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Chinese Influences American Society More Than Citizens Know With Full Government & Politican Knowledge

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Published on: February 16, 2020

Back in October 2019, several articles were written on gaming entertainment giant, Blizzard or Activision/Blizzard, penalizing an e-sport tournament player for using his post-win interview to espouse support for the protestors in Hong Kong who wanted freedom from China’s tyrannical anti-freedom of speech “policies”.  Contained in those articles was a reference to speech being inhibited in the NBA coming from the organization’s partner in China.  Remember the question asked at the time, “Is China using US-based companies and organizations to implement their draconian values across the globe?”  It was a question to get Americans to think about the “hand and glove” relationship US corporations have with China, to the point that it can, will and does affect everyday life for all Americans.  Moreover, the US corporate/China relationship weaves its way into the political sphere as corporations constantly lobby Congress for ever-increasing legislation in their favor.

In November of 2018, the Hoover Institution released a reported titled, “China’s Influence and American Interests:  Promoting Constructive Vigilance”, which the summary of the report’s findings can be read at the link as well as the entire report for download in PDF format.  The co-chairs of the report warned about the “risk” of overreaction;  however, before one can have any reaction, one has to be aware of the extent of the problem.  The extent of the problem is vast, convoluted, and played out daily as Americans are focused on the political dog and pony shows, the trampling of God-given individual unalienable rights of citizens at various levels of government, keeping their head above the solvency level, and keeping up with sports and the Kardashians.

The three articles written involving gaming entertainment giant Blizzard and Chinese company Ten-Cent, with the mention of speech censorship by the NBA against one of its own, to influence the self-censorship of speech by making one individual an example of consequences for exercising free speech.  It was at the behest of the Chinese company Ten-Cent that Blizzard upheld the sanctions against the e-sport winner, despite Blizzard president’s indication otherwise.  Even though the sanction was dialed back to a six-month suspension, a suspension, nevertheless, was upheld.  Of course, this same gaming company declares that “politics should not be in gaming nor platforms used for political speech”.  Yet, the company brass champions a number of issues considered political by openly displaying their support on their attire bearing company logos while discouraging their employees from deviating from the company line.

In this way, China, meaning the Communist Party of China, uses their influence with American companies to fight a proxy war against American values, principles, and culture.

On February 15, 2020, retired Air Force Brigadier General Robert Spalding, author of Stealth War:  How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, stated, in a Sirius XM interview on Breitbart News Tonight, that the Communist Party of China uses corporate America and Wall Street as proxies in a war against America.  China does this through gaining the political support of American corporations and institutions through “financial incentives”.  Spalding explained in all as Breitbart News reported.

“The real challenge that the president has — and this is what I tried to explain when I went to the White House in 2017, [and] as hard as the government might try to fix this problem — [is] the breadth of what the Chinese Communist Party is doing to incentivize corporate America and Wall Street to really be on their side,” Spalding stated.

Spalding noted the Pentagon’s dropping of opposition to the Trump administration’s efforts to halt U.S. chip and technology companies from supplying Huawei, China’s state-linked telecommunications giant.

“That is not because the federal government was lobbying for that,” said Spalding of the Pentagon’s shift in position. “It’s because companies like Qualcomm and Intel were lobbying for that. So the private sector, corporate America, Wall Street, they are pushing the government as hard as they can with all their lobbyists to get them to essentially abandon the trade war, to essentially abandon the enforcement measures that the president has put in place, because, quite frankly, their quarterly profits require this full engagement with the Chinese Communist Party.”

Spalding warned, “That’s how they win. They use Americans, and corporate America, and Wall Street as proxies to fight their war.”

China procures American corporations as political allies to lobby the federal government on its behalf, stated Spalding.

“When you’re dealing with Qualcomm and the Department of Defense, it’s much different than dealing with the Chinese Communist Party,” Spalding remarked. “So they come to the Department of Defense, seeming like an ally, when in reality they’re working as a proxy for the Chinese Communist Party, because that’s how China and the Chinese Communist Party has incentivized the system.”

Spalding continued, “The brilliance of [China’s] strategy is really to create the incentives for our own companies and our own financial institutions to essentially abandon the nation of their birth and really, because of quarterly profits, work on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.”

And, it gets worse when there are candidates like Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Communist, has kept his hat in the ring for the unconstitutional Democratic Party presidential nomination, which this “party” might as well remove the “democratic” moniker and call itself “communist.  Spalding explained that as well.

“First of all, he’s a communist,” replied Spalding. “He might as well have a running mate that comes from the Chinese Communist Party, because he believes the same things. This is the problem with so many of these candidates. They’re coming out and basically espousing socialist principles, which are essentially what the Chinese Communist Party [pushes].”

Spalding went on, “Xi Jinping says, ‘I am a socialist.’ So, in essence, you could say — Bernie Sanders and Xi Jinping — [their] ideology is the same. The ideology is that you take away individual initiative and you replace it with the control of the government, ‘because we know better than the individual.’ That is not this country. This is not who we are a society.”

