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Christian Florist Barronelle Stutzman: They Can Get Rid of Me, But They Can’t Get Rid of God

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Published on: February 25, 2015

Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman, who has been under attack by a same-sex couple and the state of Washington for refusing to provide flowers to a ceremony that redefines a wedding and a “union” that redefines marriage recently said that the state could “bully” her and get rid of her, “But they can’t get rid of God.”

Charisma News reported:

Washington accused Barronelle of discrimination for declining to participate in and create flower arrangements for a long-time customer’s same-sex wedding, because of her religious beliefs about marriage—she couldn’t use her talents to advance a concept of marriage that was not consistent with God’s design.

She is facing lawsuits from her customer, Rob Ingersoll, and his partner, as well as the state of Washington. Barronelle could lose her business. More than that though—her personal assets are at risk. Think about what that term means … according it includes: “Any articles that possess value, such as real estate, cash, and jewelry, etc.”

Stutzman considered Ingersoll her friend and had provided flowers for him on many occasions. However, because she knew that the flowers would be for a sodomite’s perversion of a wedding, she told him that her conscience would be violated for providing flowers for that. She was under no obligation to render the fruits of her labors to this man who was engaging in what all 50 states, according to the Bible, previously held to as a criminal act, sodomy.

Now the State of Washington thinks it knows what is best in this case and has taken upon itself to go after Stutzman’s assets. Again, according to Charisma, “Barronelle’s business was set up legally to protect her assets—that’s what corporations are designed to do. Washington law protects corporate officers (and business owners like Barronelle) personally, except in instances where they knowingly committed acts of fraud, deception or theft. Barronelle did none of those.”

Stutzman appeared on The Kelly File to speak about what she is going through.

“It’s not about the money,” she said concerning the state’s threat that will force her out of business. “It’s about freedom. It’s about my eight kids and our 23 grandchildren and the future.”

She then warned that this issue is not just about her, but about all of us.

“There’s not a price on freedom,” she added. “You can’t buy my freedom and if it’s me now,… but tomorrow, it’s going to be you. You’ve gotta wake up.”

When asked if people might get it in seeing the state attorney general go after everything that she has because of her freedom of association, which allows her to also engage in business with whomever she will or will not, Stutzman told The Kelly File, “They’re talking about bullying me into doing something that is against my faith. They can’t do that. They can get rid of me, but they can’t get rid of God.”

She is exactly right. This is a woman that gets it! She recognizes how the sodomites are claiming to be the victim in all of this, while committing the crimes they are engaging in and attacking with the spirit of anti-christ those who are seeking to be lawful.

Alliance Defending Freedom is coming to the aid of Ms. Stutzman. In a brief call for support, ADF writes:

The First Amendment guarantees that the government cannot tell its citizens what they can and can’t say or force them to express a positive message about something they believe is morally wrong.

This case impacts every citizen’s freedom to speak, or not to speak, without fear of government punishment.

Opponents of the natural family claim to seek tolerance for their view of marriage as the “emotional bond between two people” instead of “the lifelong commitment between one man and one woman.” But now, we’re seeing more cases where those who disagree with their view of
marriage are severely punished and forced to violate their faith.

This “Tyranny of Tolerance,” as Pope Benedict XVI called it, claims that the “sexual rights” of some are more important than the religious rights of others.

Essentially, you’re free to believe whatever you choose; you just can’t act on it.

But freedom of religion isn’t just choosing where to worship on Sunday – it’s also the freedom to live out your faith Monday through Saturday, including in your home and workplace. If you are forced to separate your faith from your life, your religious freedom ceases to exist.

Now, I ask you, the reader, do you get it? This isn’t about just Ms. Stutzman’s freedom, it’s about yours too. Are you willing to stand alongside Ms. Stutzman? Are you willing to take the biblical and lawful position against the State of Washington and against the sodomites? Then put your money where your mouth is and come to this dear Christian sister’s aid. You can help her with a matching grant to fight this tyranny via Alliance Defending Freedom by clicking here.

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