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Comedian George Lopez Posts This Violent Comic of El Chapo Holding Donald Trump’s Severed Head

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Published on: March 4, 2016

It’s amazing how the political left routinely makes conservatives’ arguments against liberalism for us. Breitbart is reporting that Latino comedian George Lopez tweeted an image featuring Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán holding the severed head of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accompanied by Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

When a Twitter user responded with a photoshopped image showing Trump as the Terminator cyborg (from the sci-fi films of the same name) holding Lopez’s severed head aloft, the comedian fired back with the words “f**k you” (sans asterisks).

Suffice it to say that although I believe Lopez is a talented guy, I decided some time ago that I will never again patronize his work.

The most important take-away from this is that despite his self-anointed role as an immigration activist, Lopez is putting his status as a leftist ideologue ahead of his status as a Latino (never mind his status as an American). Forget the 38% of Latino Republicans who are supporting Trump, or the 45% of Latinos overall and record 40% of blacks that are lining up behind him. He’d rather celebrate the notion of an American being decapitated by a mass-murdering greaseball (“greaseball” being a term I don’t usually ascribe to Latinos, but considering Guzmán’s track record, I figure he qualifies).

Lopez’s actions also illustrate the abject stupidity of many celebrities on the left. There have been countless instances of these folks posting untoward material to social media, only to take it down after widespread condemnation. It’s clear that there’s very little forethought that goes into such posts; this definitely calls their intelligence into question, since celebrities’ livelihood is directly tied to their public image. Not only did Lopez post an extremely distasteful graphic, but he responded to its criticism with belligerence and profanity.

In another stunning display of entertainers’ mental acuity, last week British actor Jude Law and a handful of other celebrities visited a Muslim refugee camp in Calais, France. Calling on the British government to admit select refugees from the camp into Britain, the display was calculated to show solidarity with the migrants (and to make the celebs look good, of course). The entertainers’ security detail was attacked and robbed by said migrants, who beat the security staff, threw rocks, and stole their cell phones.

Add to that the effluvia of retarded rhetoric voiced to date by entertainers during this election cycle, and you get my point…

Of course, entertainers in America do enjoy the same freedom of speech as the rest of us. My beef is that there are too many Americans who equate their success and prominence with innate wisdom or intellect. George Lopez has proved himself to be either an idiot or a subversive ideologue to whom no American who values their liberty ought to listen.

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