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Clinton Foundation Whistle Blower Threatened with Legal Action

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Published on: June 22, 2015

The reason that there are not more people blowing the whistle on corruption in our country is that there is usually a high price for telling the truth.  People lose their jobs, friends, reputations, and, sometimes, even their lives.  If telling the truth was painless, more people would do it.  But one person is finding out that it is hard to tell the truth when there is so much money involved.

Fox reports:

A former charity executive who helped expose a questionable $500,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation is now being threatened by her old bosses with a lawsuit seeking tens of thousands of dollars, has learned.

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The young lady should not be surprised that there would be backlash for her outing her boss and the Clintons.  And if you believe the stories, she is blessed to be alive.  However, the more pressure that they place on the woman, and she does not cave, the more it looks like she is telling the truth.  And the pressure is mounting.

Fox continued:

Sue Veres Royal, former executive director at the Happy Hearts Fund, was initially quoted in a May 29 New York Times article that said the charity lured Bill Clinton to a 2014 gala only after offering a $500,000 donation to The Clinton Foundation. His office previously had turned down the charity’s invitations, but this time he accepted; the accompanying donation amounted to almost a quarter of the gala’s net proceeds.

The 2 million plus event pays out $500,000 on the speaker?  Wow! Being that Clinton has his own charity, and he believes in giving away work and money, you would think that he would simply do the gala for free.  These revelations to the Times has brought heat on Royal.

The Happy Hearts Fund’s legal team fired off a cease-and-desist order to Veres Royal the same day the Times report was published. The charity claimed she had breached a confidentiality agreement and gave “numerous falsehoods, inaccuracies and disparaging statements” about the organization to the Times. The letter demanded she no longer speak to the media or else they would seek damages.

HHF is warning Miss Royal that it will cost her to continue to tell the truth.  They will spend the money designated to help Haiti to silence Royal.  This shows the lunacy of these people’s thinking.  How are you going to continue to give to an organization who would waste the money that should be helping people in desperate need?  Well, if your goal is not the betterment of those people, it can be done without much thought.

They have responded to Royal’s comments:

“Because we know the strong impact of working together and because the Happy Hearts Fund and the Clinton Foundation have a shared goal of providing meaningful help to Haiti, we proposed a joint educational project with the Clinton Foundation. Any suggestion that this joint project is some kind of ‘honorarium’ or ‘fee’ is unequivocally false,” the spokesman told in a statement. According to the group, such partnerships have allowed the charity to build 113 schools since 2006 in nine different countries, with more opening this month.

Royal claims that the money given to the Clinton Foundation has not even been designated yet.  They have not even decided how it should be used.

However, Veres Royal said she was appalled not only by the 2014 Clinton donation but by details she had not known before the Times report was published — most notably that the $500,000, which was supposed to go to causes in the ravaged country of Haiti, still had not been earmarked for any particular project by The Clinton Foundation.

This is just another reason to believe that the Clinton Foundation is merely a slush fund for the Clintons.


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