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Communism and Fascism: A Brief Explanation of the Deception that Brought us to the Verge

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Published on: May 13, 2017

The group Antifa continues their rallying call for a communist revolution in America.  They view our beloved nation as an oppressive, imperialistic power whose founding was illegitimate because of slavery and institutional racism. They claim that they are fighting fascism by taking a stand against the very liberty which allows them to assemble and voice their political opposition to a system they view as needing change. Questions as to why people don’t know the atrocious history of communism as opposed to the genocide committed against the Jews by Adolf Hitler are today, of great importance. Many on the left believe that fascism is an extreme right wing ideology whose philosophies are based on white supremacism and nationalism. The truth is exactly the opposite. In fact, fascism was nothing but the interpretation of Marxism by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The term “Fasci” simply meant a bundle of sticks, so the term fascism is nothing but a term describing collectivism. The political scale is also very misunderstood. The further to the right the scale goes the less government control and more freedom there is. In fact, pure right-wing extremism would mean no government controls, pure anarchy in other words. The far left represents total government control. Political systems such as socialism and fascism, as they were historically practiced, left some control to organizations outside of government. Theoretically speaking, fascism could be viewed as right wing in the context that it was to the right of communism; however, on the true political scale, it is far left of center and represents a system of totalitarian rule.

How did we arrive at this point? How did people in America, arguably the freest and prosperous nation to ever exist, be brought to the point where they are arguing against their own best interests and demanding a communist system of government? The answers to this question would take volumes to answer. The intent of this article is simply to point readers in the right direction to answer it for themselves. The truth will certainly challenge any basic understanding of American history and what we have traditionally believed about American politics.

Without a doubt, the most obvious place to start is the infiltration of our education system. Our children are being overwhelmed with frivolous topics masquerading as education. White privilege, gender studies and the general idea that American capitalism is the greatest threat to world peace are all topics that are turning the next generation of Americans into good little socialists demanding change. This “infiltration” can be traced back to Fabian Socialist John Dewey, who is known as the father of modern education. Dewey was an admirer of the Soviet model of schooling where people were trained to be useful members of a socialist society as opposed to independent thinkers. What many people don’t realize is the role conservative president’s played in allowing the communist takeover of our education system. In her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Charlotte Thomas Iserbyt discusses the agreements reached between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in the name of achieving a cultural understanding between the two nations.  In 1985, an agreement signed between Conservative Icon Ronald Reagan and the Soviet Union merged the two nations’ education systems together in the name of achieving world peace. This was later referred to as Edu-Gate. This agreement also set in motion the idea of a planned economy in the United States. Furthermore, other agreements were signed earlier in the twentieth century between the Russians and conservative president Dwight D. Eisenhower. The first of these was signed in 1958. A full chronological record of the communist takeover of education is shown at the end of Iserbyt’s article Soviets in the Classroom.

The takeover of education certainly explains how so many young people have become infatuated with communism; however, there is so much more to the story. During WWII The United States was providing military weaponry and millions in aid to the Soviet union in its efforts to defeat Nazi Germany. As a result of this, the truth of Communist oppression towards its own people was suppressed. Joseph Stalin, arguably one of the most brutal dictators in the history of humanity was viewed as an ally of the United States and an enemy of Nazi aggression. This is only because Germany advanced its war machine into the Soviet Union. The ideological makeup of communism and national socialism, however, is identical. Also, because of this alliance, many of Russia’s subversive activities into the United States were ignored. In her book American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character Diana West cites the book The Red Plot Against America by Robert Stripling. Stripling explains that subversive plots against America by nations such as Japan and Germany inspired government action, however, the same types of activities found to be committed by Soviet agents were widely ignored. In fact, any mention of them often resulted in ridicule and public shaming in much the same way that speaking out against the Democrats does today. Names such as witch-hunter and red-baiter were used to discredit anyone speaking of a communist plot against the United States. In fact, according to the research done by West, the more people like Joseph McCarthy investigated communist activity the more it created an anti- anti-communist sentiment. It was almost as if communism as an ideology was being protected and the crimes they committed against humanity being hidden in order to further an agenda. Was this due to the fact that Franklin Delano Roosevelt provided money and military aid to the Soviet Union at a time it was believed they were our ally in the fight against totalitarianism, when in fact, it was being used to commit the same atrocities against their own people? This goes a long way in explaining why people know so little about the true history of communist oppression but there is still more.

Nazism is remembered in all of its brutality simply because they were honest about what their intentions were. National Socialism is Marxist in origin but differs in the fact that they seek to put themselves at the head of all others. In other words, A Nazi’s sole purpose for existence was the furthering of nationalism and the strengthening of German power on the world stage. Communism, on the other hand, was more about globalism, a world without nationalism or independent sovereign nations. That, however, is where the differences end and the deception begins. According to the Black Book Of Communism Nazi’s did not hide their intentions to create one master race that would serve the greater interests of Germany. They were honest in their idea’s that only certain people were deserving of life and only people who shared in Hitler’s visions deserved a place in the new Germany. Communists, on the other hand, made their pursuit of Utopia based on the idea of class and equality. They were able to appeal to the senses of humanity by making their argument on the basis of fairness and the idea that people should not have to work in order to enjoy the finest things in life. Communism represents a system where people are free from the so-called burdens of personal responsibility. It offers a structural system where humanity is changed on the idea that responsibility for our successes and failures is that of the collective and not the individual. Communism itself argues, on the basis of human psychology, that man is devoid of a “free will” and is only capable of reacting to the environment around him as opposed to taking positive responsibility for his actions.

Arguing from the perspective that communism represents a system where fairness is dictated by a dictatorship and people are “free from personal responsibility” is probably one of the most significant factors in it’s increasing popularity. The truth that averts the thoughts of most people is that true liberation lies in the fact that freedom itself means being free to learn from one’s own actions and accepting personal responsibility. This is what makes communism such a dangerous ideology, without a will of his own man becomes useless and devoid of any spirituality. Communists set out to change the very nature of man by seeking to destroy his connection to the divine. They believed they could eliminate all those that stand in the way of the promised Utopia by restructuring what it means to be human through psychological conditioning which was aimed at the destruction of free, independent thinking. As a result, nearly one hundred million people were brutally murdered or starved to death in pursuit of this ideal in the twentieth century. Still, the rallying call of fairness and the belief that communism itself simply hasn’t been tried the correct way drives many people to the belief that communism should be instituted in America to address issues such as wealth inequality and racial discrimination.

It is the false idea that people can be made equal under a system of control devised by man that appeals to the senses of the younger generations. Communists atrocities, according to The Black Book of Communism, were not viewed as genocides or crimes against humanity but victories in the fight for socialism and the ideal world where there was no competition and exploitation of people. The results, no matter where communism was tried was always the same. Mass murder in the name of eliminating those who stood in the way, or those who were viewed as defective because their opposition to fairness and equality represented a threat to those who had fallen for the false promises of Utopia. This is why communism has such a strong hold on people today, they see a system where someone else will make it fair for them instead of having to work for it themselves. The crimes of Nazism are kept alive because it is used to demonize the political opposition to communism while providing the means of presenting communism as an alternative to the way they are portraying the United States as a system of oppression. As long as the left remains in control of education and the people are more concerned with entertaining themselves as opposed to researching what is happening in their country, this will only go in one direction.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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