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“Clinton Cash” Author Peter Schweizer Breaks Down the Clinton Corruption

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Published on: April 27, 2015

The much maligned author of “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer, was on Fox News with Chris Wallace to discuss his new book and the problems that are endemic within the Clinton Family Foundation.

Schweizer is being attacked almost constantly now from the Liberal Left, but he’s a respected journalist who also wrote a well-received book on the Bush family, and he’s currently investigating similar money/corruption issues in the Jeb Bush camp. Expect to see much more of Schweizer on the major networks and news shows over the next few weeks, and expect for the interviews to become much more combative.

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Chris Wallace does his best to remain skeptical, pointing out that Schweizer doesn’t point to any specific and overt evidence of wrongdoing. In response, Schweizer attempts to lay all of the circumstantial evidence of corruption out for Wallace and Fox News viewers. In doing so, he argues that the plethora of circumstantial evidence and “pattern of benefit” all point to major corruption problems within the Clinton family and associated with the Clinton Family Foundation.

The question is – will the DOJ investigate these issues further or will the Clinton’s once again prove to be “above the law”?

The point is basically that when former president Clinton travels the world, which he does extensively, he spends time in the developing world and in Europe, when he goes there, he is usually wearing several hats.

When his wife was in public office he was obviously the spouse of a very powerful public figure. He is the head of a charity. He is also giving speeches. And he is probably there with an entourage of foreign businessmen that have matters before the government in Kazakhstan, Columbia, wherever he may be.

And the problem is when you have a mix of public and private profit making backed by government power that your spouse has, it creates a very dangerous cocktail in terms of conflict of interest.

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