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City Council Meeting in Pensacola Opens With Satanist Invocation

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Published on: July 16, 2016

As I have reported before, there is a trend in local government.  Seek the most expedient and cheapest solution.  This is particularly the case when dealing with atheists.  The local government will do almost anything to avoid legal action.  City and county commissioners have the budget set for their pet projects; no one has the funds to defend the rights of the people.

This is the cause of the mess that has occurred in Florida.  Bedlam ensued when an atheist from The Satanic Temple was given the podium to say the invocation to Satan.

The Washington Times reports:

A city council meeting in Pensacola, Florida, turned chaotic Thursday evening when officials allowed a local religious-freedom activist to start the event with a Satanic prayer.

Hundreds of attendees began protesting and about a third walked out as Satanic Temple of West Florida member David Suhor delivered the invocation inside city hall, a local ABC affiliate reported.

Now, it is unlikely that this atheist believes that there is a devil.  It is even less likely that Suhor worships or prays to him.  This is simply a way to make it cost the city too much to allow any prayer.  Suhor wants the government to be entirely secular.

Much like the Satanic coloring books, this is merely a ploy.  It is going to an extreme to get his way.  But the problem with the city council and most Americans is that they are not in the game to win.

What I mean is they believe in Christ and that He is Lord, but they think He is a loser.  Christ and His people are supposed to lose, and so they refuse to stand.  They do not recognize that atheist and secular humanists are religious.

These groups fight over religious expression in public because they will not stand a rival.  They want their religion to rule the country, and they have sought to fool us into setting our religion aside.  And believing that we can do this and still be faithful to God, we acquiesce and allow for a god before the face of Christ.

This cannot long be allowed by our Savior and Lord.

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