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A Childish and Unpatriotic Response: Democrats Are the REAL Dreamers

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Published on: February 6, 2018

(The Olive) President Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) address was a resounding success by any measure. Unless, of course, said measure is taken by the Democrats. The Democrats response during the speech was infantile, churlish, unpatriotic, and undignified. As I wrote before, Trumpaphobia reigns supreme.

One needed only to look at Nancy Pelosi’s expression to see the mindset of the Democrats:

In this writer’s opinion, the president should be afforded respect regardless of party affiliation, even if one respects the office of the president and not so much the president as a person. I watched the SOTU speech – I have never before seen such a blatant display of disrespect for a U.S. president. The Democrats took every part of President Trump’s speech, and politicized it. Even when President Trump made reference to God during his speech, the Democrats remained seated and stony-faced. This is of course easily explained – the Democrats are the anti-God party. What, you don’t believe this? Ask yourself a few questions then:

Question: Who supported the LGBT agenda and then celebrated same-sex “marriage”?

Extra credit: Who lit up the White House in the rainbow colors when same-sex marriage was judged to be the law of the land?
Answer: The Democrats

Question: What party has consistently and constantly advocated for and defended abortion – even late-term abortion?

Answer: The Democrats

Question: Who advocates for open borders, places the well being of illegal aliens (many of whom are dangerous) above American citizens, and defends “the rights” of illegals? (Let me remind you here, illegals HAVE NO RIGHTS!)

Answer: The Democrats

Question: Who has made it near impossible to accomplish anything in the U.S. in an expeditious manner as a result of onerous regulations?
Answer: The Democrats

How many I wonder realize that all of the above and more are flagrant violations of God’s direction for Humanity?

Why yes Nancy, America does deserve better. America deserves better than your anti-American misleading and deceitful comments. America deserves better than the Socialistic platform the Democrats want to ram down America’s throat. Americans deserve better than the dishonest outright lies and underhanded deceit practiced by the Democratic Party to attempt to keep Trump from ever being president, and then the resulting (ongoing) attempts to unseat President Trump.

This next quote from Rev. Austin Miles is representative of the Democratic Party as a whole, and reminds one as well of the societal strictures concerning political correctness, also emplaced by Democrats, to wit:

One line said by President Trump was so powerful that as people loudly applauded, a communist on the left side started to stand and a man next to him grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back down to his seat. That was fully captured on camera and very telling. (source)

During President Trump’s SOTU address, quite a few people were honored by the president. One such example was the parents of a child – brutally murdered by the extremely violent and brutal gang MS-13. Some Demoncrats could not be bothered to honor these brave people.

The President made it clear during his speech that Americans should honor the flag, OUR flag – as well as stand up for the National Anthem. At least half of the Democrats remained seated – pathetic.

President Trump outlined the increase in the stock market, which indicates a recovering economy. Trump also spoke of the return of various companies to the U.S., and the many companies handing out bonuses, pay raises, as well as the fact that some companies are expanding.

The Democrats remained seated during ALL of these points. 

How incredibly pathetic, small-minded, and hateful. Many of these points Trump made were or should have been bipartisan, but the Democrats do not want cooperation – nor do they seek solutions, rather they want all the power for themselves, with all the decisions made by Democrats, and for all others to kneel at the feet of their masters – the Democrats. That is called Socialism folks.

Do you really want people of this character in office making decisions for you America?

The Democratic response by Joe Kennedy was frivolous and asinine as well as devoid of facts and truth. This comes as no surprise as any rational individual can easily surmise by the Democrats own actions that they do not seek solutions or ways to work together for the common good of the U.S., no the Dems would rather grandstand and actively seek divisiveness and deride anything that benefits the common man or woman in America.

The Democrats want amnesty for the DREAMers, yet when Trump offered them exactly that, they called it racist, insulting and ignorant. Uh, what? This is nothing more than a Democratic power play – the Dems don’t want a solution to DACA, they are looking to run on DACA for the 2018 midterms. Everything is a political agenda for the Democrats; it’s all about what benefits the Democrats and the hell with the American people. The sooner the Democrat base realizes the “Party of the people” – the Democrats – have sold them out – the better off they will be.

The TRUE Dreamers are the Democrats – they actually believe their vision for America is the best one. If one believes that a broken, defenseless, unpatriotic, disrespected, divided, and chaotic nation is the best path for America – then yes, the Democratic dream for America is the best one.

Wake up America! The Democrats are selling YOUR birthright down the road!

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