that if Alabama viewed this ruling like so many others across the country, they would begin allowing sodomite unions. Justice Moore declared that this was not the case and that Judge Granade did not have such authority. He wrote to Bentley:

“As you know, nothing in the United States Constitution grants the federal government the authority to redefine the institution of marriage,” he wrote, stating that the recent ruling raised “serious, legitimate concerns about the propriety of federal court jurisdiction over the Alabama Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.”

Now is reporting:

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, also known as the Ten Commandments Judge, has sent a letter and memorandum to probate judges throughout the state, advising them that they are not required to issue “marriage” licenses to same-sex couples despite a recent federal court ruling striking down the state’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.

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Justice Moore told the judges:

“Lower federal courts are without authority to impose their own interpretation of federal constitutional law upon the state courts. Not only is the Mobile federal court acting without constitutional authority, but it is doing so in a manner inconsistent with the Eleventh Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

“Interference with the right of state courts to make independent judgments based on their own view of the U.S. Constitution is a violation of state sovereignty.”

This is shaping up to be a real testing of Federal verse State rights. Justice Moore has Bentley’s support. Governor Bentley made this public statement last week:

“The people of Alabama elected me to uphold our state Constitution, and when I took the oath of office last week, that is what I promised to do,” the governor said. “As governor, I must uphold the Constitution. … I will continue to oppose this ruling. The federal government must not infringe on the rights of states.”

This is a promising development for those of us who demand rights given back to the states as outlined in the constitution. There is no power given to the Federal Government by our constitution to define marriage for the states. Rather it is tyrannical fiat law that is being imposed on every state who has had such laws or amendment struck down by federal courts. Matt Trewhella, pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and author of the book “The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate,” told Christian News Network:

“What Judge Moore and Gov. Bentley are saying is, this is an unjust, immoral ruling by the federal courts,” he said. “They have contradicted not only the law of God, but also the created order of God, and they are not going to go along with the federal government’s rebellion against God, but rather do their duty as lesser magistrates and defy the tyranny that the federal courts are imposing upon the people in states across America while they’re trampling Constitutions across the country.”

May God grant these men and the people of Alabama the resolve and wisdom to fight and win this battle.


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