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COEXIST – Not for Me!

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Published on: November 10, 2014

No really, not for me, I’m not allowed. That’s right. Look, the people that want us to COEXIST want everyone to get along together, but only on their terms. They want everyone to accept each other’s differences but only within their guidelines.

I’m not only speaking from observation but by personal experience. According to the coexist foundation they are a non-profit organization creating understanding across divides. Well does “Understanding” mean forced acceptance? According to most who say they believe in the COEXIST movement.

For me coexist means that you are allowed to worship your god and I am allowed to worship my God. Neither has to hide in a closet or behind closed doors or closed anything. It means though you may not understand my beliefs but you allow me to believe them and practice them as my faith requires me to.

COEXISTers will picket and protest and ask that certain religious groups (Christians) to refrain from calling abortion murder. Why? It’s what the Bible teaches us. Shouldn’t we be allowed to speak what God has asked us to speak. Wouldn’t that be coexisting?

COEXISTers will picket and protest and ask that certain religious groups (Christians) to refrain from calling the sodomite or lesbian lifestyle sin. We’ll it’s what the Bible teaches us.

COEXISTers will picket and protest and ask that certain religious groups (Christians) to refrain from teaching our kids to abstain from sex before marriage. Why? It’s what the Bible teaches us.

So, basically the COEXISTers want us to coexist with them, but without our Owner’s Manual.

As Christians, the bible is our owner’s manual; it’s how we are to live our lives.

According to the COEXIST foundation web site

“What is it that makes COEXIST distinctive among others working to promote better understanding between faiths?”

The problem with this statement is that it sounds good, but it’s not true. There were major “riffs” between the COEXIST people and the main stream Christian and LDS churches over Prop8. Well, if the goal is to understand, then why would you not simply accept that these two groups understood the Bible to say that marriage is between a man and a woman as stated by God?

When the COEXIST people verbally ridicule others for what they believe, doesn’t that go against their basic tenants? Are they really trying to understand? I think not?

They go on to say,
“While we recognize and celebrate the many connections between the Abrahamic faiths, we also acknowledge their differences and distinctiveness. We believe we learn more about ourselves and our own traditions by looking respectfully at others.’ So, Coexist is not just about good relations: it is also about exploring our own convictions and beliefs.”

Wow! Great statement, but again, they are not willing to allow us to live out what we believe. Many, not all, of the COEXIST people have written nasty things about those of us who live by and adhere to our biblical principles. If I speak out (not in hate, but always in love) about things against God’s Word, they will call me a hater.

Consider the basic principle of sodomite “marriage.” Mainstream Episcopalian churches have embraced same-sex “marriage.” Mainstream Christian Churches believe that God has called us to marry, have children and populate the earth. It’s hard to do from a same-sex position, and instead of tolerating our point of view, according to the word of God, they call us ignorant haters. That sounds like a group that wants to COEXIST, doesn’t it?

My biggest issue with most of those on the COEXIST side is that they are quick to let those of us who want to hold fast to what we believe know how wrong we are. They actively seek us out to picket and write opt-ed pieces about how wrong we are because… after all, they are for equality for all.

Have they ever fought for the Christian kids to have a right to use the name of Jesus in a speech on campus? Have they ever fought for the Christian kids to be able to promote their faith on campus? Do they fight for the Christian kids to support the rights of the unborn on campus? No!

So COEXIST for them, means NOEXIST for us.

Equality for all is just that, equality for all. Sadly, the coexisters only want to exist with themselves.

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