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Christian – Go Vote!

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Published on: October 27, 2014

I have a daily radio show where I usually deal with social issues and some political issues. Every Friday, I have a “Faith Friday” segment.

I deal with all issues of faith and all kinds of faith. However, being a Christian, I mostly deal with the Christian faith and principles.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Over the years, I have heard people talk over and over again about how voting doesn’t matter for Christians because God is sovereign and His is always done!

While God’s will is always done, that does not alleviate us of our responsibility. After all, God uses means to accomplish His purposes.

We all want to live in the freedom to worship and follow God the way we know the Bible teaches us to. The Bible says, “The people are at peace when a godly man rules.” Well, how does a godly man get to rule in a Republic? Anyone? You are correct. You get off the couch and vote. You don’t vote R or D you vote Jesus.

But Joe there are so many choices, and I don’t know where to start. Well let’s start with this pray! Ask God for guidance. Ask him to bring you people in the know! Seek “godly wisdom.” Seek a “multitude of councilors.” Study to show yourself approved, and if all that fails, be quiet and let God speak.

Look, this is not rocket science. My Christian friends, it works like this: You make a list of moral values based on the Word of God. You line up each candidate with those principles. The D or R play no place in this vote, absolutely none. You may have to do some work here. Google the person’s name and see if they have publicly made a statement about their faith, abortion, marriage, parental rights, religious rights and so on.

Make sure they are living out their faith. Mike Huckabee comes to mind as a man who lives out his faith willing to speak about the love of God and his Lord Jesus in public.

The vote you make affects everyone around you and not just you. Next to your decision to follow Christ, love God and obey Him your vote is up there in importance.

Now, I get a little political. To my Democrat brothers and sisters in Christ. Your group tried to remove God from their platform and if there weren’t a little political maneuvering, you would have removed God from your platform at the last Democrat convention. Your group also refused to embrace the sanctity of life or the premise of “personhood,” therefore, accepting and approving abortion. It also abandoned traditional marriage rights for a “love one love all and anyone” false marriage. My Bible asks, “what place Light has with darkness?”

Look, I am not saying because you are a Democrat, you’re not a Christian, but line up your parties belief system with yours. Does it match?

Christians have become way to politically correct and we are losing more and more ground every day. Christ never told us to give up ground. We are to stand up for the poor. We are to stand up for what’s right and just to what God’s Word tells us to do.

For those of you who say God wants nothing to do with politics, then why does the Word say he created government? And in our Republic, He has given us the freedom to choose who governs us. What a blessing!

Why would you not chose those who will pray with you? Officials who have a connection to God have a connection with you. Why would you vote for a candidate that is for abortion? The Bible says God knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. Does that not mean your unborn child has value to God?

I can list 32 Scriptures that speak against sodomy, so why would you vote for someone who would promote it?

Are you a Christian who is of this world and who conforms to this world or are you going to be a Christian who obeys God’s Word? Are you going to stand up for Gods people?

Are you going to Honor the Lord with your vote?

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