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Christians Rescue Christian from Muslims – Obama Can’t Rescue Christian Pastor from Iran

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Published on: July 25, 2015

So who are these heroic Christians? They were mostly Americans who said enough is enough. While President Obama could not rescue one Christian (Saeed Abedini) out of Iran, American Christians and others through decided to do the job in Pakistan and show how things are done.

The case of Arif Yousaf Masih, a well-reputed firework maker, has been accused of blasphemy and was imprisoned for nearly two years, after some of the products he made were found to use paper containing Arabic writing. But the good news is that the case should be a joy to all who contributed to the cause of Rescue Christians for working diligently with our associate team Farrukh Saif Foundation (FSF) in Pakistan and succeeded yesterday to secure his release. Arif was in custody at one of the worst prisons in Pakistan maximum security jail, the Gujranwala central prison for being accused of blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad.

“Send me a Bible” Arif said to his lawyer. The Paul of Gujranwala, asked his colleagues to not forget “especially the parchments” (II. Tim. 4, 13). He wanted to prove to the world that the torture he received did not make him bend the knee to Baal.

“I am a Christian, still and will always be” Arif said to the police officials as he carried his Bible.

Arif told Nadeem Hassan, his Christian lawyer, to send the Bible because the police officials in the jail were attempting to force him to convert and take the oath of Antichrist. Instead, Arif carried the Bible in their faces to show them, like the five wise virgins, that his purity towards Christ is still intact and that he will never forsake His Lord and Savior.

His attorney Nadeem, after the Bible was sent, noticed his hand and feet were swelled and he had a minor head injury as well. But this was an honor for Arif who thought himself unworthy, His Lord, after all, had the pierced hands and feet and the head wound from the Crown of Thorns.

When Arif was arrested in October, 28th, 2013, Rescue Christians had worked diligently and relocated his younger brother, Tariq Yousaf, whom the extremists charged with blasphemy. Rescue Christians protected Tariq from being imprisoned and sent him to a safe country out of Pakistan. His story can be viewed in this video:

The fight began three days prior, when on the 25th of October, 2013, Muslim villagers, Khurram Shahzed and Muzammil Malik accused the brothers who owned a wedding fire-cracker business of manufacturing fire-crackers out of the pages from the Quran.

The brothers were tortured by the accusers. Truth to be told, that the Muslim community supported the brothers’ innocence. But FIR charges were filed by Shahzed and Muzammil and the police then started arresting family members including Arif, while Tariq reached out to Rescue Christians who took him to a safe house, then transited him out of the country and began his refugee status filing with UNHCR. Arif was not so fortunate, but the experience nevertheless strengthened his faith.

Today the good news came when Rescue Christian’s NGO in Pakistan sent this message: “Few minutes ago Pakistani court in Wazirabad had released Arif Yousaf Victim of Blasphemy Law who was arrested in 2013″. Arif this morning, stood in front of the Additional Session Judge of Wazirabad of the Punjab, Iftikhar Hussain Cheema and was declared innocent of the charges.

The danger was not over, since extremists usually camp outside of the prison, but this hurdle is over. While we cannot disclose the details, what can be said is, “mission accomplished” and the rest of the operation including the details will be disclosed at a later time when Arif is finally secured in a different location.

2013 was the worst year for the Pakistani Christians when dozens of cases of Balpshemy was registered against the innocent Christians.

Hats off to Nadeem Hassan, Arif’s Christian attorney, who worked diligently on the case and was able to succeed in Pakistan where Obama failed in Iran. Special thanks to all of our supporters and donors, since none of this could have been accomplished without your efforts.

Blasphemy law is one of the deadly dangerous laws in Pakistan. Hundreds of Minorities have been falsely accused of blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam and the Koran. Rescue Christians, including all their supporters, are one of the best campaigners against this law and in recent years Rescue Christians proved that fighting is the only way when they rescued Amanat Masih, Ryan Stanton, Martha Bibi , Geroge Naz, Tariq Yousaf, Barkat Masih, these are only a few cases of victims released from Jail, not to forget, the thousands of slaves rescued from brick kilns.

George Naz

Martha Bibi



America, with all of its might and power, cannot even rescue one Christian American pastor in Iran. This is not because America does not have the capability to do so, it is because the current administration does not want to save this man. America gave weapons to Islamic rebels in Syria and Iraq, it overthrew Gaddafi by helping the Islamist terrorists and giving them tons of weapons. America has overthrown empires. It cannot rescue one helpless pastor?

The issue has nothing to do with capabilities, and everything to do with interest. It is not of the administration’s interest to rescue a pastor because it doesn’t care about Christians, if it did, it wouldn’t be helping all of the terrorists who kill Christians. In reality, the mindset of the terrorists is a microcosm of the US administration. The former hates and kills Christians, but the latter hates and kills Christians at a massive scale; the terrorist is only one illustration of this hatred. Twenty Christians escaped Iraq to come to America, the land of the free, only to be held in prison as illegal immigrants, while the administration is allowing terrorists and drug dealers to come right across the border. This is no coincidence. It is an internal invasion, of anti-Christian forces doing everything it can to destroy the Faith, both from within and without.

Christians in the West, especially the United States, said enough is enough, and Rescue Christians was born. The efforts and donations of Americans and our international supporters who value freedom and their Judeo Christian heritage, began to trickle, and as the Lord said, with their mustard seed faith, moved the mountains.

To all who donated, your rewards will be in heaven.

If you care to contribute, click here.

*Walid Shoebat contributed to this article

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