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‘Civility’ During Confirmation Process? Don’t Be Fooled

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Published on: September 24, 2020

When it rains, it pours, I suppose. As if we didn’t have enough quasi-prophetic plagues descending upon us to start with, the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg late last week has provided yet more opportunity for deep contention in the political realm. Unfortunately, “deep contention” these days more resembles a nascent civil war than raised voices on the floor of the House or Senate.

Unlike those on the political left, I don’t favor engaging in public revelry when a high-profile member of the opposition passes. Justice Ginsburg suffered from cancer for a protracted period of time, and no one should wish such suffering on anybody. While her passing has provided Ginsburg a final release from that suffering, her friends and loved ones are still left to grieve, and should be able to do so in peace.

That said, I also don’t favor lionizing members of the opposition simply because they’ve died, either – an activity in which I’ve seen more than a few right-of-center politicos and pundits engage in this instance and in others. This is sheer hypocrisy, and I instantly lose respect for those who do so, the exception being President Trump, who praised Ginsburg as a point of decorum, and also because he’s a decent guy. The issues Ginsburg championed throughout her career are ones that were co-opted by the left, and any positive changes that came about in these areas were due to organic developments rather than liberal largesse.

If my last two offerings in this space haven’t made this clear: As a committed liberal, Ginsburg had no place in politics or on the Supreme Court. The last 60 years – and certainly the last six months – have demonstrated unequivocally that liberalism has been the wedge that closeted radicals used to incrementally advance socialism. Thus, permitting liberals a seat at the table and a voice in the marketplace of ideas was a mistake from Day 1.

Despite having believed the foregoing for many years, in the past I’ve attenuated my criticism of liberals in this area for the sole reason that I knew most people – even most rank-and-file conservatives – were not necessarily aware of just how odious, amoral and villainous leftists truly are, and I surmised that I would not win hearts and minds by appearing to be pig-headed.

The last six months, however, have dramatically revealed to millions of Americans just how odious, amoral and villainous leftists truly are. The “setup,” if you will, consisted of two phenomena, the first of which was Barack Obama’s presidency. Among many other harmful things, Obama’s reign poisoned our economy and culturally Balkanized America to a frightening extent. These led to Americans electing a complete political outsider to the presidency for the first time in our history, in 2016.

The second item consisted of the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. The abject fear and desperation of Washington Democrats following Trump’s election led to their conducting a kangaroo court that not only evidenced their fascistic proclivities, but revealed the extent of their lawlessness.

Having already born witness to all of this, Americans then observed even more lawlessness on the part of elected Democrats in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and their explicit support for communist revolutionaries who mobilized following the death of George Floyd in May. Within hours of Justice Ginsburg’s death, leftists from celebrities to news anchors telegraphed their intent to escalate the civil unrest we’ve seen over the last six months in order to manipulate the nomination process for a new Supreme Court Justice. This is of course similar to the threats they’ve made to burn the nation down should President Trump gain reelection.

A mixed blessing that arose with Obama’s presidency was that it brought to light just how far both parties have gravitated leftward. Many Americans rightly began to see a majority of elected Republicans as supporting socialist ascendancy to nearly the same degree as their Democratic counterparts. Over the last four years, they’ve also seen a high level of disrespect and contempt exhibited for Trump by elected Republicans.

With Ginsburg’s death, and as we draw closer to the general election, however, we’re beginning to see some of the less toxic – but decidedly anti-Trump – Democrats and Republicans call for civility in general and throughout the nomination process in particular. While many moderate Republicans (read “RINO”) continue to evidence their true colors, others who’ve come under fire over their equivocation and grudging support for President Trump are now stating that they’ll support moving ahead with Trump’s nominee.

Such actions are also born of fear and desperation. These people are well-aware that their antics over the last four years have driven voters to Trump, rather than away from him, and their actions at present are a feeble attempt at damage control.

The takeaway here is that we should not be fooled. Socialists in our government have been playing a very long game, and all we need do is look to our large, Democrat-controlled cities to see the depth of their villainy. Suffice it to say that any entreaties toward civility and the rule of law on their part are no more than dangerous diversions.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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