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Christianity Today Wants to Arm Wrestle God About Sodomy, But the True Church Opposes Those Who Rebel Against the Creator

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Published on: June 29, 2015

Basing his position on public opinion polls, Ed Stetzer in Christianity Today, attempted to arm-wrestle God and suggested that we all do the same.  In the spirit of Christian love, of course.

Oh, I think not, Mr. Stetzer.

As Paul asserts *thrice* in Romans 1, sexual perversion is a special case with God.  Nowhere else in Scripture do we see a principle reiterated thrice in such close succession.  Paul explains the sequence.  First, the rebel refuses to glorify God, whom (s)he knows exists.  Then, God gives them over to sexual perversion.

Just as God has ordained marriage as a holy estate between a man and a woman, He has also ordained sexual perversion – not as another holy ordinance, but as his judgment for rebels.

Christians will wring their hands over this predictable slide to the next level down Dante’s Inferno, illustrating the blindness and hard-heartedness of the Church in America.  Over 40 years and 56 million innocents dead is apparently not enough to learn our lesson about despising God’s commandments.  Honestly, “Thou shalt not kill” is not rocket science.

The Sodom Confederacy loves to compare sexual perversion to fornication and adultery, but Scripture absolutely does not do so.  Old Testament and New, it is clear that God despises sexual deviants, and has given them over to their just desserts.  This isn’t difficult, and repentance is always an option.  By definition, the rebel demands only his own option – and God grants it. 

Mr. Stetzer misses the fact that Paul’s letter to the Church at Rome applies to the Church everywhere, in all times.  Ed attempts to arm-wrestle God, preaching ‘love’ when God Himself has given the rebel over to terrible things as His just judgment.  In fact, Mr. Stetzer thinks himself more loving than God!  And I thought those five SCOTUS robes were arrogant. 

Now to the legal issue. 

The loving Mr. Stetzer begs the question of the law of the land, in assuming that any opinion of the SCOTUS immediately becomes “the law of the land” by the simple fact that a majority on that court wrote an opinion.

In the U.S. Constitution – which is indeed the “supreme Law of the Land” as it stipulates – We The People gave birth to the U.S. Supreme Court.  It is our servant, just as the other two federal branches are to serve us, *only* within the specific grant of duty stipulated by us in that law.  If We The People do not grant a given duty to our servant (the 17 duties are enumerated in Article I, Section 8) then the federal government lacks any such jurisdiction or sovereignty. 

The highest human law in America is the U.S. Constitution, and the highest human sovereign over American government is We The People.  For proof, read the preamble: “We The People…in order to…do ordain…”.  Then we go on to create, define, and limit our three servant branches. 

Whatever the SCOTUS may opine, it has no authority to set its own jurisdictional bounds; We The People did so 226 years ago.

For additional proof, read The People Themselves, by former Stanford Law School dean Larry Kramer.  I paraphrase the most vital statement in that book: in deciding what the U.S. Constitution means, the U.S. Supreme Court is not the highest authority – We The People are.

Ed Stetzer and Christianity Today may open their doors to the Sodom Confederacy “in the spirit of Christian love” if they like.  As for my house, we will honor God’s decrees for those who wantonly despise Him.

This is the bitter fruit of six generations of government ‘education,’ and of institutions billing themselves as Christ’s Church while following the sins of Hollywood and the decrees of the IRS. I founded AmericaAgain! as a mission to the American remnant, who have had enough and are tired of talking. 

We are preparing a three-stage offensive against the enemies of our civilization.  We are recruiting in all 50 states specifically from the Christian homeschooling remnant.  Watch our websites for major changes, and sign up for action in your community; we will walk you through the process.  We will be reporting our upcoming actions, and announcing our victories, right here.

May the Lord give discernment, boldness, and power to His true Church.

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