Both China and Russia have effectively pursued campaigns of political, social, and cultural subversion against Western values following the end of the Cold War, observed Spalding.

Spalding explained, “The Chinese Communist Party and the Russians, really since the end of the Cold War, have done a great job at continuing the active measures to undermine democracy — and the idea of democracy — by essentially creating this world where on the one side, corporate America says, ‘We are destroying the free trade system because we have tariffs,’ when on the other side, with China and Russia, there is no such thing as free trade.”

Spalding continued, “This is the lie, because there’s no such thing as free trade.

Pretty easy to see how America would “feel the Bern” should Sanders win the day.  It isn’t just the unconstitutional Democratic Party either, it’s the unconstitutional Republican Party as well since China is adept at using the “legal pay to play” form of politics occurring in Washington, DC, by employing prominent lobbying and public relations firms.  But, Spalding isn’t done.

Some Chinese citizens can “really live the American Dream because their government is essentially predatory and parasitic against democracies in the world,” Spalding said, adding, “Our corporate side and financial system all support it on the basis of what they say is free trade.” [Emphasis Mine]

Spalding concluded with a call for a renaissance of American values.

“This is the challenge we face,” Spalding determined. “We’re not fighting for the American people. We’re not fighting for the American worker. We’ve given up. We’ve rolled over, and we’ve said, ‘Maybe these guys have a better idea,’ but they don’t. They have the same system that was the Nazi system. The same system that was in Stalinist Russia. It’s the same thing, but they have convinced us to side with them because they have harnessed corporate America and Wall Street.”

Remember, the Communist Party of China keeps their people “in line” with social credit systems, facial recognition technology, etc. – all coming to your locality courtesy of the American technological corporate industry.  Getting the picture?

If this isn’t bad enough, Rosemary Gibson, author of China RX:  Exposing the Risks of American Dependence on China for Medicine, explained in an earlier Sirius XM Breitbart News Tonight show, how China’s one-party state has a “global chokehold” on pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturing that could essentially shut down America’s  healthcare system.

Gibson, senior adviser at the Hastings Center, offered her remarks on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Ed Martin.

Mansour noted how the coronavirus outbreak in China has exposed America’s dangerous dependence on Chinese production of pharmaceutical and medical supplies, including an estimated 97 percent of all antibiotics and 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients needed for domestic drug production.

Gibson said, “If China shuts the door on exports of medicines and the ingredients to make them, within a couple of months our pharmacies would be empty. Our healthcare system would cease to function. That’s how dependent we are.”

Gibson added, “Say there’s a coronavirus outbreak in the United States, God forbid, and a lot of people end up in hospitals with severe cases. The medicines needed to care for them if they can’t breathe and are on a ventilator — fentanyl and propofol — [are made in China]. We depend on China for the raw materials. If they go into shock, the epinephrine and dopamine we need to care for them, we depend on China. If they have bacterial infections, we depend on China for the antibiotics.”

Many over-the-counter supplements sold in the U.S. are at least partly manufactured in China, Gisbon noted. “We can’t make [vitamin C] here anymore. That comes from China.”

America has lost much of its manufacturing apparatus for medicines to China via globalization, explained Gibson. “With our medicines, it’s not just the active ingredient [that is made in China]. It’s the raw chemicals, the molecules, the white powdery stuff, that we also depend on China for. That’s where China has the real global chokehold.”

Gibson explained how generic drugs manufacturers around the world are dependent on China for raw materials.

“Another shocking thing I discovered is that India and its huge generic [drug] industry — they’re the top generic producer in the world, although I think China’s going to overtake them in about five to ten years — even India depends on China,” Gibson stated.” [India’s] generic industry would shut down within weeks and months without those core components, and you see it in the Indian press, right now, that they’re already concerned about this because this coronavirus in China is really disrupting supply chains.”

Host Mansour stated how China was able to become this global clearinghouse through using predatory mercantilist policies, including dumping, to undercut American and Western pharmaceutical manufacturers, in the similar manner to what it did with steel and other commodities.  Gibson then recalled the incident with the manufacture of penicillin through China’s penicillin cartel.

Gibson recalled, “I documented China’s penicillin cartel. There’s an incredible story of how we lost our penicillin manufacturing plants. These are huge industrial facilities, big fermentation plants, and China came in and knocked them out in the U.S. and even India by dumping it on the global market at really cheap prices — keeping it low for several years — and then the price goes back up again.”

Gibson went on, “So we can’t make penicillin, and this was the playbook for how we lost aspirin manufacturing, vitamin C, and so many other antibiotics that we rely on. We’re talking about last-resort antibiotics, medicines to treat sepsis, MRSA, [and] C. diff. These are the antibiotics you give to your kids for ear infections, or you take if you have a tooth infection of staph infection.”

