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CNN Ambushes Pamela Geller in Attempt to Silence Dissent

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Published on: May 25, 2017

From MSNBC and ABC to CBS and CNN and (increasingly) Fox, the mainstream media speak with one voice: leftist, anti-Trump and determined to whitewash and deny the connection between Islam and terrorism. Yet even though they control virtually all the news outlets, they’re still desperate to silence every dissenting voice, no matter how small its platform. And so on Tuesday, CNN tried to ambush me.

On May 17, a CNN reporter named Simon Ostrovsky contacted me, inviting me to be interviewed for a CNN Money program: “It’s about ad revenue on YouTube. I saw that you published a post about revenue dropping in YouTube, and you attributed it to Google and Facebook being left-leaning companies that were censoring alternate points of view. Would you be able to tell us how significant the impact has been and if it’s ongoing and if you see this as a wider campaign to undermine your message?”

Having a sense of what CNN was after, I responded: “Simon, Yes, the revenue drop has been drastic. Who else will be on? I am not interested in an ambush.” He responded with reassurances: “This would be a package, so it would not be a studio discussion with other guests. Just me and you, and I’d like cover a couple topics including the revenue on YouTube and AdSense and your views on why the changes are taking place and if you agree with the characterization of your content as advertiser un-friendly. Are those areas you are OK to talk about?”

I agreed to go, since I am currently in a lawsuit challenging Section 230 of the FEC code, which grants these social media giants immunity from prosecution: They can censor as much as they wish without fear of legal action. We are trying to remove that protection, so as to preserve the freedom of speech. As it is, this protection gives them enormous power. I have well over a million followers who voluntarily chose to receive my content, and Facebook is blocking them from getting it. This has dramatically affected the advertising revenue upon which I depend not only for the upkeep of my site, but for my own livelihood; it is 90 percent down since mid-February.

Ostrovsky asked me to bring my laptop to CNN’s studios so that I could show him my Google AdSense account and Google Analytics, to show the precipitous drop in referrals from Facebook, Google AdSense, YouTube and related sources. I did. Ostrovsky saw that revenue from Facebook was down from $150 a day at this time six months ago to $30 a day now.

But Ostrovsky had lied in his emails to me. He wasn’t really interested in how Facebook and the rest were censoring me at all. He had a thick stack of copies of posts that were 10 years old and older from my website. He was calling out my advertisers, claiming that I was inciting to war crimes and that these advertisers were supporting my incitement by placing ads on my website. “Advertisers should know what they’re supporting,” he said. He pointed to a 2006 headline in which I had called for bombing Gaza, because of the rockets they were firing at Israeli civilian installations. This was the basis for his claim that I was inciting war crimes.

I explained to him that this post had to be understood in its historical context. At that time, jihadis in Gaza were sending rockets into Israel and hitting Israeli civilian institutions: schools, synagogues, hospitals were all at risk. So I was calling for defense against that. Ostrovsky responded, “Well, that’s not in the headline.” I said, “Yes, you have to read the story. It’s patently dishonest and journalistic malpractice to get me here and ambush me with a vicious, destructive narrative.”

Ostrovsky had much more. He pulled out a Daily Caller piece in which I had said that Islam is the problem. He said, “Don’t you realize that’s deeply offensive to many Muslims?” I answered, “Jihad is deeply offensive to many Muslims. We have to be able to talk about the problem, or we will never be able to deal with it properly. You are adhering to Shariah. Under Shariah, you cannot criticize Islam. There is a death penalty in Shariah for blasphemy, apostasy and hypocrisy. You are bringing this to America. I don’t live under Shariah. I can talk about these matters freely, as we must.”

Then Ostrovsky said, “If you said, ‘Judaism is the problem,’ that would be anti-Semitic.” To that I responded, “If Jews were slaughtering people while screaming, ‘HaShem akbar,’ I would say that Judaism is the problem. If Christians were killing in the name of Christ, I would say Christianity is the problem. But they aren’t, and it isn’t.”

“FX is a major corporation,” Ostrovsky said. “Don’t you think they should know what they’re supporting?” I said, “They know they want to reach 150,000 people. They aren’t supporting everything that’s on my page. Do you think CNN advertisers are supporting its scrubbing of all mention of jihad from the reporting of jihad attacks? The Manchester attacker was screaming Islamic prayers on the street in the weeks before the attack – was that on CNN? Do CNN advertisers approve of this being swept under the rug at CNN?”

I told him that CNN’s advertisers should not be paying his salary to destroy people with lies and defamation. He asked me what lies CNN had told. We could have been there for days as I answered that question, but I gave him just one example: CNN’s headline after President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia: “Trump silent on human rights.” Now all of a sudden CNN cares about human-rights violations in Muslim countries? Incredible. Obama gave billions to Muslim countries with long records of human-rights violations – most notably the Islamic Republic of Iran – and CNN never said a word. Bloody hypocrites. Their only interest is in bringing President Trump down.

I told Ostrovsky that advertisers should not be supporting a news organization that promotes and incites to violence, whitewashing and obscuring the jihad ideology. He said, “I’m Jewish!” I responded, “That doesn’t give you a blank check to destroy. You’re a left-wing Jew. You guys are the worst. You’re a Jew for jihad, you’re a kapo. I can’t believe that the little advertising I still get, you want to extinguish. You want to silence all voices that don’t support your vicious agenda. You should be ashamed of yourself,” I told him. “How do you sleep at night? How do you look in the mirror? You brought me here to talk about the freedom of speech, and you are working to destroy it.”

He said, “We’ll talk about the freedom of speech.” I said “No, we won’t. You have no intention of discussing how my freedom of speech is being abridged.”

And I walked out.

CNN will not accept or allow my earning 30 bucks a day from AdSense. Even this pittance kills them, so they assign this tool Ostrovsky to go after my advertisers, the handful that they are.

Do CNN advertisers know that this is where their ad dollars are going, to destroying Americans and their livelihoods?

Article reposted with permission from Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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