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Colorado Woman Will Not Be Charged with Murder after Stabbing Mother & Cutting Her Baby From the Womb

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Published on: March 28, 2015

Dynel Lane, 34, will not be charged with murder following her stabbing of a young mother, Michelle Wilkins, and then cutting her seven month old preborn child from her womb and kidnapping the baby, which died.

On Thursday evening, Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett made the statement that Lane would not be charged. Now, are you ready for the insanity of why she won’t be charged with the death of the baby?

According to ABC7 in Colorado:

Because the coroner concluded the child, who would have been named Aurora, was not alive outside the womb, it does not qualify as a person under Colorado law and therefore cannot be considered the victim of murder. Instead, state law considers the crime to be unlawful termination of a pregnancy. 

Unlawful termination of a pregnancy in the first degree is punishable by up to 32 years in the Department of Corrections. 

“Colorado law is absolutely unambiguous,” said District Attorney Stan Garnett. “Now I understand that many people in the community — and heaven knows I’ve heard from a lot of them — would like me to have filed homicide charges. However, that is not possible under Colorado law.”

Did you get that? Everybody in Colorado and America knows that Aurora was a person….Everybody! Furthermore, this is part of the problem when men go down the road of writing “pretended legislation,” which is law that is opposed to God’s Law.

The coroner’s office claims, “Neither the autopsy or the investigation have provided any evidence that the baby exhibited any signs of life outside of the womb. Therefore, the circumstance is not being considered a live birth.”

Furthermore, according to the arrest report from the Longmont Police Department, Lane’s husband claimed to have seen the baby take a “gasping breath.” Later, he would say that it appeared “the baby was not breathing, but rather had her mouth open.”

As Dr. Ron Paul noted during the 2012 primaries that as a doctor he always knew he was caring for two patients. Why is that not the case today? It is, but when it comes to the desire to murder innocent children for the sake of convenience, men suppress the truth in unrighteousness so that they can violate their consciences and not honor God as God.

On the counter side of things, Live Action News adds:

Dr. Clyde Wright, a neonatologist from Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado Hospital, said Wilkins’ baby would have had an excellent – and almost certain – chance of survival if she had been born at a hospital.

“I think it’s safe to say for any indication, if a mom comes in at 34 weeks we are very confident with the prognosis of that baby,” Wright said. “It would be shocking to have a routine 34-week baby not survive.”

Wright noted that a 34-week-old fetus would likely survive even if delivered in a developing country, where less medical technology is available than in the U.S.

The irony in this is that Mr. Garnett is one that publicly supported legislation that was advanced by Colorado Democrats to classify the killing of a preborn child as a minor felony instead of a homicide. And why, you might ask? It all comes down to money. Planned Parenthood and pro-death advocates in the Colorado legislature have fought tooth and nail to not recognize the unborn as persons.

I can tell you what should be going on. The State of Colorado should be advancing God’s Law, which says, “You shall not murder.” Additionally, the one that takes the life of an unborn child shall also pay with their life, and if they injure the child, they shall in like manner be injured (Exodus 21:22-25). Furthermore, part of the problem in this entire matter is that men have abandoned God, and in so doing they have changed law to reflect that departure, thus protecting the guilty while destroying the innocent.

Sadly, many professed “conservatives,” even “Christians” claim that there should be exceptions to murder babies in case of rape or incest, but I ask you does that follow Romans 3:8, which says that we should not “do evil that good may come”? Of course, it does, but men love their sin, don’t they?

America, this should be a wakeup call of what is taking place in our society. As a result, there is but one message for you and me and that is a message that we repent before a just and holy God (Isa. 6:3; 45:21), one who is a righteous judge (2 Tim. 4:8), whose eyes are not blind to our sin and our wickedness. He has provided atonement for our sin in the death of His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. But there is no atonement for the unrepentant and there is not repentance for those who are not atoned for.

A GoFundMe Page has been set up to help Michelle Wilkins financially. Please keep her in your prayers and if you would like to support her, click here.

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