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Christianity will be the Victor in the Most Revolutionary Age

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Published on: November 27, 2014

We are now living in the most revolutionary age in the history of mankind.  It is even more revolutionary than the Enlightenment.  The revolutions induced by the Enlightenment were revolutions to dethrone the church and the divine right of kings and enthrone the great god reason, in its liberal and then Marxist forms.  The revolutions that are coming in the postmodern age will dethrone the great god reason in order to finally enthrone various forms of democracy.  But only Christian democracy will work. 

Christian democracy is simply the cultural dominance of the Christian tradition resulting from the complete separation of the state from all of the means of cultural production – especially education.  It is the private ownership and control of all of the means of cultural production.  The Christian tradition will dominate without tyranny.  It will do so because people are made in the image of God and therefore Christianity, liberated from state oppression, will defeat all rival traditions without the kind of coercion which the liberal state is now famous for.  The state has been the enemy of Christianity since the French Revolution.  Now it is time for Christians to understand that they are, in fact, the enemy of the Enlightenment state; that they are the revolutionaries.

The Enlightenment revolutions, based on myths about reason, proved that it is the Enlightenment which has been theocratic, crowning reason as a pagan god.  (Just consider the pagan results.)  This theocracy of Reason has the same prima facie difficulty that all theocracies have – men claiming that they speak for God in his physical absence.  And so one of the modern myths about reason has been that science is the infallible incarnation of god, the physical presence on earth of the great god of the Enlightenment – universal reason.  The other myth is that science can and does literally describe Reality.   The latter myth has ironically been destroyed by the cornerstone of western science – the notion that Reality is what stands hidden behind our experience, causing it (rather than being our experience), in which case no amount of experience can make any proposition about that Reality true.

Every day now as we go about our moral, cultural, and political business, we are swimming in a sea of radical relativism.  The Enlightenment is already overthrown.  No universal moral reason is recognized.  Kant and the Utilitarians failed in their modern attempt to found morality in some universal rational method.  And so we have a society which is rocked by disorder and precipitate change; in which multiculturalism and any conception of reason, value and justice, no matter how impractical, is considered a legitimate option because every competitor is rooted in nothing but relative emotion.  The philosophical problem has been succinctly described by Alasdair McIntyre in his philosophical best seller, After Virtue.  The West has lost its purposive, teleological, Christian and classical view of Reality.  If we cannot agree on the teleology, the goals, the functions of human life – the virtues of marriage, of family, of the church, of government — we have no basis upon which to decide if these things are working or not.   If we cannot agree that the function of a watch is to tell accurate time, as opposed to being a missile for throwing at cats, then we have no common understanding by which to determine that it is a good or bad watch.

The Islamic fundamentalists know that western culture is washed up; that its rationalist myths and programs have led to little more than decadence, softness, a lack of purpose and resolve; no clear conception of what is to be preserved; no sense of purpose; and no passion for finally keeping things the way they are.  Liberal western culture has become the most boring and alienating culture in the history of mankind.  Islamic fundamentalists know that young men who have no tradition are vulnerable to their offer of meaning, purpose, discipline.   And the only thing which will stop them is a Christian counter-revolution, which starts with the complete separation of the church from modern liberal culture.  It starts with the Christian academy announcing its separation from all of the myths of rationalism, and the development of a Christian understanding of reason which is more experiential than that of modern science, where science has become the ideological notion that all of human experience is an illusion (except scientific experience). 

There is no way out.  Like the Muslims, Christians must now commit themselves to revolution in this most revolutionary age.  Christian reason is a return to a functional, teleological understanding of human life.  It is a tradition with a moral account of reason which is rooted in history and revelation.   It is rooted not in universal standards of rational justification as logical abstractions, but in the universal image of God in man.  It is a return to an understanding of what the virtues are within a purposive view of human life.   Without a purpose, a function, there are no virtues. 

The goal of the Christian revolution in this most revolutionary, postmodern age is to liberate people from being coerced into accepting either liberalism, or Islam.  The moment that people in Islamic countries are not coerced into adherence, there will be mass conversions to Christianity.  The postmodern revolutionary goal of Christianity is to make the world Christian.  No other goal will end this revolutionary age.  The adoption of this goal starts out as the complete rejection of liberalism.

There are two rival traditions which Christ will defeat in this most revolutionary of ages – liberalism, and the Islamic caliphate which liberalism has made the west so absurdly, and nightmarishly, vulnerable to.   

First, the Christian revolutionary decimates the liberal tradition and its Enlightenment rationalism by reclaiming all of the means of cultural production; by destroying the government’s educational monopoly and deconstructing scientism.  He can only do so by giving up his own naïve modern rationalism.   The myth of universal reason is already dead. 

Once a new Christian cultural resolve is in place in the west, based on the realization that without it we are defenseless (that liberalism is suicide), the purpose of Islamic extremism will evaporate.  It becomes impossible, once again, to dominate a western culture which has recovered its purpose.  That culture is then poised to surround the Islamic world as never before, in China, in Southeast Asia, in India, in Africa, where the Christian revolution is well on its way.  ISIS, Al Qaeda – whatever the extremists are called – know that it will be easier to replace Christianity in Britain and America than in these other revolutionary arenas. 

If we cut them off in Britain and America, game over.  France and Germany will have to suffer greatly before they will capitulate to the obvious necessity of returning to Christianity in order to defeat the European caliphate.  Their empty secularism will not get the job done.  

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