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CIA-Controlled Mainstream Media Propagandists Focus Totally On Another Unlawful Lockdown

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Published on: November 18, 2020

All of the focus of mainstream media right now is on how the United States “needs” another lockdown. While people plan to gather with family in less than a week to celebrate Thanksgiving, the ruling class and their elitist puppet masters are coming up with ways to ruin it using mainstream media to propagate the ideas.

As Vox wrote:

The US is losing the fight against Covid-19. The only way to win quickly is closing down.

The threat of total economic terrorism is upon us. Many states have already locked down again and banned Thanksgiving gatherings of more than a few people. This is not about health. If this was about health, the government would not be intentionally impoverishing people by shutting down their businesses and forcing them out of work. Poverty is a contributor to poor health.

The past few months have been an American experiment with Covid-19: Can the country keep bars, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses open while fighting the virus with milder measures, including some social distancing and widespread masking?

Six months after spring shutdowns ended, the answer is clear: The milder approach isn’t working.

With the milder measures failing us, it’s clear what needs to happen: To avert possibly hundreds of thousands of deaths in the months before a vaccine becomes widely available, the US needs to close down once again. That means temporarily shuttering in-person, indoor services at nonessential businesses, particularly bars and restaurants; restricting larger gatherings, including in private homes; and encouraging, or outright mandating, people to stay home as much as possible — only going out for food, work, exercise, health care, and other basics needs — and limit their social interactions to their own households.Vox

What’s the solution? According to mainstream media and the ruling class and the elitists, we need a hardcore permanent lockdown.  We should submit to our own enslavement, fasten the chains around our necks, and let them lead us around like cattle. Like Fauci said: your job is to obey your master. 

Our COVID Police State Wants To Take Thanksgiving And Christmas Away From You Too

This is tyranny. It’s not coming. It’s here.  Trump hasn’t stopped it. Maybe he slowed it down some, but it’s nonetheless here. If we cannot open our eyes we are in for the dark winter we’ve been repeatedly promised by the political psychopaths who demand you comply. If you think it won’t happen again, you couldn’t be more wrong. We have said from the beginning that if these control freaks even think for a moment that they can get away with destroying more live with another lockdown, they will do it. Why? The more desperate you are financial, the more easily you’ll just take the vaccine, do what you’re told, be tracked and traced,  and get your pittance of universal basic income in the form of a digital dollar.

Greg Mannarino: “They Want People Desperate. People Aren’t Desperate Enough”

All of their agendas are coming together right now and mainstream media is the public relations department for the ruling class and their elitist masters. The one thing they fear is you.  They fear you waking up to the realization that you don’t need ANYONE’S permission to be free.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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