Gibson warned, “We are so vulnerable. These are infectious diseases, and we depend on China to treat them.”

American politicians have been absent on the issue of domestic hemorrhaging of drug manufacturing capabilities to China, Gibson said.

“Nobody did anything about it,” lamented Gibson. “This has been going on for almost 20 years. In fact, no one wanted to even expose it. That’s why it took so long to figure this out and to put it out there, to reveal our dependence. It’s really quite remarkable. The American public’s been thrown under the bus.”  [Emphasis mine]

Mansour asked why American politicians allowed domestic manufacturing of medicines and medical supplies to be outsourced to China.

Gibson replied, “There was country-of-origin legislation introduced in Congress around 2008 that would require companies to state on their packages where their product is made, and it was killed immediately. So I asked someone in the industry, someone who worked there for more than 30 years, ‘So, what’s going on here?’ and this person said, ‘Well, the industry thought it probably wouldn’t be good for business if their customers knew where their medicines were coming from.’” [Emphasis mine]

So, friends, who exactly has the well-beings of Americans at heart?  It isn’t politicians, the government apparatus, the unconstitutional political party system or any federal agency.

Gibson stated that 90% of generic medications sold in the US are somehow linked to China, either through source materials originating in China then bought by India for manufacture or manufactured in China.  In fact, in 2019 America learned through testimony of Larry Wortzel during a US-China Economic and Security Review Commission, that blood pressure medication made in India with source materials from China contained “rocket fuel compounds”.  Wortzel, a 32-year veteran and retired Army colonel, stated, “If I’m getting it, that means our active duty military are all getting it.”

How far the US has fallen.  Many are probably wondering about the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).  According to Gibson, the leveraging ability of the FDA to protect the public has fallen apart because of the withdrawal of agents from China due to coronavirus and the voluntary nature of the positions.  Who wants to go because of coronoavirus?  Adding to the problem is the reporting of serious violations by the inspector.  The Chinese Communist Party is not going to let that individual back into China after submitting the report to the FDA or the agent would have to worry about retaliation should China allow readmittance or ability to remain in the country.  But, Gibson warned of worse.

“I think we have to prepare for a future where the FDA will have virtually no leverage in China to really protect the American people,” assessed Gibson. “[The FDA] is already making trade-offs between substandard medicines and preventing shortages in medicines. It’s allowing stuff in that doesn’t meet standards, because we have no choice.”

Free market solutions can’t correct China’s mercantilist undercutting of Western drug and medical supply manufacturing.

“Some are saying, ‘Let the free market fix it,’” noted Gibson. “There is no free market. We wouldn’t allow this for our nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to operate, because we’d be making them in China. We need to think of our medicines as a strategic asset. Not as something cheap that we outsource to a country that has a lot of problems.”

Gibson added, “It’s not a free market. They cheated [with] subsidies to these Chinese companies, so it’s very hard for any U.S. or Western company to compete, because you’re competing not with Chinese companies, you’re competing with the Chinese government.”

“We’re losing our manufacturing base,” warned Gibson. “It’s just collapsing before our eyes. It’s the reason why we have really poor quality medicines now coming in.”

Gibson quoted a physician she spoke with, “We’re becoming like a developing country with our medicines.”

Gibson stated the free market cannot fix this and the industry will never make the investment.

Read what else Gibson said regarding medication and China at Breitbart News.  As an FYI, China assumes no legal liability for the quality of the medication produced in their country;  American companies do.  It sheds a little more light on why there are so many legal advertisements regarding suing companies over certain medications like Jardiance.  Truth be known, the American companies play a role, the FDA plays a role and government plays a role.  China has the ability to weaponize medications against the USA should too much “unfavorable” press and total exposure come to the knowledge of Americans.

The government knows all of this as well as the issues reported by Robert Spalding.  The politicians know.  Everyone is turning a blind-eye, while using citizens as a commodity for a vote.   None of them care one flea’s leg about you except for a vote.  They are willing to sacrifice American citizens to maintain their wealth, even sacrifice their own family members.  Get out of the left/right, Democrat/Republican, conservative/progressive paradigm.  Stop buying into the political theater they have controlled the lamestream entertainment media into reporting to keep important issues hidden from the public.

Ever wonder why government wants to take over healthcare?  Any questions now about the TPP similar USMCA?  And, people are actually clamoring for Bernie, Hillary, Bloomberg and the like all the while these charlatans knew about tainted medications.  American railed about the Chinese dog and cat food contamination that killed beloved pets and the intentional contamination by China of a blood thinner used in hospitals that affected many Americans.

You’ve been had, friends, and for quite some time.  We all have.  No need to worry about the “elite” overtly killing off the global population.  They’ve been doing it covertly with the Chinese government through our pharmaceuticals for years with full knowledge of the US government and its associated agencies.

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